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DA:I Thoughts for January Blogging Meme

[personal profile] seimaisin asked me to talk about three things I hope to see in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Sorry this is late!

Before I get started, a note on spoilers: I went into information avoidance mode for DA:I back in August. So I've seen the teaser trailer, read the Game Informer article, and am aware of pretty much everything that was common knowledge up to that point. I very purposefully did not look at the Game Informer releases that came out after the article, and have managed to miss most of the major revelations since. So it's entirely possible that the things I talk about here have either been confirmed or denied by developers. I might guess correctly, or I might be completely off track. Either way, I don't want to know. So please, if you have been following pre-release information, or even if you've just heard a rumor here and there, don't tell me about it in comments.

This may seem like a hard line to take, but I know for a fact that too many spoilers will interfere with my ability to set expectations. I'm happy to speculate about the upcoming game in general, but I don't want to have too much pre-release information while I'm doing it. Thanks for your understanding.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, on to my actual answer to the question! :)

1. I hope that the dwarf player character (because you know my first run through this game is going to be as a female dwarf if T is at all amenable) is fully rounded as a dwarf, not just plug-and-replace with a shorter human, with an interesting backstory that shows us more about dwarven society. I really missed the dwarves in DA2, so I'd love to see a lot more of them in general. I'd be especially interested to see Kal-Sharok. How is it different from Orzammar? How does their shared history connected them? What's their relationship to the surface? All kinds of interesting questions to answer there.

2. Also missing from DA2: Grey Wardens! And there are indications that we will see them back in DA:I. Whether as allies or antagonists -- I think there are fascinating possibilities with either of these directions. I'd like to see more of the Wardens as an organization: their history, the people involved. And a cameo by one of our well-loved past Wardens would not come amiss.... Honestly, I'm not too wedded to seeing favorite characters come back. I only want cameos and/or party members that serve the story while doing as little damage as possible to people's in-game canons. (And I'd actively prefer not to see the Warden or Hawke.) But a Warden from Vigil's Keep showing up? Nathaniel, or Sigrun, or Oghren? Yep, I'm on board.

3. A team of strong party members with their own histories, story arcs, and connections to the Inquisitor. This has been one of the strengths of the Dragon Age series so far, and I really hope to see it continue.
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1. I am so interested in seeing a serious take on a dwarf PC. Via the games and novels so far, I have a pretty good handle on human politics and economics within the White Divine's realm plus many bold hints on how things work in Tevinter, I have a reasonably good feel for elven societies, and many good guesses/feelings/ideas about how Qunari society works (assuming also that the comics are vaguely canon in representing the Qun). But the Dwarves? So many more open questions waiting for answers! I have a good feel, obviously, from DAO, but it more or less begins and ends there. Lot of interesting political and economic elements were HINTED at in DA2 - the merchant's guild, Javaris Tintop's economic reasoning for wanting to trade with the Qunari for black powder (which, when you think for a minute, could have completely overturned the Chantry's economic hold magic-based technology and made the value of lyrium tank!). I feel like the Dwarven peoples have been set up as this key player in the economic functioning of Thedas and ... and ... I'm waiting for Bioware to do something with them. o_o

2. Wardens: could be interesting for all reasons you state.

3. My guess is this will happen, purely because every party member from DA:O, DA:A, DA2, and DLCs were designed like this. With all the effort going into DA:I, I would be surprised if this didn't happen.
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#3: Regarding Bioware's strengths with character development and expanding in a 100% spoiler free manner on what you said (and pretending for a moment I don't know who some of the DAI cast will be), I would be *shocked and dismayed* if *ANY* future Dragon Age game (not just Inquisition) didn't have the following:

- A gender-balanced set of recruitable characters
- Female character who are believably female, and who play out as if actual women make up a notable portion of the writing & editing team (shock! in the gaming industry!).
- The ability to configure an all female party that passes the bechdel test with flying colors (best bechdel test moment in DA2: meeting up Meredith to storm the Keep at the beginning of the final quest in Act2 with fem!Hawke and an all female party, and everything feels like normal business as usual in Kirkwall).
- Each character has a life of their own, concerns of their own, reasons to disagree with the PC, reasons to care about the things they care about, and reasons to hate the things they hate.
- Characters who feel like people, failings and all.
- Women who are bigger and taller than some of the men and can wield a broad sword like I can wield a pen.
- Men who can cast spells.
- Character who laugh, make jokes, feel vulnerable, come close to tears and/or rage.
- Women who have fallen down in the past and have the strength to pick themselves up and move forward without anyone rescuing them. (Three best scenes in DA2 for this: Rivaled Merrill yelling at Hawke about how she doesn't need to be rescued. Aveline's battle response to darkspawn attacking Wesley. Aveline LITERALLY rescuing "damsel in distress" Donnic.