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Five things make a post

1. My Tumblr dash is over half blocked posts. Must be new DA:I content! From the things that have slipped through (gaaah people why must things slip through), it sounds like a new trailer, which I would actually be interested in watching (just not dissecting in intense detail), so I'll have to check it out when I'm on a better Internet connection.

2. Speaking of Dragon Age, I'm still in need of a beta read for my Dragon Age Big Bang story. Any takers? At this point, given that it's due in less than a week, I'd be happy just for a quick read-through to look for egregious problems. Let me know.

3. I saw Winter Soldier again last week. It definitely holds up. I need to see it again. I posted my thoughts to Tumblr. Note, the entry also contains a significant spoiler for the two post CA:TWS Agents of SHIELD episodes. (Although it's the kind of spoiler that might actually lure some people into watching.)

4. We have another guest conductor this quarter. In some ways, he's as brilliant and as difficult as the guy we had in the Fall, but he has a way of communicating that makes him much easier to work with. The repertoire (church music by Holst and Vaughan Williams) is quite challenging -- so challenging that he actually pulled one work and substituted a much simpler one. It's a little disappointing to put three weeks of work into a piece and then not perform it, but it was absolutely the right choice, because now we can concentrate on making the rest of the concert amazing rather than struggling just to put it all together.

5. DOINK! I have my assignments and know which one I want to do. Now I just have to decide how I want to approach it. And see if I can manage to avoid all the shiny Steve Rogers distractions that the movie has put into my head.
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No spoilers - DAI

[personal profile] sarasa_cat 2014-04-22 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Bioware updated the official DA:I website to release the following info:

- The date on which DAI is available in stores (you can now preorder it and I believe there is a special edition that can be preordered)

- A new trailer is out, and it previews the set up of the game's story. The trailer says something about the Inquisitors backstory, shows two familiar companions in action, and ends with the complete cast of companions+agents.

- The official website is updated to have info on the player classes (mage, warrior, rogue), the map of the world, the timeline leading up to the new game, etc.

- The official website is not complete yet: they will be adding more info about companions and class specialization trees as time goes on.

Meanwhile, the news media has been posting brogamer reviews of announcement.

People on tumblr appear to be analyzing this info to hell and back. Just go to the dragon age inquisition website. Or not. ;)


I wish I had time to beta for you but this week is a nightmare for me. :(
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