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Perfect game!!!!

Matt Cain -- cornerstone pitcher for the SF Giants, my favorite player of all time, and all-around great guy -- just threw the first perfect game in Giants baseball history, and only the 22nd one in Major League Baseball.... ever.

I literally cannot think of anyone more deserving.

We turned on the game in the 7th inning, and I was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the night. It was beautiful, it was brilliant, the crowd was on fire.

T had almost gotten tickets at the last minute, too, but then it didn't work out. Curses!

Still, I am thrilled just to have seen it real-time on TV. I had long expected that Cain would throw a no-hitter someday, and I feel fortunate to have even been in proximity.
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I was actually watching it with you: Vin mentioned there was some magic going on up north, so I turned the volume down on him (blasphemy!) and put the Giants game on my laptop so I could watch both at once. I tuned in at the top of the 8th. Goosebumps, for sure.

I know Cain's been a steady hard worker for you guys. Good pitching is beautiful.

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Oh, yes, I remember Scully mentioning his run support woes. And Cain never took his offense to task for it that I've heard.

Well, congrats to him!

And, yeah, team rivalries are social constructs; good pitching performances are not. While I certainly want my team to win, I'm more able to get into the latter than the former. ;)