Jul. 5th, 2016 02:54 pm
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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and condolences on the loss of Lexi. All of them are very much appreciated. <3 I'm doing better now, a few days out -- still sad but not overwhelmed with it.

In case anyone is wondering about our other cat, Tori: she seems okay. A little out of sorts, and clingier than usual, especially at night. If we get up in the middle of the night for any reason, she'll follow us around and more likely than not get back into bed with us to demand some attention. And she often gets yowly around bedtime. T's theory is that she thinks we don't know Lexi is missing, and she's alerting us to go find him. :') But she's a little calmer each night, so it seems like she's adjusting. We'll see how it goes, and evaluate whether she needs a cat companion after a while, maybe in a few months or so. She's fairly territorial, so I'm not sure how introducing a new cat would go.


Jun. 30th, 2016 03:35 pm
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I haven't really talked about Lexi's illness since he was diagnosed in January, and I'm not up for going into a lot of details right now, but after a month-long slide with no good outcomes in sight, we decided to say goodbye this morning.

We're all doing about as well as can be expected. I'll do a memorial post with pictures when I'm up for it.

Cat news

Jan. 28th, 2016 03:04 pm
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Something I have been dealing with for the last month, but not posting about: we have a sick kitty. Cut for length and details of pet illness. )

It's a little odd for Lexi to be sick. Tori was always the cat with the chronic health problems, and it's weird to think of her as the healthy, stable one. (But she is -- the vet has been very happy with her status at her last two check-ups, and we're cutting back to every six months instead of every three. So that's good news, anyway.) I'll keep you all posted, of course. He's a good boy, and I hope it all comes out for the best.
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For my first Talking Through December prompt (many more slots available!), [personal profile] renay asked for cat spam. I am more than happy to oblige. :) Sorry it took me so long to get rolling on these -- I plan to start doing about one a day for the rest of the month.

These are my cats. They're nine years old, and they're littermates (brother and sister). We've had them since they were about 13 weeks old. The silver tabby girl is Tori (Yakitori) and the big black boy is Lexi (Alexsei).

Images, so many images. )

So, those are my kitties. My old LiveJournal Scrapbook album, which hasn't been updated in awhile but has lots of good kitten pictures, is here, if you haven't had enough already. :)
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In contract to last years multi-week extravaganza, I had a nice low-key birthday today: vet appointment in the morning, quiet afternoon at home, dinner out with a few friends. The vet trip was Tori's regular check-up, which now happens every couple of months or so. The news was extremely good -- all of her blood tests came back in the normal range for the first time ever, so we can keep tapering down her meds. Best birthday present I could have gotten.

I did get another gift, for myself: an iPad Mini, dark gray with a bright red cover. Finally, a multi-purpose tablet that's exactly the right size for me to use as an eReader! Is this the moment that I being to shift away from paper books? Perhaps, although I don't expect I'll ever ditch them entirely.

Tomorrow will be another quiet day, and then Friday is the first day of FogCon. Yay, FogCon! If you'll be there, let me know and we can find a time to meet up.
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Tori went to the vet for her monthly checkup today. cut for medical details )


Jul. 21st, 2013 11:51 am
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Wow, have I really gone over a week without posting anything? I'm still around, I promise. Some quick updates:

1. Tori is better. Cut for medical details. )

2. I didn't get the job I interviewed for in May, but I'm okay with that, especially since the market seems to be picking up a little bit. I've applied for five jobs in the last few weeks and am looking at other options as well. Something has to come through eventually, right?

3. It has been a movie-filled summer: Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim. Enjoyed them all, though I didn't fall in love with any of them. I probably have the most complaints about Star Trek and the fewest about Man of Steel; maybe real posts on each will come later. It's been interesting to watch my Tumblr dash falling head-over-heels for Pacific Rim: I enjoyed watching it, I understand where the gushing praise is coming from, but my appreciation for it was more distant. But really, the best discovery of all is a podcast: Welcome to Night Vale, which suddenly appeared all over Tumblr about a month ago. It's a fun quirky little horror story about a community radio show in a town where lots of weird things happen, all treated as if they are regular everyday occurrences. That's a juxtaposition that often works well for me. [personal profile] liri sold me on trying it out by describing it as Lovecraftian horror as told by Chris in the Morning (from Northern Exposure), and then something that happened in the second episode hooked me forever. So consider this a somewhat rambling recommendation.
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Tori is home! And eating, and walking around, and much more alert. She's a little wobbly on her feet still, but already better today than she was yesterday. I hope the road to recovery continues to be smooth.

Thank you, again, for the kind and supportive comments and hugs and good thoughts and vibes and such. Sorry I wasn't up for replying to everyone individually, but I really really do appreciate all of it. And I'm sure if she knew, Tori would appreciate it too. :)
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I'm going to get her after lunch. She's still going to be recovering for awhile, but she's strong enough to finish her recovery at home. Yay!

Medical details. )
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Tori is not home yet. She was doing better but the vet called just hour after I visited her to say she took a turn for the worse. Back to hoping she makes it through another night and bounces back in the morning, but I am not feeling optimistic. :(
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Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments the past couple of days. Sorry not to respond to everyone directly. I heard from the vet, and it sounds like Tori is better. Cut for medical details. )

If all goes well, they expect to release her this evening, although they may need her to come back for follow-up, further testing, etc. But I'm sure she'll be happier at home.
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Tori got progressively worse all day, to the point that I called the vet in worry, and they ordered us to bring her in. It's not a UTI, it's severe anemia, and they don't know why. :-/ She's staying overnight, to be stabilized, then hopefully diagnosed tomorrow.

It's so weird and strange not having her here. Right now I'm just hoping she makes it through the night.
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Tori is sick. We took her to the emergency vet yesterday, and they think it's probably a UTI. Poor kitty. :( She's basically been curled up in a miserable little lump for the last two days. But she started antibiotics, and hopefully it will clear up soon.

Rough year for a little kitty. :-\ But at least she hasn't had a seizure since we put her on meds. And Lexi is as hale and hearty as ever -- and is mostly leaving Tori alone, or occasionally standing guard over her. It always touches me, how he knows when not to hassle her, and even when she needs a little extra loving.
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I keep promising to update my journal more often and then not doing it. Well, no time like the present. Five things make a post?

1. The Winter quarter concert is over, and it went well. Now we're on a brief break until April, when we start rehearsals for Beethoven's Ninth. That's such an awe-inspiring piece, and I'm really looking forward to it.

2. DOINK! sign-ups are open through Friday!

It's no exaggeration to say that DOINK is my favorite event on the fandom calendar, except maybe the Kiss Battles. I've been participating in DOINK since the very beginning, and I've gotten and produced some of my very favorite stories in the process. If you are at all interested, check it out. Even if you can't make the official schedule work, the mods are always in need of betas and pinch-hitters (I find writing pinch-hits to be especially satisfying).

3. I just realized that I never posted anything about my latest cat drama. Cut for pet health issues. )

4. Is anyone surprised that I started playing FFX-2 right after finishing FFX? No? I didn't think so. In other fandomy things, I am still doing the 30 Day Grey Warden Challenge, but I've decided to post my answers only on Tumblr. If you're interested, you can follow along on this tag, and I'll probably also do a master post when I'm finished. Speaking of master posts, I really need to make one for the DA Kiss Battle, and I'll plan on doing that this week. Hold me to that, Internets.

5. Although it might be a challenge with cat care, I'm planning an overnight trip to Napa with some friends next month, as part of my extended birthday celebration. Hey, I turned 40. That rates a birthday month, doesn't it? Despite living in the SF Bay Area since 1986, I've almost never been to Napa, so I'm looking forward to that, too.
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Not peace, exactly, but a truce of sorts seems to have been negotiated. Both cats have the run of the house now, and that seems to be working better than confining either of them did, even this morning when Tori was still very much on edge. She still hisses and snarls at Lexi whenever she decides he's invading her space, but the rest of the time they are calm, and he's not striking back at all. After a couple of thwacks when he wouldn't back off, he's learned to keep his distance when she's growling, to the point that I was comfortable leaving them alone for a few hours to go to chorus.

So things are better. I hope they continue to improve -- we could live with the current situation, I think, but everyone would be happier if the cats were friends again. Hopefully all it needs is time.

Cat war

Nov. 26th, 2012 11:02 am
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The situation has not improved; it is, in fact, notably worse. If the cats are both out, Tori hisses and growls at Lexi, making noises I did not know a cat could make, and rather than leaving well enough alone, Lexi keeps trying to make overtures toward her. Whichever cat I put in the bathroom freaks out -- we tried to leave Lexi in there overnight, and then learned at 3:30am that he knows how to open the door. After enough caterwauling, we herded Tori into the bathroom and had some relative peace. This morning we attempted to reunite them, an effort which went poorly, so now Lexi is back in there (with something heavy blocking the door, which should keep him from being able to push it open). I barely slept and really don't know what to do now.

Everything on the Internet said to keep them separated, switching rooms regularly so they can still smell each other, and then slowly reintroduce them, a process which can take days. But I'm going out of town on Thursday; we don't have days. Any advice is welcome. :\

Update: On advice from my friend A, I let Lexi out while watching both kitties like a hawk, and after some hissing and posturing, everyone settled down and we seem to have relative peace. I'm still wary, but the situation is stable anyway. Let's hope they work this out on their own now, another night like last one is not really on my wishlist.

Cat drama

Nov. 26th, 2012 12:01 am
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We bought a new cat toy today, and it seems to have entirely upset the balance of power among the felines in our household.

The toy was a soft pillow filled with catnip. One of our cats, Lexi (the black boy kitty) is a catnip fiend, and he had his nose in the shopping bag before we'd even finished unpacking. So I pulled it out for him and he spent a couple of hours playing with it -- pouncing on it, biting it, kicking it. We also let him play around in the bag. He had a grand old time. "Success!" we thought.

And then our other cat, Tori (the silver tabby girl kitty), flipped out. She'd been in hiding ever since we got home, which is unusual but not completely out of character, and when she finally emerged, she was Not Happy. Not with the toy, although she eyed it with more than a little suspicion, but with Lexi. Hissing, growling, whapping at him, stalking around him with murder in her eyes. They fight sometimes -- mostly when he's trying to mount her; they've both been fixed since kittenhood, but the instinct seems to remain -- but she's never that vicious to him unless he went after her first. My best theory is that he smells too much like catnip, so she doesn't recognize him; it's also possible that he was bugging her while we were out shopping and she's still upset about that, but I've never known her to carry a grudge like that.

I assume, like most cat dramas, that it will eventually work itself out, but it's disconcerting to see her so freaked out for no apparent reason. Also, she hasn't eaten yet tonight, and there's enough dominance games over food that I worry that this will have long term effects on that. Right now we have Lexi locked in the upstairs bathroom (which is hardly fair to him, but it's the easiest way to keep them separated) in hopes that she'll feel comfortable enough to eat a bit before bedtime. Wish us all luck.
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Whenever I go a week without posting, it feels wrong, like somehow I might cease to exist in this corner of the Internet if I don't interact with it often enough. I'm still around, I still comment -- I doubt anyone starts wondering if I have disappeared off the face of the earth. (Especially as it remains obvious to anyone within 50 miles of Tumblr that I have not.)

Anyway, still here. Still working the Saturday work schedule. Vegas was a great time. The highlight of the trip was probably the tour of the Neon Boneyard, which is where many of the city's old signage lives. I posted a selection of my favorite pictures on Tumblr, here. They're opening a full-blown museum later this summer, which I would love to go see. We also saw the Cirque de Soleil show 'O', which was pretty much as amazing as billed, wandered around town, hung out in a very crowded pool, and ate. Good time with good friends. Next up, I am going back to Rome. For a week. Less than two weeks from now. So, so, so excited.

The less said about work, the better, although at least I feel like I've finally adjusted to the new schedule (just in time for me to stop working in for break). The other thing of note that's happened lately is that one of my cats, Tori, has started having unexplained seizures. Not very often -- four that we know of, over the time period of a month -- and the vet can't find anything else wrong with her, so it's probably just some sort of epilepsy. It's scary, but as long as it stays within certain tolerances, it's not likely to cause her any long-term harm, so for now we watch and wait, and maybe if they get more severe we put her on medication. Between times she seems totally fine, to the point where I was hoping that the first couple of attacks were a fluke, but alas, no. Not fun times for kitty. :(

Fandomwise, I got my Doink! story submitted a whole day early, got a great Al-Cid/Ashe/Balthier story as my gift, and have continued to work on my Hawke Alphabet with the hopes of maybe getting it done this month. No other Avengers fic so far, although an Idea continues to brew. Right now my Avengers fannishness seems to be more about meta, and keymashing over how much I love the characters. Which is easy to do on Tumblr, the land of pretty pictures and quick-fire meta conversations. My Dragon Age replay is approaching endgame -- just reached Denerim -- and I should write more about that, because it's been a really interesting experience.

So that's things by me. How are all of you, out there in Journal-land?
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Title: Old Friends
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~4200
Characters: Elissa Cousland, Anders, Marian Hawke, Justice, Ser Pounce-a-lot, Alistair
Pairings: Alistair/Cousland, Anders/Hawke
Spoilers: Minor for the quest "King Alistair", and allusions to other events in Act III, but I'd say only outright spoilers for Anders's DA2 backstory.
Notes: My first venture for the Dragon Age kinkmeme. I've looked around before, but I was leery of spending too much time there before I finished DA2. Now that it's safe, I started browsing around prompts yesterday, and I discovered this one, and it hit me so hard. You have no idea. I literally gaped at it for five minutes. Then I pulled out my keyboard and started writing. 4000 words in one day. I posted before I could lose my nerve; this morning I came back and edited, so I recommend reading this version rather than the kinkmeme one -- more polished, not split over several comments. Enjoy.

'So, you'll never guess who I met in Kirkwall.' )
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Took advantage of yesterday's day off to finally go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Some more thoughts, with spoilers. )

In conclusion, I am sorry to say that it is probably my least favorite of the movies. I suppose, in objective terms, it's comparable in quality to the Prince Caspian film, but since a) Dawn Treader is my second favorite book in the series and b) it should have been rather harder to screw up than Caspian, I find this film more disappointing in comparison. It wasn't terrible, but for the first time I find myself not really caring whether the next movie in the Narnia series gets made. Given the promise of the first film, this is a hard thing for me to admit; nevertheless, it is true.

On the other hand, I did get to see what just might be the most wonderful trailer I have ever seen in a theater. Leopard cubs and lion cubs! Being cute and fierce! I must see this movie.

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