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Critical Role: The Search for Grog

I watched the VOD today. (My preference is for Twitch because I can watch without ads, but it's also on YouTube.) Much as I have grown to love the Mighty Nein, spending a few hours with Vox Machina again was priceless. I've missed these kids so much.

I hadn't realized that Gilmore didn't know about Vax's death at this point in their time frame, and that moment was perfectly heartbreaking. Although it felt a little forced, ultimately I'm glad that Sam/Scanlan made Matt play out that encounter. Liam playing a cleric of the Raven Queen also got a little on the nose at points -- I was half-waiting for some kind of reveal giving her a stronger connection to Vax, like maybe she was a distant relative -- but overall it worked fairly well. I wonder if Travis's new character was at least partially inspired by Gilderoy Lockhart? Travis is known to be a huge HP fan, and the blowhard-adventurer-exaggerating-his-exploits draws a clear parallel there. His similarities to Taryon were also striking enough that I'm surprised nobody said anything.

I had remembered what Scanlon said about Percy losing his arm in Pandemonium from the finale, but I'd forgotten the part about the bugbears, so that whole bit came as a delightful surprise. Of course, the entire awakening of Grog played out entirely differently than it had before, but Grog waking up and then taking out the boss with two massive critical hits was so awesome that I can forgive the change in continuity.

Like Matt, I wish there had been more time to play out the denouement, but what we got was so delightful that I don't mind a somewhat abrupt ending. To a certain extent, that's the nature of one-shots, which is why I don't tend to like them as well as longer-running games. But they can still be a lot of fun, and this one certainly qualifies. I have a feeling that Critical Role is unlikely to revisit Vox Machina again, especially not on this scale, so if this is the cap on their story, I can be content.

On another note, in the art reel that preceded the stream, there was a drawing of Vax in Grey Warden armor. That is such a brilliant crossover idea that I might just have to write it. Some ideas might be brewing. We'll see.
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It was nice to see VM again :)

Yeah, Travis' new character also reminded me of Taryon, and I totally took Percy's "I've met a lot of pompous assholes" (or something like that) as a reference to him ^^
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"I am helping! I'm helping run things." I missed that jerk :)