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Card for Ladies Bingo

I realize I haven't had the best of luck with fic bingo cards lately, but how could I resist [community profile] ladiesbingo? My card under the cut.

Wonder Yentas and Matchmakers Tentacles Worst case scenario Plays and Scripts
Other parts played by the same actor Someone / Something is Hidden / Camouflaged Ray Guns Kittens and Puppies Hard and Soft
Supernatural Happenings Exhibitionism Wild Card Canon Themes First person narration
Fundamental Particles Magical Creatures Complementary Colours (Opposite on the Colour Wheel) "It is the way of my people": Traditions Warm Blooded / Cold Blooded
Watching Helplessly It was a Decoy / Feint / Distraction The Early Hours before Dawn Huddle for Warmth The Company of Strangers

There's one prompt on here that I should probably have asked to be excluded, but oh well -- I can work around it easily enough. Or who knows -- maybe I'll get a fun idea to subvert it. I have thoughts about which rows and columns I might tackle, but if there are any prompts in here that you're dying to see me write, let me know!