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Lo these many years ago, when LiveJournal was bought by SUP, a Russian company, I wasn't too worried, because the staff and servers were staying in the United States (specifically California) for the foreseeable future.

Fast forward nine years. Although no announcement has been made as far as I know, there are strong indications that the servers have recently been moved to Russia. [personal profile] lynnenne explains why this is a problem; the short version is that international courts generally hold that, when legal issues arise around Internet content (privacy, copyright, freedom of expression, etc.), the laws that apply are the laws of the country where the servers reside. Therefore, when the LJ servers were in California, if SUP did something sketchy like sell your personal data or resell your content without permission, you could sue them in California court. Assuming these reports are correct, that's no longer true. And while I don't know specific details about Russian law regarding privacy, copyright, and free expression, I think it's a pretty safe guess that they aren't nearly as strong as those in the USA, much less California.

So... how worried are we about this? I backed up all my LJ content to Dreamwidth years ago, and have been crossposting even longer, so I won't lose any content if my LJ suddenly goes dark. But that fact doesn't assuage the other concerns: loss of privacy, the selling of personal data, copyright infringement, Russia deciding that my political opinions are suspect and someone needs to come after me. (I understand I'm a pretty tiny fish in a very large ocean as far as that last issue is concerned. Still, the fear is there.) Therefore, a few thoughts and questions:

1. Those of you who are cross-posting DW to LJ: are you going to keep doing it? Any thoughts of deleting?

2. Those of you who are still posting and/or reading on the LJ side: are you concerned? Thinking about deleting and/or moving to DW? If I stopped cross-posting, any chance that you'd keep reading me on Dreamwidth, or do I risk losing touch with you?

3. I am deeply reluctant to delete the old content from my LJ. The librarian in me abhors the idea of contributing to the link rot that has caused so much fandom history to be lost (I'm still sad about the abrupt disappearance of Journalfen, for one example). I wish there was some way to redirect links to the archived DW content. On the other hand, link rot is just a part of life on the Internet, and shouldn't my personal safety come first? Any thoughts welcome.

A year ago, even three months ago, this development would not have worried me nearly as much. But with the mounting evidence of Russia and Putin meddling in internal US politics, it's pretty hard to see this move as benign. And that fact that I'm a little nervous even typing that last sentence in an entry that's going to be crossposted to LJ? Maybe that's my answer right there. Still, I'm not making any decisions yet. But I want to put my concerns out there.
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Busy day, and it's not quite over, but I'm taking advantage of a lull in the proceedings to make some quick notes about everything I've done so far. I went to four panels today and took notes on all of them, and I hope to dive into them more later.

First up was Female Friendship in Fiction. A lively conversation about the good, the bad, and the missing of female friendships depicted in fiction. Lots of recommendations, including a solid five minutes at the end dedicated solely to recs from the audience. Many of them can be found in the Twitter tag. Lots of my favorite examples -- Supergirl, Jessica Jones, the Spiritwalker trilogy, etc. -- were brought up, and of course my TBR continues to expand.

After lunch (back to the cheese shop!) was probably the best panel of the con for me so far: a discussion of "weaponized kindness" -- when calls for civility are used to shut down important discussions. The Andrew Smith/#KeepYAKind incident was used as an example and jumping off point for talking about why "niceness" as a code word for "sit down and shut up" is a problem (as opposed to actual niceness, which they defined as really listening to other people and caring about their feelings and point of view) and how to fight back against it. I'll definitely want to come back to this later, and maybe see if I can find other people's write-ups. For now, I highly recommend the Twitter tag for this one, too.

Next up was a panel on metaphorical minorities (such as the X-Men "mutant metaphor"), which also moved a lot into thoughts on coded (as opposed to explicit) representation followed by a roundtable on the works of Octavia Butler. I learned quite a bit from these discussions, stuff I will have to process and also probably revisit. Very glad I went to both.

After dinner, I went to the Tiptree Auction, a fundraiser for the award. I was promised a great show, and I absolutely got it. [twitter.com profile] brainwane was the auctioneer, following in the footsteps of legendary auctioneer Ellen Klages, and I thought she was great -- an evening of humor, and Hamilton filk, and smashing of the kyriarchy (literally, in the form of a "Pilates for Weight Loss" DVD), and costume changes, and serious remembrances of significant people. Well worth my time, even though I didn't bid on anything (though I did donate a little when the hat was passed around).

Now I'm headed back downstairs to check out the Floomp, the con's dance party. I'm not sure I'm feeling high-energy enough to dance, but I'm told that it's still a fun scene with excellent costumes to admire. And who knows, maybe I'll be inspired to cut a rug or two.
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So if you follow my Twitter ([twitter.com profile] iamkj), you probably saw that I got locked out of my Tumblr account for a couple of days. Basically, Tumblr had a password security breach in 2013, and they forced the affected accounts to change their passwords. (I'm not quite sure why a breach of three-year old data necessitates a password change today. Maybe they just now found out about it?) Mine was one of those accounts, so I attempted to reset my password, multiple times, without receiving a verification email.

It turns out the problem was on my end -- the email I use for Tumblr is connected to my personal domain name, and the registration had lapsed -- so as far as that goes, this isn't Tumblr's fault. But if I hadn't been able to get my email fixed, I would have had no recourse, because Tumblr doesn't provide any alternate method of identity verification. When I wrote to Tumblr about the problem, their only suggestion was to register a new account with a different email address and start over.

Dear Tumblr staff: this solution is not a solution at all. In fact, it is completely unacceptable. I understand taking security seriously -- I wouldn't want just anyone to be able to pretend to be me, either. But there are ways around this, ways used by many other sites. Offer a back-up method of account verification, such as a secondary email or mobile phone number. Allow your support staff to exercise their judgement and/or common sense in cases like mine and Bryan Konietzko's (read the sad story here). There are all kinds of reasons why someone might lose access to an email account. Maybe you signed up with a work email and then changed jobs; maybe you graduated from college and your school doesn't provide permanent forwarding; maybe your email host went out of business; maybe someone hacked your account and you had to close it... This is a common enough situation that there needs to be some solution beyond having to close your blog and move on.

Move on?? I've been actively curating my Tumblr blog for over 5 years. I have more than 400 followers. I'm a contributor to several side blogs, including two for which I'm the only admin (so those blogs would have been lost, too). I suppose the content would stay up, but the chance to build on it and continue participating in conversations would be lost. And if it can happen to me, it can happen to others (see above), with far more followers and influence than I. Make your site unsustainable to use in the long term, provide poor customer service, and people will move on, all right -- they'll move on to a new blogging platform.

Fix this, Tumblr. Even if it's too late for people like Bryan to regain access to their accounts, please move into the modern era and implement some sort of back-up authentication method. It's absolutely necessary.
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So remember the old days, when we used to write about other people's posts in our own spaces rather than just reblogging everything, maybe with commentary, maybe with a few thoughts hidden in the tags? I miss those days, so here I am, being the change I want to see.

This post about Tumblr and people's issues* with it was making the rounds a little while ago, and it struck a nerve with me. I don't disagree with the original poster's complaint, exactly -- there often is something dysfunctional about the way people interact on Tumblr, and that detracts from my enjoyment of both the site and of fandom as a whole. But it seems to me that the OP has cause and effect exactly backwards. Tumblr isn't a personal journaling site that people are treating like a public forum. Tumblr is a public forum that people are treating like a personal journaling site. Tumblr is a broadcast medium, specifically designed to promote the sharing of content as quickly as possible to as many people as possible. It is not meant for private conversation or personal journaling, so folks shouldn't be surprised when trying to use it that way is a disappointing experience.

I feel like I've been beating this drum a lot, especially since the end of Tumblr comments (and was there ever a more clear sign that Tumblr doesn't want to be a conversation platform than their decision to take away commenting?), and you might fairly ask why I care. It's purely selfish in the end -- I think fandom would be a better place if we would accept Tumblr's limitations and use it for the type of content and interaction that does work well there -- sharing multimedia, links, memes, and other short-form content. As far as I'm concerned, Tumblr works best when you treat it like Twitter writ large. No one expects Twitter to host personal conversations. No one expects an unlocked Tweet to be private. No one expects to avoid spoilers or negative commentary about characters they like. No one expects Twitter to serve as a long-form archive. And yet these are all complains that I hear about Tumblr on a regular basis. The secret to happiness is setting proper expectations, and the way to do that as a Tumblr user is to embrace the site for what it is, rather than fighting the interface to make it into something that it isn't, and was never meant to be.

I get the desire to have your entire community living on a single site. But the days of One Platform to Rule Them All are long behind us, if that particular beast ever even existed. Is it more trouble to go to Twitter for news and links, Tumblr for images and memes, Dreamwidth for meta and discussion, AO3 for fic? Maybe so, but I find that playing to the strengths of each site is making me happier overall. If that means I drift away from some elements of my fandom community, so be it -- I miss some people who I don't see nearly as much as I used to, but I hope to enjoy the time I do spend interacting with them all the more.

*Linking to a reblog because the OP deleted the post. The respondent here words things more strongly than I would have, but as you might guess I largely agree. The fact that the OP can delete but the reblogs live on forever is a whole other can of worms with Tumblr's design, but getting into that would be a different post.

Faux post

Nov. 9th, 2015 10:19 pm
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I'm not writing a real post today. I plead bad weather, bad traffic, a busy day at work, and a heavy-duty distraction in the form of a Flight Rising dom battle. I promise to get back on the stick tomorrow.

Meanwhile, have my discovery of the day: [tumblr.com profile] thegetty, the official Tumblr of the Getty Institute, which is delightful. Among other things, every Monday they post a detail from a piece of art and invite people to suggest what they think is happening, in a feature called #ThyCaptionBe. Occasionally the suggestions are serious, but more often they are silly fun. Worth some time and a giggle.
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Just a cold, but a bad enough one that I missed three days of work and didn't have energy for much beyond lounging around the house. So what did I do? Consumed a bunch of media!

1. Read comics: Nimona, the latest Captain Marvel collection (Chewie!), and the first three volumes of Matt Fraction's Hawkeye. I've had the Hawkeye books for awhile, and I actually bought and read the first one when it first came out. But then I put off getting the second, and then when I did get it I wanted to re-read the first one before reading it, and then I didn't get around to doing that either. So I read them all in one fell swoop yesterday. And they were great, although predictably I liked the Kate Bishop volume the best. Is the next one out yet? I know it's ending soon, or maybe already has, but there must be at least one more (that was quite a cliffhanger). Nimona was delightful. I don't know whether its initial publication as a web comic messes up its Hugo eligibility, but if not, it's definitely in my first round of nomination picks for next year.

2. Caught up on the last few months of PBS Idea Channel, which I hadn't watched since March or so. Or almost caught up, anyway -- I decided to take a break after the video that discussed Lewis's Law. One of the things I've always appreciated about the host, Mike Rugnetta, is how unapologetically feminist he is, and how he refuses to debate the validity of feminism as a philosophy. So when he spent his entire comment response to that episode pandering to "egalitarians" whose poor feelings were hurt when he compared them to MRAs, I was pretty disappointed. (I don't think egalitarianism, in and of itself, is necessarily a bad philosophy, but those egalitarians who set themselves up in direct opposition to feminism are 1. missing the point of feminism, especially intersectional feminism, and 2. not taking privilege into account.) I get wanting to keep your community open to a wide range of viewpoints, and I concede he may have worded his comparison clumsily, but there's nothing wrong with setting the terms of the debate. I hope this doesn't mean that he either avoids feminist topics in the future, or starts treating them all with kid gloves in order not to offend. Honestly, I'm not sure which would be worse.

3. Picked up my Dragon Age: Inquisition replay. I left my Trevalyen warrior stranded in Halamshiral for months, so I started by finishing up there, and then I played through the remaining Grey Warden quests (as well as a bunch of sidequests in the Western Approach, a few in the Hinterlands, and Varric's companion quest). Some spoilers. )

4. Watched a good chunk of Season 2 of Star Trek: Voyager. I never watched all of Voyager, and not long ago I was struck with the idea of revisiting it. I had remembered watching it for a few years, then getting bored when it became The Seven of Nine show, and most of the first season episodes were familiar, but the second season has been almost entirely new to me. I vaguely remember the business with Seska, and a couple of other things, but either I actually didn't watch it regularly or have blocked the whole thing out. It's been enjoyable to rediscover how much I loved Captain Janeway and B'lanna and Harry and the Doctor, and there's no one I dislike (although I prefer Neelix in small doses). It'll be interesting to see when it starts getting familiar again -- I know I was watching when Seven joined the cast, but I don't remember exactly what season that was, and not much about what was happening before that.

5. With T, watched Jupiter Ascending (which was bananas, but a fun kind of bananas, but I didn't fall in love with it as deeply as many of you did -- probably my expectations were dialed way too high), the Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself (which was lovely, and if you have any interest in Ebert -- and can handle watching a man in slow decline, since it was filmed over the last few weeks of his life -- I recommend it), and the first episode of Sense8 (promising, although I don't think I'll be able to binge on it).

Back to work today -- I don't usually work my part-time gig on Mondays, but I fell far enough behind this week that I want to at least start catching up. Fortunately I think I'm up for it, although I am a bit sad to end my mini media feast.

Meta meta

Nov. 12th, 2014 11:54 pm
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I suppose, given how little I've posted here over the past months, it's good that I've gotten all the way to the 12th before I really felt like I didn't have anything to say. It's been a little weird, letting so many of my posts being quick dashed-off thoughts, rather than asking myself to sit down and type out something more substantial. The typing limitations are a part of that, of course, a rather large part, really. Part of me feels odd, dashing off daily life one-liners on my journal -- isn't that what Tumblr is supposed to be for? On the other hand, the upside of putting them here is that folks are more likely to see and comment on them. Getting off Tumblr and back into journal-land is nice in so many ways. It's more relaxing, and it's nice to know that I can actually keep up with what everyone is posting, and to have actual conversations with folks again (inasmuch as I can find the typing points to reply to comments, which I apologize for not being able to do).

Anyway, this is a bit of a meta ramble, but meta rambles are part of what my journal has always been for. :) It's kind of nice to have that back.
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A much-delayed [livejournal.com profile] news post -- turns out I am still following that account, they just never post anything anymore -- asks for feedback on the changes and presents an 11-point list of problems they already know about.

We know that things changing abruptly can be frustrating, and that we don't have the greatest track record when it comes to making changes based on your feedback. (Emphasis mine.) Gee, ya think?
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If LJ posts a terrible interface update but no one on my friends/reading list is there to complain about it, does it still make a sound?

I haven't posted from my own journal in years (ever since I started crossposting from DW), and I read my LJ flist in my own style, so I very rarely see the guts of the site anymore -- just if it logs me out, or I need to upload a new userpic. But as it happens, I was there just yesterday to post to the DOINK! community, and I was quite startled to see a drastic interface change. Not just because LJ didn't announce it (I haven't followed [livejournal.com profile] news in years either), but because there was no great outcry, like there is any time LJ makes a change. I didn't even know there was any kind of outcry until I saw this Daily Dot post on Tumblr. I also hadn't realized that [livejournal.com profile] fandom_secrets left for DW and that [livejournal.com profile] fail_fandomanon is in the process of moving, but I have to say that neither change really surprises me that much. The death knell of fandom on LJ was sounded years ago; what we're hearing now may be the last, fading notes of the final bell.

I can't quite give up LJ completely yet -- not as long as [livejournal.com profile] ushobwri is still a useful community for me -- but I feel like the time is inching ever closer.
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1. My Tumblr dash is over half blocked posts. Must be new DA:I content! From the things that have slipped through (gaaah people why must things slip through), it sounds like a new trailer, which I would actually be interested in watching (just not dissecting in intense detail), so I'll have to check it out when I'm on a better Internet connection.

2. Speaking of Dragon Age, I'm still in need of a beta read for my Dragon Age Big Bang story. Any takers? At this point, given that it's due in less than a week, I'd be happy just for a quick read-through to look for egregious problems. Let me know.

3. I saw Winter Soldier again last week. It definitely holds up. I need to see it again. I posted my thoughts to Tumblr. Note, the entry also contains a significant spoiler for the two post CA:TWS Agents of SHIELD episodes. (Although it's the kind of spoiler that might actually lure some people into watching.)

4. We have another guest conductor this quarter. In some ways, he's as brilliant and as difficult as the guy we had in the Fall, but he has a way of communicating that makes him much easier to work with. The repertoire (church music by Holst and Vaughan Williams) is quite challenging -- so challenging that he actually pulled one work and substituted a much simpler one. It's a little disappointing to put three weeks of work into a piece and then not perform it, but it was absolutely the right choice, because now we can concentrate on making the rest of the concert amazing rather than struggling just to put it all together.

5. DOINK! I have my assignments and know which one I want to do. Now I just have to decide how I want to approach it. And see if I can manage to avoid all the shiny Steve Rogers distractions that the movie has put into my head.
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Television Without Pity is shutting down on April 4th (the forums will remain open until May 31st). Re/Code broke the story today, and also check out this Atlantic Wire article by former recapper Joe.

Although I haven't been active on TWoP in many years, I was a regular on the forums for a long time -- starting back in the Mighty Big TV days -- and a lurker for even longer (my handle was "moose"). I was most active on the 24 boards, and I consider that my first fandom, but I posted on other boards (mainly The West Wing, the baseball thread, and Off-Topic Blather), lurked on many more, and read recaps for shows I didn't even watch (Survivor, Smallville, and Angel come to mind). I helped design an ad for the banner wars, bought mouse pads and mugs and Outrageously Overpriced Donation Stickers, and survived the great forum purge of 2002 or 2003. It was the best of sites and it was the worst of sites, the heavy-handed moderation being both a blessing and a curse. The strict rules helped weed out the trolls and promoted on-topic discussion, but it was too easy to get banned for minor infractions, like disagreeing with a touchy moderator (Gustav, the 24 recapper/mod, was particular notorious for it, so I spent more time than I would have liked tip-toeing around him).

I drifted away from the site for a number of reasons: technical changes to the boards that made it harder to keep up on multiple forums, the banning of a few of my closer friends, the death of Off-Topic Blather, and finally my decision to stop watching 24 after the third season. Then the site was sold to Bravo and the founders left, and it quickly became a shell of its former self. I haven't visited the boards in ages, but I did still check in for recaps from time to time, especially for older shows I was catching up on. There's nothing else quite like it anywhere else on the Internet. I'm particularly sad to learn that they're removing the entire archive -- all the recaps, all the posts on the forums. The content will be saved offline, but not available anywhere. So much history lost! A damn shame -- I wonder if anything can be done to save it. (Hey, unemployed librarian here, willing to offer my time to help. Call me!)

Whatever else, it represents the end of an era, for both me and the Internet, and so I raise a glass in tribute. RIP, TWoP. May your legacy of snark never be forgotten.
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This is a day late; sorry!!

[personal profile] alias_sqbr asked me to compare and contrast Dreamwidth and Tumblr. "I'm specifically interested in the different ways people react to the same post, since you crosspost, but whatever you feel like talking about is fine." This is a great question, but also a hard one, because my thoughts on Dreamwidth and Tumblr (and LiveJournal, which I can't decouple from the others completely) are complicated, and sometimes contradictory. That said, I've wanted to write this post, or one much like it, for a long time, so here goes!

I suppose it's no surprise that this got long. )

From the January Prompts meme (On DW / On LJ). Want to ask a question? Many slots remain open, especially in the latter half of the month.
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[personal profile] pete_thomas asked me for the origins of my username. I think I may have told this story on LJ, many moons ago, but I can't easily find the link, and I've met many new people since then, so I don't mind telling it again.

The owl and the moose are two animals that were emblematic of my college years, a time I look back upon with great fondness. The owl is fairly easy to explain: Athena is the unofficial "patron goddess" of Bryn Mawr (being representative of wisdom), and the owl is one of her icons. So the owl is the closest thing we have to a mascot, and many Mawrters feel an affinity toward them. The moose part, well. That's a bit more random. The short version is that my friend JR came back from summer vacation our sophomore year with the habit of saying the word "moose" at random times. This habit turns out to be very contagious. Before winter break, we were all saying the word "moose" at random times -- it served as a greeting, a farewell, an exclamation, a nickname, an expression of affection....

Many years later, when I was looking for a new Internet username unconnected to previous ones, I hit upon combining the two animal names. Hence, owlmoose, which evolved into my fandom handle -- I use it everywhere fannish except for Twitter and Tumblr. As far as I know, I'm the only person who uses it, so if you come across an owlmoose, it is almost certainly me. :)

From the January Prompts meme (On DW / On LJ). Many slots remain open, especially in the latter half of the month!
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Browsing Tumblr last night, I came across my first image takedown notice.

Now, this might not be a sign of doom. Tumblr has always had a route by which you could report unauthorized use of copyrighted work. But in two years on the site, I have never before seen an image removed icon -- for a second I thought it was a remote host error or something, before I remembered that such a thing would make no sense on Tumblr -- so of course my thoughts go to the Yahoo acquisition. Which, as it happens, closed today. Coincidence, or is this the canary in the coal mine? Only time will tell.

It's been awhile since anything I posted on Tumblr got this many notes, and it's been interesting to watch the evolution of the reblogs. Some of the commentary has been disbelieving, others have been alarmed, but the one that catches my eye the most is the "but hey, at least now there's a way for us to report people who repost our art instead of reblogging it" reaction. Does anyone really think that Yahoo's top priority is going to be taking down unsourced fanart? No, the most likely target is images and video copyrighted to major media IP holders, and if that starts happening en mass, you can forget Tumblr as a viable fandom platform.

Not jumping ship yet; this isn't meant to sound the alarm. But you can bet that I will be keeping a very close eye out for more of these.

Petty rant

Jun. 10th, 2013 10:46 am
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I don't know why this bothers me so much, but I am so, so tired of this idea that pronouncing "gif" as "jif" is the most ridiculous thing ever "because it starts with a G".

Giraffe, gin, ginger, gigantic, gif.

Both are legitimate pronunciations, arrived at by different linguistic reasoning, so can we please just accept that and move on, instead of flooding Tumblr with stupid text posts and macros and other nonsense?
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I would like to have something coherent to say about Google shutting down Google Talk and forcing the functionality into Google Hangouts, but right now all I've got is "Google argh bargle WHY??? [insert profanity here]"

News article about the change, more positive than I'm feeling, but at least it acknowledges my main concern: will Google stop supporting the ability to log in via a client? Because if I can't access Google's chatting function through a client (I use Adium for the most part), it becomes useless to me.

Anyone still on AIM? Any thoughts on Skype as a text-only chat service?

I still need to decide what I'm using instead of Reader, too. Goddammit Google, why are you dismantling my online life? To paraphrase a quote regarding Google's decision to take sharing out of Reader (which happened only a few months before they announced that Reader would be sunset), you aren't going to get me to use Google+ by taking away bits and pieces of the services I use. That's not how this is going down.
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So word is that Yahoo! has made an agreement to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Yes, that's billion, with a B. I've heard rumors that David Karp will stay on as CEO, that Tumblr will be allowed to largely continue operating as an independent entity, that Yahoo will try to entice Tumblr users toward other Yahoo services. All the news stories I've seen have not included official comment from either company, so it's all speculation at this point. Supposedly there will be an announcement tomorrow, but the wailing and gnashing of teeth has already begun.

But we've been here before, haven't we? Stop me if you've heard this one: Fandom congregates on an advertising-supported Internet platform and contributes content and traffic that helps make the site a success. Then the founders of the platform can't keep up with growth and/or can't figure out how to make sufficient money off the userbase, so they sell to a larger media company that either shuts down the site or starts making drastic changes, and fandom moves to a new platform. Second verse, same as the first...

Little bit louder and a whole lot worse.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: there is a tension in all social media platforms between the users as customers, the users as audience, and the users as providers of content. And remember, as far as these corporations are concerned, we aren't their primary customers. Their advertisers are, because ultimately they're paying the bills -- and the shareholders. You'd think that, since these sites have no content without their users, that they'd put more effort into making users happy, but their track record is notably poor, as a group and Yahoo!'s in particular (buying eGroups and driving out adult content, buying and shutting down Geocities, the acquisition of Flickr that nearly killed the service, and my personal favorite: the De.li.cio.us debacle). Any LiveJournal veteran knows how badly these acquisitions can go wrong. That particular series of botched acquisitions is a huge reason that fandom migrated to Tumblr in the first place. So I think we have lots of good reasons to be worried.

That said, I'm officially taking a "let's wait and see" attitude. One thing all reports agree on: Tumblr, on its own, was almost out of money, and I would currently rather have a Tumblr owned by Yahoo! or another large media company than no Tumblr at all. (And it could have been worse -- rumor was that Facebook was once involved in the bidding. *shudders*) But whenever fandom sets up camp on a platform run by a for-profit company, this is the risk we take. And this is why, ultimately, I think we're better off with non-profits that are either created by fandom or explicitly welcoming to us. Because then we really are the customers, and the content we produce is valued, and not just for the advertising dollars it might attract.

(Adapted from my comments on a Tumblr reblog.)
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Tumblr is down, and I can't even go commiserate with everyone about it, because Tumblr is down.

This one-liner post feels like the kind of thing that I ought to be posting on Tumblr. I have no idea what to do with myself.
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So that game I posted about the other day, Cinders? I wrote a fic for it (yes, already, why are you looking at me like that), just a bit of end-game fluff, and put it on AO3, where it's only the second fic for the fandom.

This morning, I woke up to an email alerting me that the creator of the game retweeted a link to my story.

I realize that indie game developers feel very differently about fandom than most major publishers (although to be fair Bioware is clearly aware of its fandom and happy to encourage us, up to a point, and Squeenix seems to express, at worst, an indifferent tolerance, so I've never really been in a "must hide the children!!" fandom) but I still had a bit of an OMG THEY KNOW moment. Then I flailed for awhile. Then I made what I hope was a friendly and enthusiastic response.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and I'm still not sure what to do with it, but one thing I do know: being part of the first steps of an emerging fandom sure is fun. :)


May. 1st, 2012 09:03 pm
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Why, Tumblr, did you pick this night of all nights to be down? When I'm working late, and covering the desk, and finished all the work I had to do that could be done on the desk, and I'm supposed to be writing fic for a silly meme? And why did you decide to go down at the exact instant I had finished one prompt and was in the process of posting it?

Internet problems. :P

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