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A Very Meta December: The Ideas Post

So earlier this month, I was talking about posting meta in December. Incredible as it may seem, December is just over a week away, so it's time to start plotting my plans. Although I doubt I'll post every day, I'd like to aim for at least a couple of posts every week. I have a few ideas already, but like [personal profile] wallwalker and [personal profile] vieralynn, I'd also like to know what you, my friends and followers, are interested in seeing. Leave suggestions in comments, and I'll add them to the list!

Possible topics:
- The women of Dragon Age (and why they are awesome)
- That long-threatened post on "A Song of Ice and Fire"
- More general thoughts on criticism vs. the Cult of Nice
- Musings on the Dragon Age/Final Fantasy XII crossover universe I've been writing in

I am really looking forward to this project! If anyone knows of good communities to promote it to, especially on DW, let me know.
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I've been meaning to reply to this since ever you posted but life got crazy and then I accidentally got sucked into a new fandom (see my DW) and I THINK MY ICON SAYS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, all of the proposed meta ideas sound excellent. If I had to rank them based on my interests, probably DA/FFXII musings is #1, SoI&F at #2, women of DA tied for #2 but #3 if necessary, and cult of nice at #4.

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Given how many spoilers I've accidentally read in game guides and walkthroughs, protecting myself from spoilers probably doesn't matter anymore. Anyhow, if the story and game play is good, I find the journey a lot of fun with or without knowing what is coming next. :)

Meta about crossovers will suck me in hard so I'm all for it! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! \o/
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