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Meme; Megaflare!; Sandy Eggo

Ganked from several: Ask me my Top Fives: Fandom, personal, or pointlessly random. And I will answer them all in a new post.

Also, I've started working on my [community profile] megaflare_ff story again after taking a couple of weeks off. It's going okay, if more slowly than I'd like. Right now I'm having fun coming up with Al-Cid's family members and writing them all playing off each other. I realized the other day that my main inspiration for their personalities and politicking appears to be the royal family of Amber. Whether this is a brilliant idea or a disaster waiting to happen remains to be seen...

While I'm on the subject, don't forget that artist sign-ups for [community profile] megaflare_ff are still open for a couple more weeks. If you've been waffling, come join us; if you have friends who might be interested, let them know!

Finally, tomorrow we're heading down south to visit T's mom tomorrow. Usually we go twice a year -- once during the summer, once for Christmas. Not taking the computer with me this time; I will have my phone, but the latest version of Safari for the iPhone doesn't play nicely with the journaling site interfaces, so I expect I won't be around much until we're back on Sunday night.

Is it wrong that the main attraction for me right now is the promise of 80-degree temperatures? :P I am so ready for this San Francisco "summer" to be over.
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[personal profile] mako_lies 2010-08-19 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
What are your 5 favorite final fantasy characters?

Hee, yay Al-Cid! I'll be looking forward to your story about him, he does not get enough love.

(And don't worry--you can't be going slower on your megaflare than I am... I don't think I have even 700 words yet. >.<)
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Gaaaah, it's too bad I dropped megaflare in a fit of exam-panic. I just had the most brilliant idea I could squeeze 20K out of: FF6 high-school AU!

ALSO: top 5 ... video games!
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[personal profile] dagas_isa 2010-08-23 01:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Top 5 dishes on Top Chef you'd want to try