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Has anyone else watched The Good Place?

We finished Season One last night, and holy forking shirt. I am so eager to see what comes next.

Anyone want to talk about it? Spoilers in the comments, yes please.
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My review from when I watched it: A douchey woman, played by Kristen Bell, ends up in heaven due to a clerical error and has to pretend to be the person everyone thinks she is to avoid hell. She has the help of her nerdy ethics professor "soulmate", cue lots of cute odd couple/fake dating moments. I knew a REALLY BIG SPOILER going in that actually made the show way more fun for me, will probably make a spoilery post for anyone else who's interested, but will just say here that I thought it would run out of steam but instead it stayed interesting and the full season makes for a good story. It's made by the same people as Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Recreation, and has that mix of humour and drama, plus some exploration of the nature of good and evil, the possibility of redemption etc. AND instead of having a fat guy everyone is mean to, there's no fat people at all!
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They were! As I saw someone else say, Michael booting a dog into the sun was a pretty big red flag :)

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C and I just finished it a few weeks ago. ^_^ I'm really intrigued and excited for season 2.

I think about halfway through it occurred to me that they might actually be in the Bad Place, so I was pleased to be right about that, but I had no idea how it would play out if I was right (and didn't try to work it out while we were watching the second half--I was just enjoying the ride).
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I enjoyed it a lot!
I'm very curious about season 2 and how the show will change: a big reason why the big twist worked was because it was a different show than most viewers thought they were watching, and it won't work like this a second time. However I'm not looking forward to meeting beginning-of-the-show!Eleanor again, I really disliked her and even thought about not continuing before she started to change.
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One of the things that I found interesting was that the things cited as reasons we should have known this was 'the bad place' were, a lot of them, invisible because we, the viewers, knew we were watching TV! Like, misfit who doesn't fit in, forced to pretend? Classic! Odd couple? Classic! Saved by a wacky coincidence? Classic!
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And then we're lead to the conclusion that, yes, the TV comedy does work by 'torturing' their characters! And we participate, as viewers!