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Notre Dame

Apr. 15th, 2019 06:14 pm
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Like many people, I spent today transfixed by horror and sadness as Notre Dame de Paris burned. As of this writing, it seems that the main stone structure has been saved; there are conflicting reports as to how extensive the damage to the interior might be. The wooden roof is definitely gone, along with the iconic spire and at least one of the rose windows. (I was particularly struck by this photo of the fire, a moment of surprising beauty in a time of deep sadness.)

I went to Paris once, in 2001. Our hotel was just down the river from the Louve, so also quite near Notre Dame, and we saw it from the outside pretty much every day, just walking around. We also toured the inside, and although it wasn't the cathedral I was most excited to see at the time (that would be our day trip to Chartres), I was still moved and overwhelmed by its beauty, and by the sense of history. We always meant to get back to Paris someday, but we never have so far. Now it's hard to imagine it. As a former student of architecture, I experience a city through its buildings, and it's impossible to picture Paris without Notre Dame -- just as I can't think of a Rome without the Colosseum, or a London without Big Ben, or a San Francisco without the Bay Bridge. Notre Dame isn't gone, but it is forever changed, and it's okay to grieve what's been lost.

(I mistyped the subject line as "Notre Damn", and I almost kept it that way, but decided it would be too disrespectful. Yet it seems an appropriate sentiment in a way. So I immortalize the typo in this note instead.)
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I was convinced that it was worth our while to watch all of Doctor Strange, so, fine, we watched all of Doctor Strange. Also Ant-Man & the Wasp, except for the post credits scenes. (Two of our watching group haven't seen Infinity War yet, so I suggested that we skip those for now because 1. it's a major, major spoiler and 2. they wouldn't understand it anyway, which is about the worst possible combination. We'll watch it when the time comes.)

Watching Ant-Man & the Wasp solidified our sense that the Ant-Man movies are the least scientifically plausible of the MCU films that claim to be grounded in science -- and given how low my bar for plausibility is in a superhero movie, that's saying something. In this particular case, there is also a chain of fairly stupid decisions (mostly, but not all, made by Scott), and several points where the main conflict could have been solved by everyone sitting down for three minutes and having a reasonable conversation. And yet I still think they're a lot of fun. Maybe because they don't take themselves terribly seriously. Even the more serious bits. The fight scenes are fun and inventive, I genuinely like all the characters (even the irascible and imperious Hank), and the humor strikes me in just the right way (unlike the humor of the Guardians movies, which I often find mean-spirited). And since we didn't watch the post-credits scenes, they didn't ruin my mood, and I found I enjoyed it very well.

I also liked Doctor Strange a bit better this time around, now that I know that Strange is never going to entirely redeem himself from being the entitled and arrogant asshole that he is at the beginning. He does grow and change somewhat, but not as far as he would need to go for me to really like him. I mostly appreciate this film on an aesthetic level -- the folding landscapes, the depiction of the multiverse, the beauty of the glowing glyphs in action.

Thor: Ragnarok on Tuesday, and then we watch Avengers: Infinity War on Easter Sunday, which is weirdly appropriate to me. And then we're done with almost a week to spare (except we might try to catch Captain Marvel again), and I can't quite believe we made it.
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I sat down at my computer do to other things, and then somehow ended up watching the Star Wars Celebration panel on Episode 9 instead. (YouTube isn't letting me share a link that starts partway into the video; the content proper begins at about 18:59.)

I have also watched the teaser trailer several times, and, well. Yay!

A few reactions, mostly to the trailer but some informed by the panel Q&A )

I am excited!
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As I mentioned in my last post, we marathoned Guardians 2, Civil War, and Black Panther in one day, and followed up with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thoughts on each:

cutting for spoilers, length )

Our plans going forward are to watch Ant-Man & the Wasp, the final battle of Doctor Strange (so we can see the Time Stone in action), and Ragnarok on Sunday, then cap it all off with Infinity War next Tuesday night. And that will catch us up! (Except for seeing Captain Marvel again, which I may try to do on Easter weekend.) I can't believe we're almost done.

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Instead of doing the reasonable thing with my evening and writing about yesterday's mini-marathon of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (which most of my friends liked better than I do), Captain America: Civil War (fodder for many an argument), and Black Panther (yay!), I spent my time writing up a rough timeline of the entire MCU, with opening scenes and flashbacks and post-credit scenes placed into the correct order.

It's in a Google Doc, here, open to public comment because I'm clearly a masochist I might have forgotten or misunderstood something, and I'm happy to get corrections. I also intend to update the document as I keep rewatching the newer movies. Also I kind of want to put all of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter in here, too. Maybe after Endgame is behind me.
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This took rather longer than Phase 1, mostly because we skipped fewer movies (only Iron Man 3 and most of The Dark World) but also because we haven't again watched two movies in one night. We're going to make up for that today by kicking off Phase 3 with a 3-movie extravaganza, and before I leave I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the story so far.

Various thoughts under the cut, spoilers and implied spoilers for lots of things. )
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The last round of [community profile] ladiesbingo finished on Sunday, so I didn't quite complete the fill in time, but I got pretty close. My post with links to all five stories is here.

Complete card beneath the cut! )

I managed something I've never done with a bingo card before: a different fandom for every fill. (The next challenge: every fill with the same fandom.) I look forward to the next round coming in the fall!
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The 2019 Hugo Finalists were announced this morning, and I am thrilled to announce that [profile] ladybusineess is a finalist for Best Fanzine!

Thank you, so much, to everyone who nominated us, and to everyone who reads and supports us. <3

It's a great ballot all around, but I want to point out one particularly exciting thing, and that's AO3 finally being a finalist in the Best Related Work category. This is tremendous recognition for a project built by fans from the ground up. Here's a Twitter thread that does a great job of explaining why the Archive is an amazing piece of coding and fannish effort. But let's not forget the other volunteers and the users of all sorts. This is a huge moment for all of us, and I hope everyone is as excited about it as I am!


Apr. 1st, 2019 05:04 pm
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I was wrong about [community profile] multifandomdrabble -- author reveals were not anonymous, so everything is up today! I received SIX -- count 'em, six -- stories, all of which I truly enjoyed.

One Critical Role, two Agent Carter, three Dragon Age -- of which TWO are about Anora! )

I feel like a slacker in comparison for writing only one story, although it was a series of seven linked drabbles, so I suppose I did okay.

Title: Deferred Maintenance
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Gen
Wordcount: 700
Characters: Lennier, Vir, Zack Allen, Lyta Alexander, Susan Ivanova. Shades of Zack/Lyta.
Spoilers: Through mid season 3 (specifically the episodes "Shattered Dreams" and "Sic Transit Vir")
Notes: Written for Sys, to the prompt "Stuck in an elevator".

On AO3
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Days written: 15/31
Days written, YTD: 56/240
Words written: 7,110
Words written, YTD: 25,963
Words of fic written: 2,691
Stories worked on: Three
Stories posted: One

Charts are ready for spring to come )

Specific goals:

1. Write five days a week except while traveling. Almost.

2. Finish the last Ladies Bingo fic. I have a draft, but it's not quite ready, so I'll have to post it in Amnesty next month.

3. Write two reviews for Lady Business. One is already planned, and I'll have to figure out the other. I posted the planned one, but that was all.

4. Write at least one story, and ideally more, for [community profile] multifandomdrabble, a drabble exchange I plan to sign up for. Due date is March 27th. Written and posted, but not yet revealed. Anon reveals are tomorrow, and I'll be able to claim it in about a week.

March is over, so that means it's also time for a quarterly check-in on my goals for the year.

This is a bit long )

Let's think about April.

1. Write an average of 6 days per week.

2. At least one article for Lady Business (perhaps a Tales from the TBR?).

3. Make substantial progress on my SSR Confidential fic. Secondary project: Critical Role/Dragon Age crossover for the WIP Big Bang.

4. Finalize up and post the last Ladies Bingo fic.
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The previously-discussed MCU rewatch has begun! We powered through Phase One on Tuesday night, first watching Captain America: The First Avenger, then a few clips from Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Thor, and finally The Avengers. And we were up way too late for a school night, but it was worth it. Although I don't know that I got anything particularly new out of it, it was fun to watch my friends making new connections and to explain the significance of things. My obsessions expertise, being put to good use!

One thought I do want to share is this: I no longer really think that Thor is optional to a good understanding of the MCU. If nothing else, The Avengers makes way, way more sense after you've spent some time getting to know Thor and Loki, both individually and in the context of their relationship. If you're going to skip something, make it Iron Man 2 (although you might want to check out some of the scenes between Tony and Rhodey, and Tony and Nick Fury). Thor is officially back on the required watching list.

Next up is Winter Soldier (yay!) and Guardians of the Galaxy (...oh, all right). I'll be sure to report back.
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When I saw Captain Marvel on opening night, I went with some friends who have seen most of the movies in the MCU, but not all, and haven't lived and breathed the details of canon the same way that I have. Although they enjoyed the film very well, they were confused by a lot of the deeper lore, particularly everything relating to the various alien races and the Infinity Stones. Then they started talking about rewatching the entire canon in order to better understand what might be going on. Given that Avengers: Endgame comes out in just about a month, that seems rather an ambitious project, so I offered to come up with a suggested watch list, based on what seemed most useful for understanding both Captain Marvel and Endgame.

First, here's a table that I created for all the movies and ABC shows, with notes on the Infinity Stones and alien-related content, as well as suggestions of other interesting connections. I skipped the Netflix shows entirely because none of them have content of relevance for this purpose, at least not to my knowledge. Of necessity, there are LOTS of spoilers within, although most of them are alluded to rather than outright stated. Bear in mind that I am just guessing about what might be connected to Endgame, since we don't entirely know what will happen. Also, Maybe a spoiler for Captain Marvel, connected to Carol's backstory ).

Second, based on their request, here's a proposed rewatch plan. Cut for length and MCU spoilers throughout.

My suggestion for powering through 21 movies and seven seasons of TV in a month. )

So this is what I propose, but I'm open to suggestions! Anything really vital that I'm missing? Or can this list be pruned even further? Let me know what you think.


Mar. 19th, 2019 09:27 pm
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With all the cool and dramatic things that happened on my trip, I forgot to mention one of the coolest and most dramatic: we got to see a rocket launch!

It was Friday, March 15th, as we were sailing back for Fort Lauderdale. Kennedy Space Center was about 300 miles away, with only open ocean between us, so it seemed pretty likely that we would see at least something. It was supposed to happen right after sunset, but it got delayed a few times (the story linked above has some of those details), so by the time it actually launched, the sky was quite dark and all we saw were a couple of streaks of red-orange light. I suppose that doesn't sound all that exciting, but I still found myself a little awestruck. Sure, it was just a military communications satellite, but still. I watched something go to space! And I did it surrounded by a huge gathering of nerds, all congregating in the parts of the ship with the best view, trading info about the equipment and the latest information about the delays. The excitement level was high, and contagious. It's hard to think of a better set of circumstances for such a thing.

Apparently, one can sometimes see the SpaceX launches out of Southern California from here, when the visibility conditions are right. Maybe T and I should try to get down there someday.

Ship's Log

Mar. 18th, 2019 08:14 pm
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I am back from my tropical adventure! Actually, I've been back since lateish on Saturday night, but yesterday ended up being mostly a rest-recovery-run urgent errands day. As will happen when one takes vacation for over a week, and one's cell phone does not survive the experience. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

So as I mentioned, the purpose of this vacation was primarily to attend this year's JoCoCruise. A group of my friends went two years ago and have been talking about attending again ever since; this year, the stars aligned, some of the group got together to make reservations, and T and I decided to join them. If you're not familiar, JoCoCruise is a sort of convention/music festival at sea, headlined by nerd rocker Jonathan Coulton and co-hosted by comedy music duo Paul and Storm. Other attendees include SFF authors, comedians, musicians, and podcasters -- and this year included a special appearance by They Might Be Giants. TMBG were one of my main incentives to attend, along with the fact that San Juan, Puerto Rico, was one of the ports of call, a place that sounded exciting to visit, and that I was happy to support with my tourist dollars.

As I often do with cons, I had hoped to jot down notes about each day as it happened, but it's probably no surprise that I didn't manage this. So I'll share my thoughts and memories as best I can.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this got very long )

JoCoCruise was a great experience, and under the right circumstances I'd go again for sure. But ultimately I would say that it's not quite my type of con. It's very gaming oriented, especially board-gaming oriented, and otherwise centered on a corner of Internet nerd culture that is not quite my own. The gender balance was pretty good, but it felt very white -- even whiter than most of the con spaces I'm in, which admittedly are also quite white. I believe that JoCo has been doing outreach into marginalized communities, in particular working on inviting more white women, LGBTQ+ people, and people of color to be featured performers, but I suspect they have a ways to go. Finally, it's quite expensive. The cost of a cruise, of course, and then a fair bit more on top of that. I could easily have gone to WorldCon in Dublin for the same amount, not even including the flights to Florida. And while I don't regret my choice at all, if I'm deciding where to put my con-going dollars, I'd rather do an international WorldCon or 3-4 book/media cons in the US, where I already have a community and the events more closely hit my interests.

That said, if you have any interest, and the means, I absolutely recommend this cruise. It's a fun time with fun people, and you won't be disappointed.

Sail Away

Mar. 1st, 2019 03:24 pm
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I realize this is likely a long shot, but is anyone I know going to be on this year's JoCoCruise? (Well, besides the group of friends I'm going with. :) I know them.) If by some chance you'll be there, let me know and we can connect! This is my first time attending, and I"m pretty excited.

The downside of this happy adventure is that I will miss FogCon for the first time ever this year. This is extra disappointing, because Becky Chambers is one of the guests of honor, and from the WorldCon panels of hers that I've seen, she's going to be fantastic. But I can't be too sad, because JoCo has a fun line-up (some of my hoped-for highlights are John Scalzi, Jean Grae, They Might Be Giants, Charlie Jane Anders, and the entire McElroy family) and a tropical vacation is sounding really good right about now. I just wish it had been literally any other week.

Meanwhile, I still have a lot to get through between now and then: a concert (ironically, Vaughn Williams "A Sea Symphony", which makes me feel like I am on a boat and does nothing to dull my anticipation), two more days of work, my birthday (for which I have made no plans -- I figure I have enough other stuff to deal with), and a whole lot of packing. Can it be next weekend now please?

(PS for those who I will miss at FogCon, I hope to see you at WisCon instead! I'll be there for sure, and will nudge folks about meeting up there closer to the time.)
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Days written: 18/28
Words written: 6,083
Words of fic written: 2,097
Stories worked on: Two
Stories posted: Two

Charts knew this would be a down month, but not this far down. )

1. Write an average of five days a week. Not quite. I knew this was a stretch goal for this particular month, though.

2. Finish the Ladies Bingo story and write another. Just under the wire, with the second story posted just today!

3. Post regular KH gameblogging updates. Does three count as "regular", considering that we finished it in just over two weeks? I suppose it might.

4. Write at least one media review that is not KH-related. Assuming that squeeing about The Search for Grog counts, then yes.

My secret 5th goal that I forgot to add to the list last month was posting four days a week in February. Although I didn't manage this, I did get pretty close to three days a week on average. So I'm glad about that.

Next up is March, another month that is often slow for me, writing-wise, and this year includes a vacation on which I will not bring my computer, and expect to have little-to-no writing time. So let's set some achievable but not too easy goals:

1. Write five days a week except while traveling.

2. Finish the last Ladies Bingo fic. Prompt is "Factories and Other Industrial Spaces"; I have nothing specific in mind at the moment, so I need to figure that out.

3. Write two reviews for Lady Business. One is already planned, and I'll have to figure out the other.

4. Write at least one story, and ideally more, for [community profile] multifandomdrabble, a drabble exchange I plan to sign up for. Due date is March 27th. I haven't written drabbles in literally years, and I think it'll be fun to flex that muscle again.
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Title: Beached
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts (with canon from Birth by Sleep 0.2 and KHII)
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1525
Characters: Aqua, Rikku, Yuna, Paine
Spoilers: For Birth by Sleep, particularly BBS 0.2
Notes: Written for the current round of [community profile] ladiesbingo, to the prompt Elves, Fairies, Pixies and Brownies. I had various ideas on this one, then remembered that fairies are canon in the KH universe and came up with this bit of idea.

On AO3
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I watched the VOD today. (My preference is for Twitch because I can watch without ads, but it's also on YouTube.) Much as I have grown to love the Mighty Nein, spending a few hours with Vox Machina again was priceless. I've missed these kids so much.

A few spoilers. )

On another note, in the art reel that preceded the stream, there was a drawing of Vax in Grey Warden armor. That is such a brilliant crossover idea that I might just have to write it. Some ideas might be brewing. We'll see.
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They are out, and at a quick glance it's a great and diverse list.


I'm actually reading Witchmark by C.L. Polk right now!

The games list is a little odd. I have mixed feelings about the Black Mirror "choose-your-own-adventure) episode being included. I haven't seen (played?) it, so I can't comment on its quality. It's essentially a visual novel, and I gather it was written in Twine, so I can't argue that it doesn't qualify, but given that this is a brand new category meant to honor games, should the first winner really be an episode of an already-popular SFF TV series?

Any of you have favorites among the finalists?


Feb. 19th, 2019 12:06 am
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T and I are long-time subscribers to Cook's Illustrated, a magazine put out by the same folks as the PBS cooking show America's Test Kitchen. One of the regular features is taste tests, where the editors taste different types of the same ingredient to determine which one tastes best, and which is the best value. Not too long ago, they published the results of their vanilla testing, which pointed to imitation vanilla as not only the best value (since it's something like 10x cheaper per ounce) but equally good in flavor to their preferred pure vanilla. On some level this isn't too surprising, since the chemical that provides the actual vanilla flavor, vanillin, is chemically identical in both the artificial and natural versions, but it still took us a bit aback. And it took our friends R and S so far aback that they decided we needed a vanilla tasting of our own. So we got together for brunch, and then did a bunch of baking, and had our taste test today.

We tried six different kinds of vanilla -- the imitation brand that won the Cook's taste test, three brands of store-bought pure vanilla, one vanilla that our friend Jen made herself with vanilla beans and vodka, and a vanilla powder -- in four different dishes: pound cake, shortbread cookies, pudding, and whipped cream. And, although the imitation vanilla wasn't anyone's favorite, only one person liked it the least. I put it in about the middle of the pack, ranking it higher in fresh applications than in baked goods. My favorite was actually the homemade, but I didn't like it so much better that I feel the need to start making it for myself. And fortunately, my second or third favorite was the kind we currently have in our house (which happens to be the natural vanilla that the magazine editors also liked the best).

Maybe the most interesting outcome was that, especially in the pudding, people tended to prefer different vanillas mixed together to any one vanilla alone. It's like the slightly different flavors complement each other in unexpected ways. Not necessarily to the point that I would recommend having six different vanillas in your house and making custom blends. :) But it certainly is a thing that one could do.

It was a fascinating experiment, and I'm already considering whether we can do similar trials with other foods in the future.

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