Sep. 1st, 2017

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Days written: 25/31
Words written: 10,341
Words of fic written: 4,220
Stories worked on: Three
Stories posted: One

Charts should have figured the plan was too ambitious )

Specific goals:

1. Write at least five days per week (total, not on average) and hit my writing goal for [community profile] getyourwordsout's Mid-Year Marathon, which is a commitment to write a particular wordcount during the months of July and/or August. Because of travel and other things, I knew July wasn't going to work, but I've decided to participate in August -- and I'm doing it for the next challenge level up (200k/year instead of 150k). So that's 16,986 words for the month; that's ambitious given my wordcounts this year, but I have a few bigger projects in mind for it, so wish me luck. I met the first part of the goal, and did better most weeks. The second was a clear miss (over 6k words short), but I still got my second biggest wordcount of the year so far, so... that's not too bad I guess?

2. Finish, edit, and post the FFXII story. Success!

3. Write complete draft for Remix Revival assignment. It's pretty close, anyway. The ending needs some help but when was that ever not true?

4. Two book or other media reviews for [community profile] ladybusiness. Wrote most of one review but haven't posted it yet -- look for it on Tuesday.

5. Work on sequel to Face the Music, which really wants to be written. Got a decent start on this! I hope to finish it next month or early October so I can turn my attention to Part 3 of Wardens of Ivalice (which right now is mostly waiting on me to finish my replay of FFXII).

Okay. So. September, here we come:

1. Write at least six days per week (except for the one weekend I'll be out of town) and make another run at hitting the wordcount goal for the month. I expect this month to be really slow at my day job, so that should give me the opportunity to buckle down.

2. Complete and post the Remix Revival story (due September 10th)

3. Make significant progress on Face the Music sequel.

4. Post at least two media reviews to either my journal or [community profile] ladybusiness.

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