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Dragon Age Kiss Battle: 2013 Edition

Welcome to the 2013 Dragon Age Kiss Battle!

Any kind of kiss is welcome -- het, slash, femslash; shippy, familial, gen; cheek kisses, mouth kisses, kissing of... other things; serious, fluffy, silly, or all three at once; fanfic, fanart, whatever you come up with; anything goes!

Update: The post is now open! The post will open to prompts and comments at approximately 9AM Pacific Time, Thursday February 7th (Click here for the time in your timezone). I don't anticipate closing it, so come by any time!


  1. To leave a request: Post a comment with a pairing (or moresome) and, if desired, a prompt. Put the pairing/characters in the subject line and the prompt in the body of the comment.

  2. To respond: Reply to the prompting comment. Include characters, rating, and title in the subject line.

  3. Multiple responses are both allowed and encouraged!

  4. There is no limit to the number of prompts you can post.

  5. Artwork can be posted inline, but try not to make it too large. Please link to images that are very large or NSFW.

  6. Please, be kind to others regarding pairing choices, prompts, or anything else. This game is for everyone! :)

  7. Anon commenting is on, as is OpenID, if you neither have nor want a Dreamwidth account.

  8. Send your friends! :D

If you have questions, please ask them here. Thanks, and happy kissing!!
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Male Mage!Hawke/Fenris

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Bad cooking, consolation

Re: Alistair/f!Warden

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I'd write something for this but every time I see the word "stars" right now I get Javert's song playing in my head.

Re: Alistair/f!Warden

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Seeing Stars, Alistair/F!Amell, T

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Re: Alistair/f!Warden

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It never hurt to ask
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Re: Varric/Isabela

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"But Varric ..."

"Rivaini, I don't care how much you pout, you cannot take Bianca home for the night." Varric shook his head. "The very idea."

"Can I take you home for the night then?" Her pout change instantaneously into a warm smirk.


"Just once?" That time she winked.


"Can I get a kiss goodnight then, before I'm forced to brave the dark night, all alone?"

"It's two doors down the hallway." Varric's lips twitched as he barely held in the urge to laugh at Isabela's wide eyes and quivering lip. "You could probably survive the trip without your boots, if you really wanted to give it a try."

"But don't you want me to have sweet dreams?"

He rolled his eyes, but couldn't quite stop the smile that time. "Alright Rivaini, I give up."

She laughed, warm and delighted, and leaned all the way across the table, breasts pushed against the wood, and pressed her lips to his, quick and light and surprisingly sweet, for a pirate. "Thank you Varric."

He waited until she'd sashayed away, his door closing behind the swing of her hips, before shaking his head with a smile and a sigh.

"Sweet dreams, Isabela."

Re: Varric/Isabela

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Re: Varric/Isabela

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Re: Varric/Isabela

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Re: Varric/Isabela

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Re: Varric/Isabela

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Whatever we deserve
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Infatuation, T

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"You think about her when you're watching, don't you. Things Templars pretend they don't think anymore."

Cullen wished desperately he'd worn his helm, so his uneven blush wouldn't be so very visible, and his attempt to ignore the teasing might have a hope of success.

Blasted Anders. Always causing trouble.

"You tell yourself you have feelings for her, don't you? As if she could ever care for one of her jailors."

Not that he could contain the grunt of mingled embarrassment and annoyance at that one, even if he'd had a helm to hide behind.

Anders leaned in closer, his voice whisper sweet despite the bitter words. "You should always consider, when you look at her, when you imagine kissing her, that even if she submits, you'll never know if it's because she wants to, or she's afraid not to."

"That's not ... she wouldn't, I wouldn't ..." Cullen couldn't seem to make his words function, or his thoughts. He wished he was doing rounds rather than guard duty, so he could walk away, but he couldn't, had to stand, had to fumble.

Had to listen.

"You say that now." Anders huffed out one short breath. "I hope you remember it, the next time you see her alone."

Anders was too close, always too close, but then suddenly he was even closer, lips pressed to Cullen's mouth, hard and firm and the sharp edge of teeth until it hurt, and Cullen was too startled to do more than push him away and swallow the bitter metal sting of blood past his tongue.

"That's the sort of affection we earn, in here."

And he was gone, and Cullen was swallowing again, and still he couldn't leave, not to think, not to pray, his face as close to Templar-still as he could make it.

He hoped she wouldn't walk by this way tonight.
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Re: Infatuation, T

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Unexpected reunion
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Soldiers Like Us, Aveline/Wesley, T

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Soldiers don't start at the sound of metal hitting the ground. Common enough for them to hear the muted clanging of armored feet, people moving around in heavy arms, putting it on and discarding it to do exercises, to march, to fight. As the feet draw closer, she still doesn't turn from her task because Aveline is methodical in caring for her own armor and though they tease her about it from time to time, no one would dare interrupt her.

It's what she does because she was taught to do it. Make it last, her father would say, not needing to elaborate. There were no other sets if hers fell into disrepair, no money to buy more and no second chances to get into the King's service.

She's surprised when the footfalls stop in front of her and block her light. Still, she finishes the task, wiping the wax carefully from the crevices of her chestplate. Whomever stands before her is silent as they wait.

When she looks up, her face morphs from the almost scowl she was forming to a large grin. "Wesley." She breathes her husband's name as he smiles down at her, templar armor gleaming in the lamplight. "This is unexpected."

"I have a short break, and knew you were nearby." He offers as explanation, though they need none. When they got married, he'd promised he'd always find her.

They embrace without hesitation, and she threads her fingers through his hair. It's shorter than it was the last time she saw him, but just as soft under her hand. When she buries her face in his neck, he smells just like she remembers, like home.

That first kiss comes only when they have privacy, away from all the others. He's fiercer for the waiting, as though the minutes since he came to camp were worse than the weeks preceding them. Her body hums with a quiet passion that unlocks with his touch, her mouth against his. The urgency comes later, but that first kiss is a welcome, an 'I missed you' and love conveyed in the one simple gesture.
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Writing friend fic
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Revisions, Bethany/Isabela, PG

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"It's the kissing," Bethany blurts, hugging the manuscript.

She had agreed to reviewing Isabela's latest chapter, featuring a burly maleficar and one blushing Dalish Keeper, for accuracy.

Isabela's eyes flash. "Surely you do not protest the foreplay."

"No!" Bethany's ears burn and she prays her hair keeps that fact hidden. "They're too..."

"Tawdry? Forceful? Loud?"


Isabela blinks. "Mean?"

"There's far too much biting," Bethany explains, closing her eyes. "A kiss should be soft, gentle, inviting--"

Her explanation is interrupted by a kiss; Isabela's warmth bleeding into hers through locked lips and laced fingers.

Bethany smiles, victorious. "Exactly."

Isabela laughs.


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The problematic nature of public displays of affection
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Just imagine someone else

Someone Else's Passion, Morrigan/Alistair, T (mini-fill)

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"If you're finding it so difficult," said Morrigan as she sat astride Alistair, the annoyance curling up out of her belly and into her voice, "Just imagine someone else."

The pathetic Templar. So in love with the Warden that all of Morrigan's tricks were not rousing an inch from him. She was not an unattractive woman, she knew. In fact, her looks had been a weapon more than once. But this stubborn, pathetic excuse for a warrior was resisting everything she had.

"Someone else?" he said, his voice doubtful, "I can try. Just don't talk or you'll ruin the whole thing."

Alistair closed his eyes, and Morrigan rolled hers. "Very well," she said.

"Shhh," said Alistair, and for a few moments he lay there, completely silent, eyes closed. Morrigan crossed her arms, frustrated and more than a bit disgruntled.

"Solona," Alistair suddenly said, and reached for her. Leaning forward, Morrigan let Alistair take her into his arms. Whatever would get the boy to finish the job would be fine by her. But she was nonetheless surprised at the passion in his kiss, at the warmth in his voice, and the strange answering song in her own heart as he called his lover's name against her body.

After it was over, he leaned on his elbow and looked at her, a cheeky grin on his face. "Thanks for the advice," he said.

She scowled in reply. "Let's just thank the stars it's over, and hope that we never have to do anything like that again."

"You and me both," he said and yawned before rolling over to sleep.
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“It’s true, I was there”
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something in common
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Re: Zevran/Hawke

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Workin' on it! Any sort of Hawke type in particular?
Edited 2013-02-15 21:45 (UTC)

Re: Zevran/Hawke

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Re: Zevran/Hawke

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Revival, Varric/Sigrun, PG

[personal profile] virusq 2013-02-11 01:25 am (UTC)(link)
For as enthralled as Sigrun is about his books, she's missing Varric's entire romantic arsenal.

Her mug hits the bar and he leans in for the kill.

Their noses graze, but their lips lock true. Her frosty behavior melts against his touch. His mental imagery is half way down the thesaurus before he notices she's pushing him away.

She's pale with shock. "Messere Tethras, wha..."

He gapes, confused.

"It is forbidden to kiss The Dead," she reprimands.

Just his luck.

He takes her hand and holds it near his heart. "Then I'll pray for revival."

She blushes.

Better start praying.

Re: Revival, Varric/Sigrun, PG

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Re: Revival, Varric/Sigrun, PG

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Sebastian/Bethany, G

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When Bethany first saw Sebastian, and moreso when she first heard him speak, she nearly melted. He was a prince out of the stories she had heard as a child, with the bearing and voice to match.

And then, her brother decided that they would respond to his bounty.

Bethany had insisted on going along, because her brother could never be trusted to stay out of trouble. But really, she wanted to go along just to have an excuse to see Sebastian Vael again.

When they brought back proof of completion of their task, Sebastian acknowledged her brother's role, and then pressed for introductions to the rest of the party. First Varric, who was as casual as ever. Then Anders, who looked like he wanted to disappear into the floor.

And then Bethany.

"Serah Bethany," said Sebastian, and he took her hand, and his skin was so warm. He lifted the hand to his lips and barely, barely kissed her knuckles. "A pleasure," he finished, and then their hands were apart and Bethany felt dizzy.

"Are you flattering my sister?" her brother said protectively, edging into Bethany's personal space. Bethany wished that he would just go away.

"I would never presume," said Sebastian, but then his gaze caught Bethany's and she nearly fainted. "But one such as her would certainly deserve it."

That time, she really did faint.

Re: Sebastian/Bethany, G

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Re: Sebastian/Bethany, G

[personal profile] genjyosgirl - 2013-02-09 20:13 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Sebastian/Bethany, G

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Re: Sebastian/Bethany, G

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something to prove
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Anders/Hawke, PG-13

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"Is it true?" Hawke asked Anders one evening in the clinic after Anders had just finished patching up the scratches and wounds from their latest encounter with Lowtown bandits.

"Is what true?"

As he turned, Hawke's eye was caught by the glint of light off Anders's hair. He paused, imagining for a moment that he could be the light and just touch Anders fleetingly whenever he liked.

"Hawke?" Anders cocked his head to the side. "Are you alright?"

"I was just wondering," Hawke continued, "if it's true that a kiss can cure what ails you."

Hawke watched the color rise to Anders's cheeks. "What do you mean?" Anders asked, taking a step closer to Hawke.

"You're the healer," Hawke insisted, smiling. "Surely you've heard that a kiss is a cure for all troubles. My mother used to tell me that, although she was no mage so maybe it didn't work."

Anders raised an eyebrow, an expression that Hawke loved inducing on him. "I think that's a ploy for mothers to get their children to stop crying," he suggested.

Hawke found his hands on Anders's hips; they were close now, so close that he could feel the other man's warmth. "But how do we know unless we test it?"

Anders smiled perhaps a bit shyly. "If kisses were cures, we would have no need of healing magic."

"Maybe, but I still don't believe you." Hawke gently pulled on Anders's hips, drawing him closer yet. His next words were spoken just a breath away from Anders's lips. "Maybe you should prove it."

Anders was the one who closed the space between them, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss that changed slowly into nibbling on each other's lips and then into hands on cheeks and behind necks and bodies pressed against each other and Hawke left breathless.

The one to pull away first was Anders, who wore a lopsided grin. "Is that your proof?" he teased, looking down at the still-healing scratches on Hawke's arm.

Hawke looked between his arm and Anders's face. "Hm," he murmured, leaning forward towards Anders again, "margin of error. We should do more trials." He pulled Anders to him, their bodies meeting, their eyes locked on each other's. "Just to make sure."
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Re: Anders/Hawke, PG-13

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Re: Anders/Hawke, PG-13

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Re: Anders/Hawke, PG-13

[personal profile] feckless_muse - 2013-03-23 04:17 (UTC) - Expand
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(shut up don't judge me) (Sten/cake also acceptable)

Individual Pleasures, Sten/cookies, G-PG?

[identity profile] sakuratsukikage.livejournal.com 2013-02-08 11:17 am (UTC)(link)
He brought the cookie to his lips and inhaled the scent of the spice. Yes. Perfect. The cinnamon reminded him of Seheron, a hint of rainforest and spiced tea on the wind, yet the taste of the cookie itself, the fluffy, crumbly texture, was strange and exotic and new. He had heard that they called this kind of cookie a cinnamon kiss. Sten did not understand the reference, but as he tasted it--the sweet crumbly texture of the dough, the dusting of spices along the outside that tingled and danced on his tongue and left tongue and lips warm with flavor, he thought he began to understand why the humans spoke of "kissing" with such pleasure. At first he had thought the term referred to the meeting of lips as a prelude to mating--the qunari had such a practice as well, though only as part of the mating ritual. But that made no sense--it did not provoke such excitement and eagerness as had been in the human's voices when they spoke of it, at least not in Sten's experience. Clearly the term referred to the finest of baked goods.

They were not as foolish as he had thought.
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for you, I'll make an exception
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Zevran/Anders/(Hawke), PG

[personal profile] ryry 2013-02-08 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Hawke looked side-eyed at Anders. "Can you believe this guy?" he said, gesturing to Zevran. "A kiss as repayment. As if I don't have a jealous mage partner here watching me -- who, by the way, could zap me with a lightning bolt if I tried anything."

Anders raised his eyebrow suggestively. "Jealous? Me?" He turned and looked back at the elf, with his exquisite skin and voice so smooth and sweet and body taut and lithe.

He looked back and forth between Hawke and Zevran and then stepped forward, placing his hand gently on the back of the elf's head. Hair so soft, and his scent entirely different. "For you," he said, making eye contact with Zevran, who was smiling lewdly at him, "I'll make an exception." He leaned forward and Zevran matched his movements, their lips meeting in the space formerly occupied by Hawke's disbelieving stare.

Re: Zevran/Anders/(Hawke), PG

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Re: Zevran/Anders/(Hawke), PG

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A Final Goodbye: Wynne/Greagoir - PG

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“It's been a long time since I've been up here.”

“Me, too.”

The Knight-Commander cast a sideways glance at her, taking in her appearance as she gazed out at the night sky and the dark water of the lake below them. She was much older now, but the years had been kind to her. More than they'd been to him, at any rate. The years of daily lyrium-taking were starting to have an effect on his mind, and he knew if he didn't step down from his post soon he'd end up an addled old fool who couldn't remember his own name.

Even his memories of the times they had spent together were beginning to fade. All of those stolen moments and forbidden nights when they had lain in one another's arms and whispered sweet words to each other were becoming harder to recall. He was desperate to hold on to them. They were the few pleasant memories he had of his time spent at Kinloch Hold.

“I'll need to be leaving, soon, if I'm to try to talk some sense into the Grand Enchanter before it's too late.”

“I know,” came his quiet reply, and before he could let his better judgment take hold he reached out for her and pulled her to him the way he had so many times before.

He expected her to be reluctant, considering the horrible way things had ended between them, but she was anything but. It was almost as if she had been waiting for him to make the first move, her lips eagerly grasping at his from the moment they first touched. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, his heart hammering so hard in his chest that he swore it was practically reverberating against the armor he wore. He felt like he was twenty years old again, but he knew it couldn't last.

Reluctantly, he pulled away from her and gazed into her eyes, a sudden feeling of sadness coming over him.

“Greagoir?” she softly called his name and reached up to gently brush her fingers back through his hair. “What's wrong?”

“I just had this sense that I might never see you again after tonight.”

She sighed. “That may very well be true, if the Grand Enchanter refuses to back down from this desire of hers to break from the Chantry.”

“Be careful, Wynne,” Greagoir requested, kissing her briefly one last time. “And if you see our boy, tell him... something.”

Wynne chuckled, knowing he was never very good with words. “I will.”

And with that, she left him alone with only his fading memories.
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Dog/Ser Pounce-a-Lot

[identity profile] brennacedria.com 2013-02-07 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
resolving differences
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Dog/Ser Pounce-a-Lot, G

[personal profile] ryry 2013-02-09 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
It was late at night, and the humans were sleeping. Ser Pounce-a-Lot saw his chance.

The humans insisted that these mabari hounds were smarter than your average dog, but Pounce knew better. More accurately, he knew that this Dog was still dumber than he was, and certainly smellier. Pounce could not stand the smell of Dog, especially when it had that... stuff on its eyebrows.

Pounce knew he shouldn't be doing this, but he left the warm cuddly human behind and crept out of the tent. With silent paws, he crossed the campsite to where Dog was sleeping by the fire.

At last, he would have his chance to assert dominance over this Dog as well as resolve this troublesome stench issue. So silently, Pounce approached Dog and eyed the not-human-blood-goop in the fur above its eye. As he neared, he could smell it again. Ugh! Dog was disgusting! Pounce would have to take care of him, since dogs could clearly not take care of themselves.

He leaned forward and braced himself for what was to come. One, two, three, four swipes of his tongue and the foulness was gone. Pounce's stomach churned at what he was tasting, and he crept off to the side and, as silently as possible, hacked up a hairball to get rid of the smell and the taste of whatever he had just cleaned off of Dog's head. The things he had to put up with!

Pounce turned to glare at Dog one last time, and noticed that the creature's eyes were open. He narrowed his eyes, making his glare even more withering.

Dog just exhaled a short whine. Thank you.

Pounce twitched his whiskers. Someone had to do it. He stepped forward and sniffed at Dog's ears, just to make sure he had gotten to all the stench--

"RRRRRRYYYOOWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Pounce found himself exclaiming as wet, cold, slimy mabari tongue made contact with his back legs. "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSS," Pounce added before turning and fleeing back to the tent with his warm cuddly understanding human.

He barreled into the tent, not caring about flaps or decorum, and submerged himself under the blanket where his human was napping. Safe in hiding, he could now commence the ritual cleaning, rolling onto his side and setting to the horrific task of removing mabari slobber from his precious fur.

"Pounce," said his human sleepily, "what is your issue?"

Indignant, Pounce reached out a single claw and poked his human in his bare, fleshy arm. That would teach the human to question his cleaning ritual. Sigh. It was difficult being the only intelligent creature in this rag-tag pack.
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Re: Dog/Ser Pounce-a-Lot, G

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Re: Dog/Ser Pounce-a-Lot, G

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Re: Dog/Ser Pounce-a-Lot, G

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Re: Dog/Ser Pounce-a-Lot, G

[personal profile] ryry - 2013-02-10 14:27 (UTC) - Expand


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Archery practice
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[personal profile] tanyad 2013-02-07 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Bad decision theatre
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[personal profile] ashfae 2013-02-07 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
stories without endings
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A Good Beginning (Leliana/Nathaniel, G)

[personal profile] seimaisin 2013-02-14 06:40 pm (UTC)(link)
She visits the Commander every once in a while, a lovely redhead with a smile that stirs Nathaniel’s blood. He wonders about her relationship with the Commander - Elissa is married, sure, but he’s also known her long enough to know that fidelity may not be at the top of her priority list. Perhaps she and the King have an understanding of some sort. If that’s the case, Nathaniel can’t help but be jealous - of both women, he admits to himself.

One day, though, he finds Leliana in the Keep’s sitting room, her travel pack at her feet. “My lady,” he says, giving a shallow bow.

“Nathaniel,” she acknowledges him, with that smile that seems to hint at a dozen different secrets. “My usual room is apparently in use by an Orlesian Warden, so I’m waiting for the housekeeper to find me another.”

“Your room?” Nathaniel raises an eyebrow. Before he can think better of it, he continues, “I thought you stayed …” His mouth clamps shut, and he looks away.

Leliana laughs. “With Elissa? No, I don’t think Alistair would care too much for that.”

“Ah. I’ve only met the King briefly, so I wouldn’t know.”

“He’s an old fashioned sort. It’s one of his many charms.” She pats the seat next to her. “Come, sit down, if you have a moment.”

For her, he’d take a hundred moments. He sits down, close enough to her that he can feel the warmth of her body next to his. “What brings you to Amaranthine this time?”

“I’m leaving for Orlais next week, and I may not be back in Ferelden for a long while. I wanted to say goodbye to Elissa. And everyone else here.”

“We’ll miss you.”

“And I, you. But there’s a story that needs telling in Val Royeax.” Her expression is thoughtful, but she doesn’t elaborate. Then, Leliana looks away - is that a blush staining her cheeks? It’s not anything Nathaniel has seen from her before. “I wonder …” she begins, then trails off.


She’s silent for a long moment. “It’s been a while,” she says, looking back at him, “since I’ve invited myself to a man’s bed. I wonder if I’ve lost the right words.”

Nathaniel blinks. The half smile on her face leaves no doubt as to whose bed she’s referring to. A smile spreads across his face, and he leans over to press a light kiss to Leliana’s mouth. She giggles, her breath fanning across his face. “I think you’ve got the words you need,” he murmurs.

“Good.” She pokes him lightly in the chest. “Because there’s a story here I haven’t yet learned the ending of.”

“I’m not much for endings. Beginnings, however …”

“A beginning, then.” Leliana captures his lips for a more thorough kiss, one that tangles their tongues and steals Nathaniel’s breath. “I’m very fond of a good beginning.”
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hitting the target


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Re: Nathaniel/Velanna

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Velanna made the most delightful noises when he kissed her ears.

She was normally so quiet when they kissed; a small hum of pleasure as their lips met, a sigh as he yielded to her tongue, a little gasp as he pulled her close and ran his hand up her spine.

Then one day, he ran his fingers along the tip of her ear, and she moaned, a loud, throaty cry that made his nostrils flare and his trousers uncomfortably tight.

Since that day, her ears were Nathaniel's favorite place to lavish attention. He would lightly ghost his lips along the shell, or nibble gently on the lobe, or suck the tip into his mouth and tease it with his tongue, all while Velanna made the most glorious noises of pleasure.

Tonight, he had been particularly thorough, and oh, the gasps and moans and panting coming from her had been practically obscene. Watching her eyes come back into focus, he couldn't help the satisfied smirk spreading across his face as he asked, “Well, my lady, that seemed to be to your satisfaction, yes?”

Velanna rolled her eyes with a look that Nathaniel knew meant that she was saying 'ridiculous human' in her head. “And to think,” she said, “you once thought my ears were clownish...”
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Good friends and good wine.
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Exploring the virtues of squishiness

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Shale, returned to dwarf form, leans over Wynne who is resting against a tree, next to which sits a bottle and glass of wine
Exploring the virtues of squishiness by ~sqbr on deviantART

They either just kissed or about to, hopefully that's close enough :)
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