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17. Regret. During the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest you will be introduced to the Guardian who will ask the Warden if they regret something from their past. If you could personalize the Guardian’s question what would he ask? And how would your Warden answer?

(It looks like the original masterpost has been taken down; the link goes to my Tumblr reblog of that post.)

The Guardian asked if Kasia regretted having left friends and family behind in Orzammar, and he could not have come up with a better question to throw Kasia off balance and force her to think about things she had been avoiding. Like Rica, all alone with no tough little sister to protect her, and Leske, left to bear the brunt of Jarvia's wrath. What good was she, if she couldn't watch out for the people she loved? It left her reeling, and determined to go straight to Orzammar once Arl Eamon was cured, to make sure everyone was okay. And because this was on her mind, Leske's betrayal hit a thousand times harder than it probably would have otherwise. Had she brought it on herself, by leaving him behind and not ensuring that he would be safe from the Carta? At least Rica had her noble to take care of her; Leske had no one. The thought ate at her for a long time, and it was months before she was truly able to let it go.

Encountering the Guardian had enough effect on Kasia and me both that I ended up writing a ficlet about it, which expands on these thoughts in Kasia's own words.
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16. Fear. During the quest Broken Circle your character is trapped in the Fade by a Sloth demon. If you could personalize your Warden’s nightmare what would it be about? And why?

The in-game dream -- Archdemon defeated, Duncan alive and well, safe in company with other Grey Wardens -- is actually not a bad choice for Kasia, especially the bit where Duncan is back. At that point in her life, it could really only have been better if Leske and Rica were also there, filled with adoration thanks to her heroism.

As for a nightmare, it would have to be waking up and finding herself back in that cell in Beraht's dungeon, except this time with no chance for escape. To know that she could save neither herself nor Leske, and to know that Rica would be left to Beraht's tender mercies, is the worst situation she can imagine -- made even more terrifying by the fact that it came all too close to becoming her reality.
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15. Leadership. What is your Warden like as a leader? How do they lead and how do they handle companions disagreeing with them?

Kasia isn't used to the idea of being in charge of anything -- although if you talked to the other Carta thugs she worked with, they would tell you that she became the de facto leader on pretty much every assignment, just through force of personality. So she's a natural leader, but in terms of practical leadership skills, she has a lot to learn. But despite being out of her depth, she attacks the problem with the same gusto and cheer that she attacks most problems, rarely complaining even when she's overwhelmed. Her argument with Alistair after Redcliffe was as much about simmering resentment that he left her in charge when, in theory, he should have been better equipped to be the leader.

Because of her secret insecurity around being in charge, Kasia tends not to ask for help or advice, at least not in front of the group, preferring to muddle through as best she can. She will sometimes pull someone aside -- Alistair, Zevran, occasionally Wynne -- and ask them what they think, and in Amaranthine she depends heavily on Varel. Kasia has a fairly strong internal sense of right and wrong, and she makes most major decisions by instinct. Most of the time, that's enough.
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14. Viewpoint [Part Two - Mages Rights]. How does your character view Mages? Apostates? Blood Magic? How do they react to Morrigan’s shape shifting? How do they react to Wynne being a abomination? If they are a Mage describe their views of the Circle and if they believe they should be free or not.

Mages and magic in general: Being a dwarf without much knowledge or experience of the surface, when Kasia first becomes a Grey Warden, magic has about as much relevance to her life as the moon does -- she's heard that such a thing exists, but she's never seen it, knows next to nothing about it, and finds the very concept hard to wrap her head around. A giant floating orb in the sky that glows at night? People who can manipulate the elements and energy fields with their minds? They're about equally fantastic to her. More. )
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Wow. Okay. Today is the 13th. If I do one of these a day, I will be done by the end of the month, and I won't lose track of where I am. Let's pick this back up... now!

13. Viewpoint [Part One - Race & Social Class]. Describe how your Warden feels about the Dwarven caste system, Human nobility and Elven alienages. Also go into detail about your own Wardens race/social class and if they are proud/ashamed of where they come from.

Answers behind the cut )
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Day 12. Tattoos. Does your Warden have any tattoos and if so how did they get them?

Kasia has her casteless brand, of course, on her right cheek, and she also has a tattoo above her right eye -- a brown stripe with negative space in the shape of a casteless brand turned sideways. These are the only tattoos she has, and the only ones she ever plans to get.

More. )
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I kind of fell off the wagon on this one; oops. I don't think I'll double-up on answers, at least not for now. Maybe when I get to some of the shorter-answer questions.

Day Eleven: What does your Warden believe in?

What does your Warden believe in? Are they a Atheist? Why? And how strong are their beliefs? Kasia was raised within the dwarven faith: to believe in her connection to the stone, and that the ancestors go back to the stone and watch over the dwarves, but as a casteless she was also taught that her ancestors were unworthy. Kasia rejects this view, though, and so she's tossed out most of the teachings along with it. As a result, she is not particularly religious and views those who are with more than a little suspicion. She doesn't believe in ancestors or gods; she believes in herself and her friends. Real things, things she can see and touch and interact with, people she knows and can trust.

Do their beliefs affect their relationship with their companions? Somewhat. She doesn't understand the Chantry or worship of the Maker at all -- it seems even more ridiculous to her than worshiping the stone, because as least stone is useful -- and The Qun is even worse, because from her point of view it's too similar to the caste system. So it's harder for her to relate to Leliana and Sten, although eventually she comes to be friends with both of them.

Do their beliefs affect their choices while battling against the Blight? Really only one: she refuses to help Brother Burkel establish a Chantry in Orzammar, because why would she want to open the door to allowing those fanatics in her city?

How do they react to learning more about the different religions of Thedas? As above, none of them really make any sense to her. She's always happy to learn more, of course, because she finds the surface and its mysteries endlessly fascinating, but the idea of putting faith in something so remote as a god just seems pointless.
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Day 10. How did your Warden react to being recruited?

What did your Warden know about the Wardens before they were recruited? Not a whole lot. Like most things relating to the surface, the Grey Wardens were almost mythological in Kasia's mind. They were a group that existed, and people said good things about them when they talked about them at all, but they had very little connection with her daily life.

What was your Warden's first impression of Duncan? Did their first impression ever change? Why do they think Duncan recruited them? Kasia took an instant liking to Duncan. He was the first non-Duster to ever talk to her as an equal, and that was before he even saw her fight in the Proving. The idea that she might be worthy of respect from someone important blew her away. Her esteem for him only grew over time. She never had any reason to believe that Duncan recruited her for any reason other than the one he gave: she proved her worth on the Proving Grounds, and again when she fought her way out of prison.

More questions and answers behind the cut. )
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Day Nine. Describe why your Warden made the choices they made during the Blight. Go into detail about who influenced them and how any key events from their past influenced them.

I talked a fair amount about why Kasia made the specific decisions she did on days Seven and Eight, so I'll share some more general thoughts below.

Kasia is driven by two main motivating factors: wanting to protect herself and the people she cares about, and her strong distrust of authority figures, especially those she sees as bullies.

More details behind the cut. )
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Day Eight. Describe your Warden's choices later in the game: The Alienage, the Landsmeet and Morrigan’s ritual, as well as in-game DLC.

Behind the cut )
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Day Seven: Describe your Warden's choices in the five main quests.

Answers behind the cut. )
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Day Six. Describe your Warden’s sexuality.

What is your Warden’s sexual orientation? Kasia is straight, both in terms of her sexual and romantic preferences. She's had fleeting curiosity about women a few times, but never to the point of wanting to act on it.

More questions )
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Okay, so it turns out I won't be doing one of these every day. Perhaps you are even relieved to hear this. ;) But I will keep working on it as I can.

Day Five. Who is your Warden's romantic interest(s)? Describe their relationship(s) in detail.

Kasia had two romantic interests throughout her game, and they were somewhat influence by her history, so I won't be answering the subquestions exactly as linked above, but I will use them as a guideline.

Well, I say she had two romantic interests, but it's more correct to say there were three. Kasia's first romantic interest was actually Leske. )

Such is the epic tale of Kasia Brosca's romance during the Blight. Much of this is also told in story form, in the ficlet series From Dust We Came.
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Day Four: Describe your character's relationship with every member of their party.

Origins party members, and a little bit about the Awakening crew. )
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This is actually yesterday's question. Oops. Hopefully I'll have time for today's later. Maybe during the Super Bowl. Master list of questions here.

Day Three: A detailed description of your Warden's personality

Kasia is quick, bright, and good-hearted, although a rough childhood taught her that sometimes she needs to act to her own advantage without caring much about who might get hurt. When her family needs to eat, and there's food there for the taking, she don't lose sleep worrying about the people she stole it from. They probably have more than she does, anyway -- she only steals from merchants and Beraht's toadies, not her fellow dusters (unless she's really desperate). She's not well educated -- she doesn't learn to read until she comes to the surface, and she only knows enough math to get by in the market -- but she's intelligent and a fast learner. Kasia is outgoing and genuinely likes most people -- she's curious about them, wants to get to know them. Sometimes this manifests in asking too many questions, but she's pretty good at knowing when to back off. Despite everything she's been through, she tends to be optimistic, and she wants to think the best of most people. On the other hand, she also tends to make snap judgements about some people -- she fears and resents the nobility, and tends to distrust anyone in a position of authority.

More )
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Master list of questions here.

Day Two: Describe your Warden's appearance.

Kasia is blond, with rosy-pink skin, light green eyes, and a round face. She wears her hair short, typically chin-length, scattered with small braids that keep it from falling in her eyes. She has two markings on her face: the casteless brand on her right cheek, and a dark stripe over her right eye. (More details on the upcoming question that's specifically about tattoos.) Her eyes are a bit larger than average for a dwarf, and the bridge of her nose a bit narrower. She's also short, even for a dwarf, standing about 4'2". These features combine to make most dwarves write her off as delicate and fragile. That often frustrates her, even though she can sometimes use it to her advantage. Most non-dwarves consider Kasia attractive, tending toward cute rather than beautiful. She will always look younger than she is, another thing that cause people to underestimate her.

For the most part, Kasia wears practical attire: simple leather armor that lets her blend into the crowd and move freely, suede pants and light tunics when she's out of armor. No skirts, unless she absolutely has to. She doesn't usually wear jewelry -- it gets in the way -- although she is very attached to her Grey Warden pendent, once she gets it, for sentimental as well as practical reasons. She doesn't tend to wear the official Grey Warden armor, though, because she thinks it's too flashy for sneaking around in the shadows.
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Over on Tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] fearliath created a "30 Day Grey Warden Challenge" that I've been meaning to do for awhile, and February seemed like a good time to do it, and since it's a short month I've decided to start early.

The first question, question zero if you will, is: which Grey Warden? I have five now, every origin except for Tabris (and Amell, if you want to count it separately from Surana, and I do want to play it eventually to see how it feeds into DA2), although my Mahariel game is in very early stages. After some thought, and some polling the masses on Tumblr, I decided to go for Kasia Brosca, since she's one of my more interesting characters, and I haven't done anything large-scale for her character development yet. So here goes!

Day One: The Basics )
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Day Thirty: Hopes for Dragon Age 3

Mainly, of course, I want a fun game with an excellent story, the chance to learn more about Thedas and to get to know another bunch of awesome companions. If Bioware gives me that, I'll be happy.

More specifically: I hope they don't rush the game through development again. I'd much rather they take their time and ship a solid game, even if means we don't get a new one for a couple of years. I loved DA2, but the gaps and seams really show, especially in comparison to Origins. There are many things I'd like to see return to Origins form -- the more epic scale of the story, and the way romance developed more slowly and naturally, and the option to have casual conversations, not just the ones that advance the plot. However, I really liked the Friend/Rival system, and I'd like to see that continue in some form. Also, the voiced protagonist was a huge improvement in my book; I'm happy to give up the option of multiple origins if that's the trade-off.

I'd like to see another part of the world -- Orlais is most often rumored, but I'm also really curious to see Tevinter, and Antiva, and the Anderfels -- and more of the dwarves and the Qunari. And of course more Grey Warden involvement in the story. I missed the Wardens in DA2 and would love to have them back.

I'm less fussed about seeing specific companions back, or NPCs from Origins and/or DA2 brought back as companions, although sensible cameos would be great, and it does make sense to have some character to connect the stories. I'm not sure who it would be, though. The one I hear suggested most often is Cullen; it's an interesting idea, but I'm not the Cullen fangirl a lot of folks are, so it would have to be handled very carefully for it to work for me. I'd rather see a minor character on the level of Isabela in Origins raised to companion status, although I can't think of a good option off the top of my head. Someone who wouldn't overwhelm the new characters, but would provide a familiar face as a reference point. I think that would be best. (Also, as I'm sure you know, I will never argue with an Alistair cameo.)

Finally, I would love, love, love to see a female PC as the default PC in the game's marketing. Bioware has taken baby steps in this direction with f!Shepard and Mass Effect 3, but how awesome would it be if they were to go all out? Come on, Bioware. Break ground and be awesome. If any game company can make this move, you can.

Complete list of questions

Thus endeth the 30 Days of Dragon Age meme. I hope you enjoyed following along, and that you didn't get tired of the spam. ;) It was a fun exercise, and I'm glad I did it.
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Day Twenty-nine: If you made a deal with a demon what would your bargain be?

Of the vices embodied by the standard Dragon Age demons -- rage, hunger, sloth, desire, and pride -- I'd probably be most tempted by sloth. No one who mostly knows me online believes this, but I am, in fact, incredibly lazy. I avoid chores and errands, put the bare minimum of effort into a lot of things, and am almost always happy to spend a weekend kicking back on the couch with TV or a book or games or the Internet. So if a sloth demon came along and offered me some kind of deal where I'd never have to do housework again, or go grocery shopping, or deal with any of my inane tasks at work, I'd take it in a second.

Complete list of questions
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Day Twenty-eight: Worst part of the games.

Origins: Bugged dialogue. First time through, I had most definitely not made Alistair king, and yet there he was, giving speeches and saying things as if he were. It got me worried that I had made some sort of mistake. The glitches tended to be minor, but they always jarred me. Epilogue bugs, too; I've never had a game without one.

DA2: The signs that development had been rushed. Bad import flags, the repetitive maps (although the resulting fanon that Varric is just really bad at describing the insides of caves, tunnels, mansions, etc. is possibly one of my favorite things in fandom EVER), waves of enemies, the subplots they had to cut, some aspects of the final battle, and so forth. Also the fact that Sebastian was DLC and not as well integrated into the game as a whole. I would much rather they'd taken their time to get everything right. 

But these are really minor issues. It took me ages to even think of one for DA:O that was worth mentioning.

Complete list of questions

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