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KJ ([personal profile] owlmoose) wrote2014-03-09 11:40 pm
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FogCon 4: Day Three

Not much to say about today. I went to two panels -- the Guest of Honor "reading" with Seanan McGuire and Tim Powers, which ended up being a fairly loose and fun Q&A because neither of them like to do readings, and another panel on secret worlds in fiction, which despite covering a lot of the same ground as Friday's panel ended up feeling quite different. Then I decided I needed a real lunch, so I skipped out on the wrap-up session and headed home, where I have been alternately relaxing and trip planning. Soooo much to do in the upcoming not-quite-a week, yikes.

I do plan to write up and share my to-read list, per [personal profile] renay's request on Tumblr, but since some of my notes are a little vague, I have to do a little research first. Hopefully in the next few days.

[personal profile] phdfan 2014-03-10 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Would love to see your to-read list! I'm so envious of all of the fun and thought-provoking panels you're attending! :)