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I am here! Got in yesterday afternoon, actually, completely zonked from no sleep on the plane, but my friends kept me up late enough for dinner and gelato, and I crashed around 10:30. Slept, with a couple of wakings, for almost 12 hours, so I think the worst of the jet lag is done, once there's enough hot water for a shower.

The apartment where we're staying is nice, very classic: marble floors, books and knickknacks and artwork everywhere. It belongs to the aunt of my friend M, who is here working for a month. It's in a residential neighborhood, north of the Villa Borghese -- and this church is just up the street, which is one of the things I love about Rome: the continual reminders of just how old the place is. We'll be here all day today, then tomorrow morning we're going up to the family beach house in Sestri Levanti, which promises to be a cute town with lots of shops right on the Mediterranean.

There's been a heatwave, which is supposedly cooling down to the high 80s today. Fortunately, I will rarely complain about high 80s. Off to get ready for the day!
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Oh how lovely! And what a lovely church! Embarrassingly, I had to look twice to make sure it was not the Pantheon (one of my very favorite buildings.)

Enjoy Rome immensely. There's so much history. I have such fond memories of mucking around in the forum when I was 14, in my second year of Latin, discovering all the places old windbag Cicero had been nattering about.

I recommend the Pantheon, not only because I have a soft spot for the fabulously gay (and unusually competent) emperor Hadrian who designed it, then modestly put the name of Agrippa on it, who had funded the old early empire temple which the Pantheon replaced. (As if Hadrian's dome, the first use of such outside of bathhouses, was just a minor renovation.) It's a grand old building from inside. And magical -- I don't quite know how it works, but if you go in there when it's raining, the rain falls in through the hole in the dome, evaporates and turns to vapor that hugs the top of the dome. The dome is a perfect hemisphere which, if it were doubled, would rest on a point on the center of the floor. Hadrian played around with geometry like Suduko puzzles, to the annoyance of his anti-inellectual peer group.
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Oh, gorgeous! If you post any pictures of Rome or Sestri Levanti, I will live vicariously through them. :)
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Excellent! Someday I will have to get around to creating a Tumblr account.
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Ooh! Staying in an apartment. How nice. So much more homey. Love the photos you've put up on tumblr so far. Are you saying in and around Rome the whole week or do you plan on venturing out to other cities/regions?
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Looking forward to pictures of Pompeii!