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For my first Talking Through December prompt (many more slots available!), [personal profile] renay asked for cat spam. I am more than happy to oblige. :) Sorry it took me so long to get rolling on these -- I plan to start doing about one a day for the rest of the month.

These are my cats. They're nine years old, and they're littermates (brother and sister). We've had them since they were about 13 weeks old. The silver tabby girl is Tori (Yakitori) and the big black boy is Lexi (Alexsei).

Images, so many images. )

So, those are my kitties. My old LiveJournal Scrapbook album, which hasn't been updated in awhile but has lots of good kitten pictures, is here, if you haven't had enough already. :)
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Is it really spam if there are only five pictures? Well, it will have to do.

I used to post pictures of my cats all the time, but then they got old. Well, they're a little more than 5 years old, which is not so old. But also, uploading pictures from my phone is kind of a pain, and T doesn't take as many cat snaps as he used to. Maybe we should remedy both of these factors.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the cast of characters, Lexi is the black male and Tori is the silver tabby female. They are litter mates, brother and sister, and we got them in November 2005.

Kitties! )

For these images full size, and many, many, many more (most of them from the kitten year), check out the gallery. Enjoy!

30 Days of... Project! Complete list of questions / Ask a question on LJ or on DW. Note there is only one question left on the list, and more than one day remaining in November. So if you were thinking about asking a question, now would be a great time. Thanks!
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[personal profile] seventhe asked me to talk about my neighborhood.

I live, as most of you have probably figured out by now, in beautiful San Francisco, California. Although I grew up in the Midwest (born in Ohio, ten years in Iowa), my heart has always been in Northern California -- my mom's family all lives here, we came to visit about every other summer, and being here just felt right to me, even as a kid. Moving here as a teenager was like coming home. And the place I always loved, above all others, was San Francisco: downtown, Golden Gate Park, taking Muni to the Zoo, visiting my aunt in the Mission or the Western Addition. So coming to live in San Francisco in 2000 was literally a dream come true for me. SF is not, of course, the perfect city: it gets really dirty, the cost of living is through the roof, the politics make me crazy sometimes, and don't get me started on Muni. But the joys of living here so far outweigh the annoyances, and right now I can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else.

My home base is a warehouse conversion loft in South of Market (SoMa), more specifically South Beach. T bought this unit in 1999; I moved in with him in 2000, and we've never left. I live right near the Bay, just a few short blocks from AT&T Park (where my beloved San Francisco Giants play). As for what's awesome about this particular neighborhood, let me start with a picture that's worth a thousand words:

This is the view from my streetcar stop. (Click here to see it full size.) I see this almost every single day. Twice, really; once going to work and once coming home. And this is just a crappy shot taken in a hurry with my iPhone on an ordinary day. There's nothing like seeing the bridge shrouded by fog, or during sunrise, or lit up at night after a storm. The sheer physical beauty of this place is not to be denied.

Another thing I like, although admittedly sometimes I have a love-hate relationship with it, is the proximity to the ballpark. I love the energy, the idea that I can just pop over and watch a game (although I almost never do), and I love the changes that it's brought to the area. This neighborhood used to be marginal, almost nothing but abandoned warehouses and empty streets, rotting piers, a run-down marina. Now it's a real place, with a grocery store and restaurants and parks and houses and cafes and more development coming in all the time. It's what we call "an emerging neighborhood", and it's been a lot of fun watching it emerge, both as a resident and as a long-time city planning geek.

Also, it's really convenient to the freeway, which is not something to take lightly in San Francisco.

Finally, there's my home itself, which I actually detailed pretty well in another meme awhile back; the only updates from that are the upgrading of the TV to a 40" HD model and the fact that we've added a couple of T's photographs to the walls. No pictures, but I confess I feel a little weird about posting pictures of my home in an unlocked entry; the place is actually fairly unique in the city, and it would be a little too identifiable for my taste. So in lieu of that, have pictures of cats in my house instead:

Really, I think I should just do a photo essay about the cats alone sometime later in the month. Do I have the votes for that? ;)

30 Days of... Project! Complete list of questions / Ask a question on LJ or on DW.

Thumbs up

Apr. 27th, 2010 12:44 am
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There are cats on my bed. I approve of this development.

Today was "wander around Boston" day. I got a look at many of the historic sights I'd never seen before, plus a look at the locks on the Charles River and a swarm of fish waiting their turn to get through them. Then some tea, and a couple of chocolate shops, and then a really awesome bookstore that focuses on travel books, but in a really broad sense, including not just guidebooks but travel writing, cartography, books on history and culture and even regional fiction. And then everything is organized geographically rather than by genre, which I found to make for some really awesome browsing. I contented myself with only one book, but it was difficult.

Then it was trivia with [livejournal.com profile] amybang's friends, which we didn't win (but I came up with a pretty awesome baseball answer, if I do say so myself), but I had fun, and plus I got to see a friend from college whom I hadn't seen for years and years. And now settling in with the aforementioned cats, who are currently sleeping on the couch that is about to become my bed. A distinct advantage over the hotel room where I was staying before this. I wish you could stay at a hotel and check out some cats, like you used to be able to check out a VCR before hotels had movies on demand. I would totally pay extra for that service.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we're going to go be tourists in Salem, where I've also never been. Wish us luck.
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Tired, working early shifts much of the week, running out of time to post for the day, so here, have some cat pictures. Pardon the mediocre quality of my phone camera, especially for pictures taken at night.

Behind zee cut. )
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Behind the cut... )

As you can see, I am enjoying my phone's camera feature. Mostly I end up taking cat pictures. I trust you all see nothing wrong with that...

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If you can see this, post a picture of a cat in your journal. Read here to find out why.

Here, have a couple. )

Pass it on!
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There's only one today, and it's not even my cat, but it was too adorable not to share. This is my MiL's cat, Peaches, on a rare foray into the house. Looks like she discovered the cat that's allowed to live inside...

Behold the cute! )
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A cat emerging from a snowstorm

A cat emerging from a snowstorm

Actually, Tori was getting up off the white sofa, and Lexi was sitting on the ottoman, which was covered by a black comforter. But something went wrong with the exposure, so everything but Lexi, the comforter, and Tori's stripes disappeared into white nothingness. Pretty cool, huh? Click on the picture to get to a larger version.
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The cats taking intense interest in a photo shoot...

The cupcakes were really good, btw.
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European lynx and house cat live together in Russian zoo.

Those are two happy-looking kitties, despite the size difference.
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If you are reading this, post a picture of a cat in your journal. (Your cat, or someone else's. But preferably yours! If possible.)

Here's Tori looking saucy. )
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Yesterday afternoon, right after I wrote my last LJ entry, I headed downstairs. Once there, I was assaulted by an image of unimaginable cuteness -- two kitties, sleeping together on the couch; naturally, I turned around, went back up the stairs and began my quest for a camera. T had taken his new point-and-shoot with him; the SLR was here, but I didn't trust myself with that one. So I pulled out the old point-and-shoot, which isn't guaranteed to work on any given day. I crossed my fingers, turned it on... and got lucky.

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Today I have been immersed in art, architecture, and city planning. We didn't make it to the art museum in the morning, or rather, we did, but it was closed and wouldn't be opening for two hours. So instead we decided to check out some of Denver's public art, notably the Big Blue Bear (not his real name) who peers into the big windows of the conference center. (The artist, Lawrence Argent, spoke to us on Saturday morning, it was a really fascinating presentation.) Then, after a side trip to an excellent bookstore, I sat in on probably my favorite session of the conference so far, a presentation on problems of city and land-use planning in the Mountain West and in Denver in particular. One of the speakers was Denver's city planning manager, and he was a fantastic speaker -- engaging, funny, informative. That was followed by a talk on the design of the new addition to the Denver Art Museum, which was a good mix of speakers: an architecture librarian who gave a critical overview, one of the architects who worked on the building, and a museum educator who works there now. This would have interested me pretty much any time, but it was especially great today because our dinner was a party in this same museum, and I really enjoyed having some context for the space.

I am kicking myself for forgetting to bring a camera.

Also, I miss my kitties.

Big cats

Apr. 1st, 2008 12:55 am
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It is taking me forever to go through these pictures, so here, have a preview:

Full size is here. Warning: large picture is large.
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This is probably the first day all month that I've felt actively oppressed by the need to post something. I've considered, started, and abandoned at least half a dozen ideas. So I guess I'll just spam you with pictures instead.

From Potrero Hill )

From Twin Peaks )

Lexi! )

I'll be more original tomorrow. Maybe. It is a concert week, but I'll see what I can come up with.


May. 27th, 2007 01:16 pm
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In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, have some photos. And I threw in some kitties, as long as I was at it. ;) All photos by T.

Update: I am informed that the bridge photos I uploaded were not properly resized, and you should look at these versions instead.

Tori being cute )

Lexi being cuter )

The Golden Gate Bridge being awesome )
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It's been approximately a million zillion years since I put up cat photos. They're still cute and all, but it's true that they aren't kittens any more, and T has been experimenting with other kinds of photography. That doesn't mean there aren't still awesome kitty pics to share, though.

Here, let's have some. )

Full size in the gallery.

Plus, bonus fuzziness! )

In other news, finals are approaching, which leads to all the usual craziness. Stressed students, meetings all over the place, printers breaking down. Not to mention my boss being out on vacation. (Like one of the students said to me today, "She gets Paris, and you get finals." I don't begrudge her the trip, at all, it was a timing thing she couldn't control. Still, the kid has a point.) Just another week in the library!

lump day

Nov. 12th, 2006 08:21 pm
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Actually, there was some productivity. I did my shoulder excerises (well, one round anyway, still have to do the evening and night sets), T did laundry, and we finally hung the Christo print.

He had some help with that. )

But mostly, we've been playing FFXII. I won't get into any real discussion, except to say: Quickenings. I vote yes. Also, T is downstairs leveling like mad as we speak. (Well, actually he's on the prowl for money. Every time we play a game like this, I am reminded of how much a capitalist he can be...)

The cats have become thoroughly engrossed with my physical therapy. The therabands are a source of endless fascination. They watch, rapt, as I go through my stretches, and then try to bat or bite at them. Sort of cute, sort of annoying. One older theraband actually broke because they were pulling on it. Tori ran off with a little tiny piece and ate it before I could stop her. Still trying to decide how worried to be about that. She seems fine, but I have a tendency to be paranoid about stuff like that. Best I can do is keep an eye on her, I suppose.
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I just realized that today is the first anniversary of Kitten Day!

Of course, they are clearly cats now, as the pictures below will most definitely show. Especially if you compare them to the photos in the link above.

The last two are especially for anzubird. )

A few other new photos in the Scrapbook gallery, along with these in larger versions. I really can't believe they've been part of our lives for a year. Sometimes it seems like they just showed up yesterday; other days it's as though they've always been here.

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