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My regular work schedule is officially Monday through Wednesday, but what with one thing and another I've been working a lot of Thursdays lately. But today, I am not (except for a call in a couple of hours), so I am free! (Mostly.) Currently I am doing the "laptop in cafe" thing, which is usually how I spend my non-working Thursday mornings. Then I'll head home for the call, maybe do a little work, and then I'll have a free afternoon until it's time to meet people for dinner. But I'm sure what I'll actually do is sit around and be jealous of everyone who is in Helsinki for WorldCon.

Speaking of WorldCon, have I told you all how very excited I am for next year? WorldCon in my back yard. And so many awesome people are coming. I wish I could invite everyone to my place and have a big party, but it's 1. too small for a large gathering and 2. about 40 miles from the venue, so it's not like we could just pop over. But if you are attending, and plan to spend any time in San Francisco before or after the con, let me know! I am happy to play tour guide. Everyone should come to San Jose, and we will have excellent adventures together.
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Was I really going to post three times a week this month? So much for that. I'm really behind on writing other things, too. I took a brief business trip this week (to a meeting in Southern California), but that's no real excuse since I was back to my hotel room every night before nine. Then again the trip was fairly draining, especially since my flight home got in four hours late.

We did start Mass Effect: Andromeda yesterday and are still on the first set of missions (what feels like the tutorial level). Started with f!Ryder, of course. I feel like it's too soon to have an opinion, really, but it's got promise anyway. There's some housework and chores to finish first, and I have evening plans, but I hope we get a little more in this afternoon. I'll probably be taking a semi-hiatus from Tumblr for the duration; we'll see.

Otherwise not much to say really. We're going to DC and New York for a week next month, so I'm looking forward to that. I hope you are all well!
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For the first time in 13 years. Not only is the prescription stronger than in my old glasses, it's actually stronger than the one in my contact lenses (at least in my left eye), so it's definitely going to take some getting used to.

They're also plastic frames, which makes them much chunkier than my wire ones. Definitely some getting used to...
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The busy holiday weekend is now over, and I expect a somewhat rude re-entry into real life thanks to a dentist appointment first thing tomorrow morning (getting a cavity filled; not my favorite thing ever but not too terrifying either). And December is booking up quickly, what with social events and cultural events and a trip to Hawaii for a wedding the week after Christmas. So I want to settle in to something that feels like a normal life, but it's difficult to contemplate given the state of national events.

I had really been looking forward to the 2016 election being over. Turns out it will never really be over, but I still feel the need to draw a line under the election, accept that its happened, and move on to the work of fighting the president elect and his cronies. Reportedly, on a call with Democratic party volunteers a week or so ago, President Obama informed them that they had until Thanksgiving to mourn, and then he expected everyone to get back to work. Seems reasonable to me. So despite the specter of recounts and audits and the (extremely slim) possibility that Electoral College will pull something unexpected, I want to make some effort to get back to some semblance of normal. Not complacency, not ignoring what's going on, but finding the balance of paying attention to what's happening, and pushing back where necessary, without letting it consume my whole life. In the words of wise Tumblr poster:

We’re in this for the long haul. It’s a marathon not a sprint. It’s also a relay race not a singles event.

We need to pace ourselves and work together. And if you're ever in a place where you need to hand me the baton, just let me know.


Nov. 23rd, 2016 11:53 pm
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Various events will be changing up my usual holiday celebrations this year. Because my cousin who's hosting Thanksgiving wants to spend the day with her late mother's family -- it's their big all-family gathering day -- we're getting together on Friday instead. So tomorrow, for the first time ever in my life, I will be having Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, with some friends and their family. It's weird to think that I won't be going anywhere tomorrow, that I'm not baking or assembling some dish tonight, that we have the entire morning and afternoon to ourselves. Not bad, just weird.

Friday, then, will be family day (which means no Moose Day celebration, though it's been years since I organized anything for that anyway). On Saturday, I'll attend a Gilmore Girls marathon. Most years, I go to a "Friendsgiving" dinner on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but that's not happening this year, because the friends who host it are packing up their house for a massive remodel. Which makes Sunday another unexpectedly free day. I expect all of these events, and relaxing days off, will be fun and lovely, but I'm a fan of tradition and ritual, so all these changes are throwing me off a little.


Nov. 19th, 2016 10:17 pm
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The Netflix disc we had in the house tonight was Silver Linings Playbook, added on the strength of reviews and Oscar buzz. We were, on the whole, unimpressed. The depiction of mental illness was deeply problematic, it was difficult to like any of the characters, and the ending felt almost entirely unearned. I think I am officially done with David O. Russell movies for the time being -- Flirting with Disater was great, and I remember liking Three Kings well enough, but I was pretty unmoved by American Hustle, and this movie gets a distinct thumbs down.

Today was, as planned, mostly laid back. The fact that it rained all day also helped inspire sloth -- we went grocery shopping (and bought ourselves a delicious rib roast, which we then cooked up for dinner), but that was about it. Just about right when I need to rest up for a concert day. (We will not talk about how much time I spent retweeting posts about current events and arguing with people on Facebook. I want to be active, but I need to figure out the best strategy for budgeting my time and attention.)
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But I can't really think of much else to say. Like for many of us, it's been pretty heavily on my mind, and a central feature of conversations both virtual and in-person.

Other things, other things... I have a concert week coming up. We're singing Durufle's Requiem, which I sang in college and really, really loved, so I'm enjoying the opportunity to connect with it again. Work has been on the busy side, with a report coming due very soon and a few other projects ramping up. Meanwhile, I'm also thinking about getting back on the job market to see if I can find work that takes more direct action toward social justice. Working for a research organization accomplishes that goal somewhat, but in a much more nebulous way. I had the same impulse after the 2004 election, but I was looking for library jobs in parallel and found a librarian position first. Still, the thought has long remained in the back of my mind, and now may be the time to really start.

Loose ends

Sep. 11th, 2016 11:59 pm
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I caught up on Critical Role (except for this week's episode, which I can't access until tomorrow afternoon) and finished my [livejournal.com profile] avengersfest assignment, and now I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.

Any suggestions? ;)
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Sorry no post for so long. Work and Critical Role are eating my life in what feels like equal measures (although in terms of hours spent, it's been way more on the latter). On the latter, I'm up to episode 42 or so (a couple of episodes into the next major plotline after Whitestone, which I don't think I can even name without MASSIVE spoilers) and still very much enjoying, even if T shakes his head at all the time I'm spending on my iPad under headphones. I wonder if I can figure out some way to download a couple of episodes from YouTube so I can watch on the plane, on my way to WorldCon and back.

Speaking of: WorldCon! Two busy work days and then I'm on my way to Kansas City. Excited not just to get away but also to see all the people I know I'm going to see. Two of my [community profile] ladybusiness compatriots will also be there, and although we haven't planned any formal meet-up, we'll probably send out a "meet us at the bar at this time!" message at some point. Watch our Twitter ([twitter.com profile] feministponies) for details. If you're going to be there and we haven't already exchanged contact info, drop me a line! I'd love to see anyone and everyone. The panel schedule is chock full of things I'd like to see, and I also feel obligated to at least check out the business meeting, so I'll probably be running around a lot, but the only thing that's set in stone is the Hugo Awards Ceremony. Ping me! (Email or Twitter ([twitter.com profile] iamkj) is probably the best way to get in touch.)
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I was growing dissatisfied with the battery and processing speed of my five-year-old laptop, so when T said he could make space in the budget for a new one, I took advantage of the opportunity. I looked at my options and decided that what I really wanted was the same thing, just newer. So that's what I got (with twice as much RAM and a faster processor), and now I'm typing and surfing away in a cafe, stopping every so often to gleefully check on my eight hours of battery life.

Living in the future makes me happy.
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Not a whole lot to report, really. We spent the last few days alternating between getting out and doing stuff (the Asian Art Museum, the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, lunch out both days), and staying home and hiding from the rain (which is pounding on my roof right now).

I also managed a fair bit of reading today. I finished House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard (which I liked, but not as much as I wanted to), read volume two of Wicked + the Divine (excellent, if not quite as amazing as the first, which I really wish I had read before last year's Hugo nomination deadline -- it would have bumped Sex Criminals, easy), and caught up on the last several arcs of Gunnerkrieg Court (consistently excellent -- I need to figure out which of them were published in 2015). I find it somewhat amusing that two of these works involve the fate of Lucifer as a significant plot element, if in very different ways.

Tomorrow is an off day for me, although I do have a chorus rehearsal. And then Agent Carter is back on Tuesday! I can't wait.
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Today was my last day working before the holidays -- T's company is closed this week, and he took vacation the week after, so I decided to join him, after going in today for a staff meeting. Just like with last year, we aren't going anywhere, except up to Santa Rosa on Christmas Day. (I really like this new pattern of visiting T's family at times other than the Christmas holidays.) So we're getting a nice extended stay-cation. Nothing too much planned yet, although tomorrow is "a get stuff done day" (oil change, haircut, possibly Christmas shopping).

I hope this means that I'll be around more the next couple of weeks, and that I get some writing done (when I'm not grinding away for Night of the Nocturne at Flight Rising). Winter has finally arrived, in all its wet chilly glory, which often puts me in a mood to poke away at words. Wish me luck!

Busy day

Nov. 29th, 2015 12:22 am
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Went to a crafts fair this afternoon (and spent too much money on jewelry, as usual, although less than I could have this time), then spent the night editing, baking, and playing Diablo 3, so I almost forgot to post. So here I am, coming under the wire, phew! I still have a couple of posts to go on the request list, and I'll get back on those tomorrow now that I'm not under the gun with the DARBB deadline (sent the fic in about four hours ago, yay!).

While playing Diablo tonight, T upgraded the pants his character was wearing to increase his intelligence stat. Does that make him a smarty pants?
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I decided to take tomorrow off from both my jobs, so Thanksgiving vacation begins now. Baking tomorrow, dinner with family on Thursday, craft fair on Saturday, and second Thanksgiving with friends on Sunday. I should be buckling down to work on my Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang story (I'm close on wordcount but the story has quite a bit to go yet), but I'm having a hard time with motivation tonight. Probably I should post this and close the window and get working. Probably...
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I'd hoped to finish my epic comparative religion post today (the Chantry vs Yevon), but it's turning out even more epic than I planned, so you get a random life update instead.

Biggest news is that I got new contacts to try out, with a change in prescription for the first time in probably a decade. My left eye has gotten worse by almost a whole diopter (was 7.0, now 7.75), but my eye doctor was concerned that too strong a prescription would mess up my close-up vision, so the new lens is a 7.5. Even that is making a huge difference, I think. The next test will be working a full day at a computer screen, see how it does with eye strain, but at this point I think it's pretty likely that I'll make the switch, and maybe even update my glasses.

Worked my casual job today, just a couple of hours in the afternoon. My current project is cataloging his book collection, which is immensely satisfying. Then it was concert time, which went pretty well. One more show on Sunday and then I'm free for awhile, which will be nice.

Right now I'm watching Larry Wilmore on Stephen Colbert, which is both entertaining and jarring. I was always more of a Daily Show fan than Colbert Report, but I really, really like what Wilmore is doing with The Nightly Show, especially now that they've figured out that a smaller panel with a shorter segment works better. He's got a strong voice, and he does a good job of bringing diverse points of view together and giving people room to make their points without letting anything get out of hand.

What I haven't gotten to watch yet is Jessica Jones. T is also interested, which is good for togetherness but bad because it means I won't be able to marathon it (he's not a fan of binge watching). Hopefully I'll keep from getting spoiled too badly.

Guess that's about it for tonight. I hope to get back on track with real posting tomorrow.
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As it typical for me in the third week of November, it's a concert week, which means I don't have time for much outside work and rehearsal. This year's main piece is one I've done before, "Dona Nobis Pacem" by Ralph Vaughan Williams, and it's one of my favorites. This cantata is a setting of several texts, including three poems by Walt Whitman about his experiences as a Civil War nurse ("Beat! Beat! Drums", "Reconciliation", and "Dirge for Two Veterans"), various Biblical passages, and a speech by the British orator John Bright opposing the Crimean War. Vaughan Williams was himself a veteran of the First World War, in which he served as a medic, and he wrote this piece in 1936, with the dark clouds of the Second looming clearly on the horizon. It is a meditation on the horrors of war, and a plea for peace, ending on a note of hope for the future, and I can think of nothing more appropriate to sing right now.

I found this article with some background on Vaughan Williams himself as well as "Dona Nobis Pacem, and a complete recording on YouTube in case you're interested, and my concert is too far away for you to attend. (But if you're local and would like more details, let me know!)
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The long meta post I was going to put up today (about Dragon Age dwarves) didn't get completed to anywhere near my satisfaction -- I didn't even think about dwarf Inquisitors yet -- so I'm now holding that until tomorrow. (BTW, there's still plenty of room to request post topics!) So you get a quick post-for-the-sake of posting instead.

Today was good -- normally I work my part-time job Tuesday through Thursday, but this week I had a meeting on Monday. So I was off today instead, and will also be off tomorrow, and my only obligations were a lovely dinner with friends and a brief meeting with a freelance writing client. (Did I mention I have an occasional freelance writing gig? I have a graphic designer friend who sometimes asks me to write copy. I really enjoy it, actually, and have contemplated finding more work along these lines, but that's probably another blog post.) It was really nice to have a whole morning and most of an afternoon to relax, and the same will be true of tomorrow. Although it would be nice to have more money coming in, there real benefits to having flexible jobs, and not worrying about filling out a full 40-hour work week.

Faux post

Nov. 9th, 2015 10:19 pm
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I'm not writing a real post today. I plead bad weather, bad traffic, a busy day at work, and a heavy-duty distraction in the form of a Flight Rising dom battle. I promise to get back on the stick tomorrow.

Meanwhile, have my discovery of the day: [tumblr.com profile] thegetty, the official Tumblr of the Getty Institute, which is delightful. Among other things, every Monday they post a detail from a piece of art and invite people to suggest what they think is happening, in a feature called #ThyCaptionBe. Occasionally the suggestions are serious, but more often they are silly fun. Worth some time and a giggle.
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...is that I feel like each entry should have one and only one topic. I've never done ramble-y general life posts over on Tumblr, because if I want to talk about more than one thing, it makes more sense to make a different post for each. And these kinds of posts are more suited to a venue with comment threads anyway.

There's also the fact that I've gotten out of the habit of talking about my life generally. The work situation continues to be temporary but with no particular end in sight. I've also picked up some freelance writing work from a friend who works in advertising, which I'm really enjoying, and I've been contemplating on whether I should try to expand into that area. But, in theory anyway, I still haven't given up on finding a full-time library job. I'm just not sure I'm motivated enough to put in all the work that it will take to make that a reality.

Everything else is about the same, really. Same husband, same house, same cats, same group of friends. I like stability, so I don't mind. It's what I want out of life most of the time, really. But it does make it harder to make my life sound interesting. As I say, though, maybe it's just because I'm out of practice. Maybe daily posting will make it a habit again, and make it feel more comfortable. I guess we'll see.
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I've seen a few people do this, but most recently ganked from [personal profile] umadoshi. I suppose it's appropriate to do a catch-up meme a week after everyone else.

So what have you been up to? / Major life changes? Same old same old?

I've been working a part-time temporary job that might become more permanent soon, but that's by no means a done deal. So I'd rather not talk about that publicly yet. Otherwise I feel like it's pretty much situation normal.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

Either Dragon Age or MCU, depending on the day. I haven't been participating much, though, largely because I haven't readjusted to having a job outside the house and with regular hours, and I can't really be on social media while I'm there. Also I have my irritations with both fandoms, in terms of recent content and of the communities, so it's feeling less like happy fun squee times than I want it to be.

Where do you hang out online?

If I'm being honest, I have to say Flight Rising. Breeding and dominance battles continue to hold my attention, and although the site also has its dramas, I'm way less personally invested than I am in my other fandoms. My frustrations with Tumblr as a community and as a platform continue to grow, and I'm taking a semi-hiatus from it, starting tomorrow, mostly to avoid Trespasser spoilers, but in truth I'm running on queue half the time lately anyway.

I do want to post more here, though. More books reviews? (I got some enthusiasm for that suggestion the other day, so thanks for that!) More meta in general? Respond to things on Tumblr here, where we might actually be able to have conversation about them? I guess we'll see. I've also been on Twitter more lately, because it's easier to pop in from my phone while I'm at work.

What are you reading?

I'm in the middle of two books right now: "The End of All Things" by John Scalzi, and "A Red-Rose Chain" by Seanan McGuire. End of All Things is a collection of four novellas, and I'd read the first three when I picked up Red-Rose Chain at McGuire's Borderlands event on Saturday (which was very fun!). Since I was at a good stopping point with the Scalzi, I started reading the McGuire while I was there, and now I want to finish it. So I'll probably do that, then get back to the Scalzi, then begin on the mountain of exciting books that have come out in the last two months (Court of Fives, The Fifth Season, House of Shattered Wings...).

What are you watching?

My main TV project is a rewatch of Star Trek: Voyager. At least, I'd thought it was a rewatch when I started, but almost nothing after the first season has been familiar. I'm positive I watched at least some episodes with Seven of Nine, though, because the reason I remember giving it up was because I got tired of it being the Seven of Nine show. I just finished Season Four, so maybe the part I did watch is coming up. Anyway, I'm enjoying it. It's not as uniformly good as DS9 or later TNG, but when it's good, it's very good, and I really like most of the characters (even Seven, better than I remembered).

We're also sort of slowly working on Sense8, and I've grown into a big fan of The Nightly Show and Last Week Tonight.

What are you making?

Not as much as I would like. I went back on Fangirl Happy Hour to talk about Ant-Man and the current state of the MCU! The episode was released today and can be found here. I have a couple of long projects going, most notably a Dragon Age: Inquisition Hawke/Fenris fix-it fic, but it wants to be an epic and I fear I've bitten off more than I can chew with it. We'll see if I can pull it together -- making enough progress to post it, or at least start posting, is my main writing goal for the month.

What are you squeeing about today?

Not today, exactly, but I already posted about how much I loved Jaws of Hakkon, one of the DA:I DLCs. I've moved on to playing Descent with my Cadash, and I have to admit it works better with a dwarf inquisitor. There's not a ton of unique content for her, but there's enough that I can appreciate the resonance. (No mention of the Hero of Ferelden's being a dwarf, though, not even when Malika asked Renn if he'd met her.) I'm about halfway down to the bottom. Hopefully it won't take too much longer, and then I can move on to Trespasser.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be.....

Is it wrong to say that I'd love to new people to get into Dragon Age and bring in fresh perspectives, in hopes of lightening the relentless negativity that I've been seeing since DA:I? I'm not saying that I don't want to ever see any criticism, ever -- there are plenty of valid critiques to make of the new game; I've made plenty of them myself. But it seems like the crits are all anyone ever talks about, and it's getting me down.

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

Uprooted by Naomi Novik! OMG it was so good. I don't want to say any more because spoilers. Just go read it.

What else is on your mind?

Not a lot, really. Which is why I haven't posted so much here, I suppose. I need to get back in the habit of regular posting, if nothing else to help keep better track of myself. I keep saying that and not doing it, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

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