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Back in July, I took 15 Characters prompts on Tumblr, and wrote three stories, which I am just now getting around to cross-posting. Enjoy the wackiness; I know I did.

Title: Strange Bedfellow
Characters: Cassandra Pentaghast (Dragon Age)/Peggy Carter (MCU)
Prompt: "Fifteen and three discover a cat in their bed. Is it their cat? Did one of them bring home a cat? Is it a strange cat? you decide."
Notes: Bet you never thought of this pairing before. Bet you can't stop thinking about it now.

On Tumblr / On Ao3

Title: Gather Ye Lords and Ladies Fair
Characters: Cassandra, Bethany Hawke, Paine (FFX-2)
Prompt: 3, 13, and 7 at a Renaissance faire
Notes: Modern AU, of course. Title is a lyric from a Blackmore's Night song.

On Tumblr / On Ao3

Title: Insubordination
Characters: Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff, Carver Hawke
Prompt: Five and Fifteen are fighting viciously. Twelve steps in to break it up with a stunning revelation.
Notes: Set in the MCU, although don't think too hard about what timeframe. Let's call it an AU, since we're crossing it over with Dragon Age anyway.

On Tumblr / On Ao3
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Have some short fics I haven't crossposted here yet, including my stories for this year's Kiss Battles and some Tumblr memes. All links go to AO3.

Kiss Battles

Title: Learning to Lose
Characters: Lulu, Yuna
Prompt: "They get closer and closer to the end, and Lulu doesn't know if she'll be able to see the thing through when they reach the finish line."

Lulu thought she knew what she was getting into.

Title: Five Years and a Hundred More
Characters: Larsa/Penelo
Prompt: She sees he's grown up.

Dancing at the five-year anniversary of Larsa's coronation.

Title: Visitor
Characters: Flemeth/Solas
Prompt: The Old Days
Notes: Major, major DA:I spoilers.

Flemeth has an unexpected visitor in the Wilds.

Other Flashfic

Title: Minor Acts of Sedition
Characters: Malika Cadash, Sera
Prompt: "I have one word for you: sing-a-long!"
Notes: I haven't completed the quest this story references, so apologies for any missteps with canon. But I think it should be close enough. No real spoilers.

When Maryden the bard sends reports of scandalous songs being sung, Malika Cadash has to hear them for herself.

Title: A Different Life
Characters: Blackwall/Malika Cadash
Prompt: n/a
Notes: Written to dive a little deeper into a conversation that Malika and Blackwall never properly had about his past. Major spoilers for Blackwall's personal quest.

A conversation put off too long.

Title: Good Company
Characters: Alistair/Sereda Aeducan (pre-ship), Duncan
Prompt: "Are you flirting with me?"

Alistair, Sereda, and a lighthearted moment at Ostagar.
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So a week or so ago, I reblogged a post with a bunch of kissing-related prompts over on Tumblr. This turns out to have been a ridiculously good idea -- it's been like a mini-kiss battle in my inbox. So far I've mostly written a bunch of fluff (with a few exceptions). The inbox is still open if anyone else wants to make a request. :) All Dragon Age and FFX-2.

Fandom: FFX-2
Characters: Paine/Nooj
Prompt: Breath Kiss

"What do you think will happen tomorrow? And then— after that."


Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Bethany/Fenris
Prompt: Surprise Kiss

Bethany, Fenris, and a quiet moment in the Gallows.


Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Alistair/Anora
Prompt: Hickey
Notes: Okay, I admit it -- this one was just fun. :D

Anora stepped into the parlor she shared with her husband and dropped down onto the couch, kicking her shoes off with a sigh.


Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Alistair/Bethany
Prompt: Forehead Kiss

Bethany twisted the last of the wrappings around Alistair’s foot, tucking the end of the linen neatly underneath itself.


Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Leliana/Teagan
Prompt: Rain Kiss

"Hello, Bann Teagan," the red-haired woman said, smiling at him.


Fandom: FFX-2
Characters: Paine/Nooj
Prompt: First Kiss
Notes: This is a concept I've explored for Paine and Nooj before, so it took a bit of thought to come up with a completely new context. But I like this one a lot.

"Your work’s done." Nooj looked over his shoulder at Paine, then turned around with a small smile. "Why are you still recording?"


Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Bethany/Nathaniel
Prompt: Take-My-Breath-Away Kiss
Notes: This one is pretty much shameless fluff, and I am so totally okay with that.

Nathaniel trudged up the hill and toward the gates of the keep at Ansberg, five weeks of Deep Roads dust and darkspawn blood weighing down his boots.


Fandom: FFX-2
Characters: Gippal/Baralai
Prompt: Surprise Kiss

The sun had set long since, and Baralai moved closer to the fire as the wind knifed down the edges of the sand dunes, cold as a thousand needles pricking at his skin.


Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Alistair/Zevran
Prompt: Back Kiss

The day’s walking had been a long, hard slog down muddy roads, and every muscle in Alistair’s body ached, so when Zevran had offered him a massage, he couldn’t think of any reason to turn it down.
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Some of you may remember the long meta post about Final Fantasy X-2 and some of the criticisms commonly made of it that I wrote a few years ago. [community profile] ladybusiness asked me to update and repost it, and it's now up!

In Defense of X-2: 2014
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Another round of DOINK! (aka Final Fantasy Exchange) has come and gone, and although I still have plenty of modly stuff to do, I'm happy to present my gifts, both given and received.

Firstly, my gift from [archiveofourown.org profile] laughingpineapple was a really beautiful artwork of Larsa and Al-Cid, reconnecting their friendship. I think this may be the first time I've ever gotten art as a gift, so that's exciting all on its own!

"Actual Deep Political Talk"
On AO3 / On Tumblr

I only wrote the one story this year, in part because of mod stuff and in part because I'm having issues with concentrating on writing lately. (Also why I haven't been posting much.) A long story, and nothing I want to get into right now, but anyway it kept me from playing around in Moogle Fluff or taking any pinch hits. Hopefully it will all resolve soon. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with my gift to [archiveofourown.org profile] wimblydonner, who requested something about any character reacting to the changes in Spira brought by the Eternal Calm. After noodling around with some ideas, I settled on Dona and Barthello, largely because I've never really written about them before.

Title: Rebuild
Fandom: FFX/X-2
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: ~3400
Characters: Dona/Barthello, Lucil, Nooj
Spoilers: For the end of FFX, and some implied for X-2
Notes: Fits within the continuity of Aftermath, but you don't need to have read that story to understand this one.

Summary: What's a summoner to do when there's nothing left to summon, no Sin left to defeat? Dona begins to search for her own answers.

On AO3


Jan. 23rd, 2014 12:09 am
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Five fics in five fandoms: Ace Attorney (yes, again), Dragon Age, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All links go to AO3.

Title: Immersion
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2
Prompt: Phobias
Rating: G
Summary: Rikku can only think of one way to beat her fear of thunder and lightning. Rikku & Brother

Title: In the Kingdom of the Blind
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Prompt: Coming of Age
Rating: G
Summary: After the events of Rise From the Ashes, Miles Edgeworth contemplates the life of a prosecutor. Spoilers. Also inspired by a prompt from a Tumblr meme: "Druxy: Something which looks good on the outside, but is actually rotten inside."

Title: A Song of Spring
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Prompt: Songs From Childhood
Rating: G
Summary: Bethany and Carver Hawke remember home. Warden Twins AU.

Title: Not the Strangest Thing We've Seen This Year
Fandom: The Avengers (MCU)
Prompt: Dragons
Rating: G
Summary: The Avengers do battle with a most unexpected foe. Clint Barton, cast.

Title: Measurement
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Prompt: Pioneer
Rating: G
Summary: Drace satisfies her curiosity about Ffamran Bunansa, newest of the Judges. Spoilers. Also inspired by a request for Drace from the Chocobo Down database.
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Today's prompt is from [personal profile] spindizzy: "Do you have any thoughts on Nooj and/or Paine that you want to share? (I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on him being a deathseeker, if I'm honest.)"

Spoilers and references to suicide behind the cut. )
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Awhile ago on Tumblr, a fic meme went around about writing shortfics based on randomly-chosen songs. I wrote one series for Sereda Aeducan/Alistair (also on AO3), and enjoyed it so much that I bookmarked the idea for other couples.

Accordingly, here's a Paine/Nooj version. This is on AO3 as well.

10 fics based on 10 songs, behind the cut. Not necessarily in any kind of canoncial order, or even all compatible with each other. )
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I finished all my 15 Characters meme prompts. There are some real doozies in this batch -- all crossovers, some more ridiculous than others. :) I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Fenris and Yuna have an argument.
"Those creatures are dangerous."

Ashe and Alistair adopt a pet.
There were many things Ashe did not expect to find in the palace gardens when she went for her morning walk, but high on that list was the Grey Warden Alistair crouched on the grass, peering between the leaves of a well-manicured bush.

Paine and Carver Hawke make a pie.
The pile of dough sat in the middle of the countertop, a congealing lump of flour, butter, and water. Paine glared at it, as though she could shape it into the form of pie crust by sheer force of will. “Are you sure you followed the recipe?”

Paine and Bethany Hawke go to a concert.
When Paine called Bethany and told her she had an extra ticket to see Ani DiFranco, Bethany wasn’t sure which made her more surprised: that Paine liked Ani DiFranco, or that Bethany rated an invitation from her.

Peggy Carter and Isabela go on a date.
Peggy was not in the habit of frequenting bars as seedy as this one, but the informant had been quite clear: in the North Sea port city of Kirkwall, the Hanged Man was “the” place to meet without attracting attention.

Isabela, Thor, and Jane Foster sit down for a nice, friendly game of Mario Kart.
Thor took the Wiimote from its charger stand and held it up to the light, squinting at it with suspicion. “I am not certain I understand,” he said.

"It’s a simulator." Jane plucked the controller from his hand and turned it sideways. "We race against each other in little cars. Hold it like this, see?"

Alistair has a crush on Steve Rogers, and Yuna tries to matchmake.
Yuna set her tray down on the cafeteria table and frowned. She met her friend Alistair here for lunch every day, and usually he greeted her with a smile and a wave. Instead, he sat silent, hunched over a plate piled with macaroni and cheese, his food barely even touched. If Alistair wasn’t eating all his lunch and half of hers, something was very wrong.
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Hey, who wants some old-school Paine/Nooj angst? Sure you do.

Title: Later
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG (for death/suicide references)
Wordcount: 838
Characters: Nooj (Paine/Nooj)
Notes: Written for the second round of [community profile] trope_bingo. The tropes used were deathfic and reunions, although it plays pretty loose with the latter. I don't usually warn for character death, but since that's the entire premise of this fic, I'll go ahead and put it out there this time. (I think I owe the world some fluff after this.)

Also on AO3

The aide stood at the door to Nooj's office, her tanned skin ashen, her eyes over-bright with the terrible news. )
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I keep waiting to update because I figure I'll post once I hear from one of the employers I'm waiting on (had a second interview three weeks ago, have been in intermittent contact with another school), but it keeps not happening. Maybe reporting that there is nothing to report will jar the universe into giving me some information.

Not much else to discuss, really. Not many other jobs to apply for. No travel or other shenanigans planned (and I'm reluctant to plan anything when the job stuff is up in the air). There's a Dragon Age fan meetup in New York City that I'm contemplating. My fic for the DA Reverse Bang is coming along, if very slowly. I've been plugging along on the 31 Day Hawke Challenge, too. Haven't missed a day yet! Unheard of, for these 30-day memes. Predictably, I want to write up the answers for Marissa now, too, and Garrett (my pro-templar m!Hawke warrior, who's just getting into Act 3).

Speaking of games, I finally gave up on finishing the Via Infinito (stupid Chac) and went ahead and wrapped up my FFX-2 replay last week, resulting in predictable Paine/Nooj emotions and plot bunnies, and I really need to write them another story sometime. Then, spurred on by some impulse I don't fully understand, I started a new game of Kingdom Hearts, a game I haven't played in many, many years. Probably I should just wait for the rumored PS3 remaster that includes Chain of Memories (which I have never played), but no. And then, to complete the trifecta of games in process, I discovered that Knights of the Old Republic is available for iPad. Now this is exciting, because I've always wanted to play that game, but assumed I never would for platform reasons. I downloaded it almost immediately and am now maybe 6 or so hours in? So far, so good, although I think I stumbled across a major, major spoiler on Tumblr the day after I began playing. (Probably a spoiler I've heard a hundred times, but never had the context to understand before.) We'll see if it means what I think it means.
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Happy DOINK! reveal, everyone! I totally scored this year, receiving not one, not two, but *three* awesome fics based on my prompts, one regular gift and two Moogle Fluff stories:

Compromise by [personal profile] lassarina - FFXII, Ashe/Balthier post-game.

There the Bones of Us May Lie by [personal profile] justira -- even more Ashe/Balthier, this one set during the game, right after Ridorana.

Warrior's Flame by [archiveofourown.org profile] Jessicamariek -- FFX, Rikku and a proper Al Bhed mourning ritual for Tidus and Auron.

I adore them all and highly recommend that you check them out.

As for me, I wrote two gifts this year:

On the Sidelines - FFX-2, Paine and Lulu. "On Yuna's first visit back to Besaid, Paine and Lulu have an opportunity to get to know each other a little better."

Dreams & Obligaions - FFXII, Ashe/Basch. "Ashe and Basch have been carrying on a secret relationship ever since the war ended. But changes will soon force their secrets to come to light, and Ashe and Basch must decide how to proceed."

Looking for more? The full collection is here. Enjoy!
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I did the 15 Characters Meme on Tumblr last week -- create a secret list of 15 characters, take prompt request with numbers standing in for the characters, see what happens -- and had a lot of fun. My list was a mixture of characters from Dragon Age, MCU, FFX/X-2, and FFXII. Some of the results (mostly on Tumblr, a few crossposted to AO3):

Steve Rogers challenges Basch fon Ronsenberg to a duel.

“I’m not so sure this was a great idea,” Bucky said, looking over his shoulder to the other side of the clearing where Basch checked the straps of his armor. “He looks pretty handy with that sword, and I don’t know if you’ve ever as much as picked one up before.”

Steve shook his head, then hooked his shield over his arm. “I don’t see that I have much choice,” he said. “That army is threatening the whole platoon. If I can save everyone on both sides by taking out their general, then I’ll do my best with a sword.”

Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark in a love triangle, competing for the affections of another.

Tony stared across the room at Pepper, not quite certain he’d heard her right. “You have… plans? With someone who isn’t me?”

“Contrary to popular opinion, Tony Stark is not at all times the center of the universe.” Pepper crossed her arms with half a smile.

Seven and Nine get lost and argue over directions.

Character Seven was Balthier. Character Nine was Tony Stark. You have no idea how much I love this prompt.

Recast Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy as characters One and Nine. Rewrite the failed proposal scene.

The role of Elizabeth Bennet will be played by Alistair. The role of Mr. Darcy will be played by Yuna.

Alistair, Yuna, Tony Stark, and Sigrun throw a surprise party for Paine and Ashe. Two surprise party prompts combined into one story.

“C’mon, they’ll be here soon!” Sigrun ducked down behind the Warden-Commander’s desk and gestured for the others to join her. Alistair followed with a grin, but Tony didn’t move from his spot by the bar, and Yuna wavered.

“I… I don’t know,” she said. “Paine doesn’t always like surprises. I’m not sure Ashe does, either.”

Sigrun and Ashe, unexpected travel.

This prompt slots neatly into my Wardens of Ivalice AU, as a missing scene from "The Joining."

Auron and Basch are accidentally locked in a room overnight.

Auron turned the handle one last time, just to make absolutely certain there was nothing to do — he couldn’t break the lock, or bust down the door. “It seems to be sealed magically,” he said.

“Then it appears we are here for the time being.” Basch slid down the wall to take a seat on the floor, and Auron followed suit, tipping his head backwards. “I don’t suppose you carry rations?”

Ashe cuts Basch’s hair.

Though any of a hundred servants could have been called to take on the chore, Ashe feels compelled to perform this duty herself. After the Strahl is safe in the royal aerodrome but before anyone disembarks, she requests a pair of scissors, and then she cuts Basch’s hair.

Paine is afraid, because Balthier hates Yuna.

“You really think they’d come after us?”

Paine turned her head sharply to meet Yuna’s eyes. “You know Balthier wanted that sphere cache. You know you beat him to it, snatched it up from under his nose. And if you think the Youth League was mad when we pulled that stunt with them…” She shook her head. “They’ll be after us, all right."
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An appropriate day to finish up my replay, since it was announced that the upcoming FFX remaster will include FFX-2!!! And it will be the International version which means extra boss battles and Last Mission!!!! I will finally be able to play Last Mission. You have no idea how excited I am about this.

I meant to write up a little more about my replay as I went, but I being more motivated to play FFX than to write about playing FFX. :) In the end, I didn't really have any amazing revelations, but I did have fun.

Observations behind the cut: )

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I'd decided to replay FFX-2 next. I just can't step into Spira without wanting to spend as much time there as humanly possible. Let's see if I can resist starting it tonight.
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Finished my [community profile] newgameplus story with time to spare; phew. Now I can finally contemplate other projects. Like the "Old Friends" follow-up, which is nudging me to post it in chapters. And my Mega Flare, which has been sadly neglected lately. And the next round of Chocobo Races!

image of a cactuar and a tonberry from Final Fantasy with the word Versus in bold between them

I have been a very bad tonberry and didn't participate at all last time. /o\ But now that I have a little more breathing room, it's time to come play. I'm eyeing a handful of prompts and thinking of more. Meanwhile, while I was being giddy on a finished project high, it occurred to me that we haven't had one of these in far too long...

The FFX/X-2 Random Pairing List
Round Four

Every bit as ridiculous as you remember it being last time )

As always, no need to claim -- if one or more of these inspires to create, or gives you an idea for a Chocobo Race prompt, feel free! But a link in comments would be excellent.
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When I first became active in fandom, back in 2005, I was the very definition of "monofannish". I only wrote in one universe -- Final Fantasy X/X-2 -- and had very little interest in branching out. I would happily read fic in other canons, FF and otherwise, and I would write and talk meta for all kinds of sources, but when it came to creating fanwork, I was perfectly content to hang out in my own little corner. Friends would convince me to check out other sources, and I would often enjoy them, but never was I really tempted to start writing fic. And it's not as though I hadn't thought about it; once I got involved in fandom, I started looking at everything I read, watched, or played as a potential source of story ideas. But nothing outside of FFX and FFX-2 ever gave me anything powerful enough to be worth writing down.

Since those days, I have branched out a little, in that I am more able to take prompt ideas for fandoms I'm not really "in" and do something interesting with them: Sunshine, Star Trek, Babylon 5, other Final Fantasy games. But in all that time, I've only really discovered two new fandoms. The first was Final Fantasy XII. I played the game when it first came out, and wrote a few Kiss Battle and prompt meme stories, but I didn't get deeply into it in a fannish way until I replayed and, at around the same time, wrote three stories for the 2009 round of Final Fantasy Exchange. I was finally hooked, and I started considering myself a part of the FF12 fandom from that point on.

The second, and the first outside the realm of FF, was Dragon Age. I'm still in the first blush with this source, and I've only just started playing the sequel (about which more on another day), so it's hard to say yet whether it will last, but I have a feeling it will. Already, since finishing my first playthrough of Origins in April, I've published three stories, have several more in progress, and am devouring fic at a rapid rate. I haven't felt a creative rush like this since I first entered fandom, and it's got me to wondering: why? Out of all the games I've played since 2005, all the books I've read, all the movies and TV shows I've watched, why is Dragon Age the one that finally broke through? I've been thinking about it, looking for commonalities, and have come to a few preliminary conclusions.

1. I need a lot of compelling source material.
It is surely no coincidence that all of these canon sources are video games. And not just any games, but multi-hour RPGs, with tons of background detail, large casts, strong stories, and settings with complex history and culture. A game is many hours longer than your average movie, and unlike most TV series it usually tells a single coherent story, which I think helps me connect with the characters.

2. I need some gaps to fill.
This might seem to contradict the first item, but actually I think this is part of why games work for me as a source. Many books, especially series, will have the detail I need, but they don't leave as much unsaid, either. Games tend to elide a lot more backstory and character interaction, leaving me more room to play with the universe and the characters. I need a careful balance between Items 1 and 2, and so far games seem to hit it better than any other media. More often than not, I write a story because there's a question I need to answer. The more gaps there are, the more likely that many such questions exist.

3. I need a 'ship.
But not just a 'ship that I like. Plenty of sources have 'ships I like, even adore, without driving me to write about them. No, I need a complete and total OTP obsession, to the point that I need to know more about them, explore every facet, bring them together and split them up and reunite them and see what happens. First it was Paine/Nooj and then it was Ashe/Balthier and now it's Alistair/Warden, but the pattern is clear. (There are interesting similarities between these pairings, but that's another post, too.) This was the realization that came as the greatest surprise to me, because I write so much gen, and I sometimes look sideways at the focus of some fandoms on 'shipping. But it fits, too, because I am a character-driven writer. Even my gen tends to be character-driven. And romance can provide a lot of fascinating opportunities for character interaction. It occurs to me that, the times I've jumped into a new fandom, the romance has come first, and then as I've written those stories, new story ideas come to me: gen stories about the characters in my 'ship, different pairings, new characters. And so I branch out. It happened with FFX/X-2 and with FF12, and I imagine it'll happen eventually with Dragon Age.

So, now that I've gotten my tl;dr on, what's yours? What draws you to become fannish about a source, rather than just liking it a lot? Are there patterns, or is it more random? I'm curious to know if other people's experiences are similar, or very different.
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Title: Aftermath
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~11,000 (Chapter 5); ~1,000 (Epilogue)
Characters: Beclem, Nooj, Maroda, Isaaru, Elma, Lucil
Notes: It's done.

Previously, on Aftermath )

Chapter Five: On FF.net / On AO3
Epilogue: On FF.net / On AO3

I feel like I should be making some grand prediction about when the next chapter will finally be ready... but there is no next chapter. Hooray! Thanks, once again, to [personal profile] renay for being my beta, and also to Yuna Flowering, wherever you are, for providing the initial inspiration, and to anyone and everyone who has put up with the long, slow, tortuous waits between chapters. Over four years from posting the first chapter to writing the final word, but it's finally here, and I am so happy to be finished. :)
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Yes, indeed, we are doing a second round of Mega Flare this year, and signups open today! Check out all the details at [community profile] megaflare_ff. Whee!

As long as I'm here, I might as well finish up the 30 days meme. I've noticed that pretty much no one has managed to draw this out over 30 days, and I see why; most of the questions are too short-answer to really justify a whole entry, and neither do they really invite discussion or debate. But I hate leaving projects undone, so here we go!

Day 21 – Favourite Final Fantasy pairing/ship.

If you have to ask, then you haven't known me very long. The answer is Paine/Nooj. First, last, and always.

More recently, I have also gotten really into Ashe/Balthier and Ashe/Al-Cid, the latter of which is sadly underrepresented in the fandom.

Day 22 – Favourite Final Fantasy summon.

Bahamut in Final Fantasy X. Not only does he kick ass in battle, he's integrated into the story in a way I haven't found another summon to equal. Also, I think his design is beautiful, especially his fayth statue.

Day 23 – Least Favourite Final Fantasy mini game.

The aforementioned butterflies are way up there. Also, monkey matchmaking. Really, Squeenix? Really? I also never got anywhere with the Calm Lands publicity game.

Day 24 – Best Final Fantasy quote.

"This is your world now."

Day 25 – Final Fantasy game you plan on playing (old or new).

Top of my list is Final Fantasy VI. I started it last year, set it aside because I got stuck on a boss battle, then got distracted and never picked it back up. I really want to finish it, though. I'm also looking forward to Versus, if it ever gets finished.

Day 26 – OMG WTF? Final Fantasy moment.

In Final Fantasy VIII, when you learn about their past in the orphanage. That bit of backstory stretches my credulity and breaks my brain. I don't know why that particular thing, of all the ridiculous coincidences that happen in every Final Fantasy game, strikes me so, but it always has. Particularly Irvine's reasons for not 'fessing up. I mean, what?

Day 27 – Best Final Fantasy storyline.

FFX, hands down. I love the story and the way the game tells it.

Day 28 – First Final Fantasy game obsession.

I think I have to give FFX-2 the nod over FFX, if only because that was the game that pulled me into being active in fandom.

Day 29 – Current Final Fantasy game obsession.

Dragon Age Final Fantasy XII. The more I read and write, the more drawn I am into the characters and the universe. So much possibility for interesting futures.

Day 30 – Saddest Final Fantasy character death.

And once again on getting drummed out of the fandom, but my answer to this question has to be Tidus. That ending scene, where Yuna tries to catch him and falls on the deck? Ouch. The way he faces the end of his existence with such calm and grace, never complaining, never angsting about it. He does what needs to be done, and then he says goodbye. I get misty, every time.
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Got behind, so I'll get ahead a little bit today.

Day 16 – Your favourite Final Fantasy limit break.

From a sheer "kicking monster ass" perspective, how can it possibly be anyone but Yuna? Grand Summon, Bahamut, Mega Flare, battle over.

Day 17 – Favourite Final Fantasy mini game.

I doubt you will ever meet anyone else in the world who will say this, but the answer is Sphere Break from FFX-2. I love number puzzles, and this is one I both enjoy and am good at.

Day 18 – Favourite Final Fantasy opening sequence.

Depends on what is meant by this. If it refers to the opening images before you load the game, then the winner, by a long shot, is FFX-2. I neglected to mention "Memory of Lightwaves" when I answered the favorite music question, which was a terrible oversight that I correct here; it is one of the most beautiful songs in the series, and I used to just let the credits run. And I love the images, too, the stylized representations of the different characters and events of the game.

On the other hand, if we're talking about the opening FMV that launches the story, my winner is Final Fantasy XII. Epic in scope, it introduces not just the story and the characters but an entire world.

Day 19 – Best Final Fantasy outfit.

I don't really have a good answer for this question. I like some of the FFX-2 dresspheres a lot -- Trainer, Berserker, and Alchemist come to mind. Some of the prettier outfits, like Lulu's, are entirely impractical for battle, but the practical ones can be boring. I guess I could be predictable and say Auron. Billowing red coats are always fashionable.

Day 20 – Best Final Fantasy hair.

This is even harder. I can come up with lots of bad hair, but good hair is much harder to come by. I guess I'll say Fran -- not exactly practical, but boy is in gorgeous. Lightning has lovely hair, too.

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owlmoose: (ffx2 - paine)
I drove to Los Angeles and back this weekend. If I'm remembering correctly, this is a trip I haven't made since 2004; I've been to LA since then, but always with T, and he much prefers to fly. It's true that flying is, in most respects, more convenient, but I do enjoy making the drive from time to time. There's nothing quite like that moment where you pull onto I-5, step on the gas, and punch it up to 95 MPH.

It was a fun trip, featuring college friends, a Back to the Future marathon, five baby kittens, and a lot of tasty food. A fine way to spend a holiday weekend.

Meme time:

Day 14 – Favourite Final Fantasy male character.

Day 15 – Favourite Final Fantasy female character.

When I first looked over the questions on the meme, I did a sort of mental triage -- which would be difficult to answer, which would be easy, which would merit some significant writing time -- and my automatic thought upon seeing these was "How on earth am I going to choose?"

Then I thought for another thirty seconds and realized that these are probably the easiest answers on the meme. Favorite male character: Auron, Final Fantasy X. Favorite female character: Paine, Final Fantasy X-2. Not just because I adore them both (for reasons I have detailed before, most notably here), but because they were the first characters I was ever driven to write about, the first characters I ever spent days and weeks and hundreds of thousands of words fleshing out in my own head. How is it even possible to love another character more after that kind of experience?

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