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For more about the Something on Sunday project, see [twitter.com profile] readingtheend's post explaining her vision.

First of all, the main thing for this week is that T is home after almost two weeks away. I think I've taken a couple of nine-day trips without him since we've been together, but it's not common, and it's rare for him to travel without me at all, much less for this long. So that makes me happy: both having him around again, and not having to hold down the fort by myself.

Secondly, this week's episode of Critical Role, which I was able to watch live, was huge, and amazing, and heart-breaking, and stand-up-and-cheer awesome. Vox Machina took on their final boss, and I almost could not have hoped for more. Cut for major spoilers. )
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Title: Research
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: Gen
Wordcount: 944
Characters: Vex, Cassandra, background Percy/Vex
Spoilers: through Ep. 94. Set during the one-year break, written before we know what will happen during that time.
Notes: Written for my [community profile] getyourwordsout bingo card, specifically this photo.

Also on AO3.


The Castle Whitestone library was beautiful, and more than a little intimidating. It was rare for Vex to find her way here without Percy, and on those few occasions she was never quite certain where to begin. But today he was engaged in his workshop -- aiding Taryon in his efforts to recreate Doty -- and so Vex had come on her own, determined to muddle through as best she could.

Sunlight streamed in through the high windows, and the lanterns had already been lit, so it was both brighter and more cheery than Vex had expected, and soon she discovered the reason: Cassandra de Rolo, sitting in the plush window seat, a large volume balanced open in her hand. Vex started to back away, but Cassandra looked up, and smiled. "Ah, Vex'ahlia." She set a bookmark in the book before snapping it shut. "What brings you here?"

'Oh, you know. Nothing in particular. Just wondering what's here.' )
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Title: A Home by the Woods
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: G-ish
Wordcount: 1000
Characters: Percy/Vex
Spoilers: Set vaguely after episode 89, spoilers to that point (though nothing too specific).
Notes: Written for the "a picture is worth a thousand words" challenge, where participants receive a photo prompt and write a story of exactly one thousand words based on it. My photo was Silent Shadow (Finding Alice) by Alexandra Bloch.

Also on AO3.

Summary: On the eve of an important event, Vex goes for a walk in the woods.

Vex always feels most herself in the forest.

From their childhood, Vax preferred the hustle and bustle of cities and towns; while Vex acknowledges the many charms of urban life (good food, cute shops -- and cute shopkeepers -- soft beds...), every so often she needs a day away, needs to trade cobblestones and buildings and prying eyes for soft earth and ancient trees. A day to breathe deeply of fresh air, feel dappled sunshine on her cheeks, listen for the small sounds of abundant life -- wind brushing through leaves, insects creaking, birds chirping, the cry of a distant eagle. Alone, with her bear and perhaps her brother for company, Vex can journey into the woods and find solace there.

Not every day, but some days, she awakens to wooden beams over her head instead of the open sky, and knows she needs to make her escape. On one such day, she rises, dresses, and wakes Trinket -- all quietly, so as not to disturb the man still asleep beside her -- and then goes, snagging some bread and cheese from the kitchen on her way out. As she leaves the castle for the woods, she feels her breath come easier, her shoulders lighten as the trees rise around her and the rustle of wind in the leaves fills her ears. An hour in, she finds a likely fallen log, covered with moss and dead leaves, and sits, pulling out her breakfast and scratching Trinket behind the ears while they watch the sun rise.

Read more... )
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Hmm, I need some Critical Role icons.

Title: Sibling Rivalry
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: GA
Wordcount: 2011
Characters: Percy and Cassandra, mention of Percy/Vex
Spoilers: through episode 73 ("The Coming Storm")
Notes: Written for the 2016 round of Winter's Crest gifts, to a request for a story about the complex relationship between the de Rolo siblings, especially in light of the revelations in episode 73. Set in a slight AU of Episode 74 (giving Vox Machina an extra day in Whitestone).

Summary: Percival and Cassandra sometimes have different ideas about how much information she needs to have to properly rule Whitestone. A conversation, a fight, a reconciliation.

On AO3
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Title: Those Who Wait
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: G
Wordcount: 4317
Characters: Mostly OCs. Brief appearances by Kerrek and Vax.
Spoilers: Through Episode 56 ("Hope"). Set during Ep 54 through 56.
Notes: Written for the 2016 reverse big bang sponsored by [tumblr.com profile] critrolebang, and based on this artwork by [tumblr.com profile] cool-porygon. The art is also embedded at the end of the story.

Summary: A young woman of Westruun contemplates whether to flee the site of a terrible disaster, or stay and help rebuild her home.

On AO3
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Title: Past Time for Later
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: PG-ish?
Wordcount: 1730
Characters: Vex/Percy
Spoilers: Yes, through Episode 73. Set vaguely afterwards; written between the airing of 73 and 74.
Notes: Like last time, this was a Perc'ahlia bunny that wouldn't leave me alone. Before it was an image; this time, a line of dialogue, but either way the story will be written. Once again, likely doomed to become non-canonical sooner rather than later, which is still not going to stop me. ;) Cleaned up from an earlier version that I posted on Tumblr.

Summary: Percy said they would "talk later"; Vex decides that the time for later is now.

On Ao3
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Title: Opportunity
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: PG-ish
Wordcount: 1309
Characters: Vex/Percy
Spoilers: Yes, MAJOR spoilers through Ep 69.
Notes: I rarely write my take on scenes that are probably going to happen soon in canon, but this bunny wouldn't leave me alone. Fully aware that this could be jossed as early as this Thursday. Cleaned up from an earlier version that I posted on Tumblr.

Summary: "Vex'ahlia felt a hand on her shoulder, and glanced up to see Vax'ildan staring down at her. Vax lifted his chin, flicked his eyes in Percy's direction, then back to her, followed by a nod so tiny that no one else would have seen it. But Vex knew her brother, and she knew exactly what that look meant. Talk to him. Don't let the opportunity slip away again." A quiet moment, a confession, a response.

On AO3
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I finished watching Critical Role last week (although I'm not technically caught up at this exact moment because I haven't finished this week's episode yet -- yes, I did give in and subscribe, not so much because I couldn't live with waiting until Monday and more because it's easier to find time to watch over the weekend), and after a little bit of poking around in the extras (so far the second Battle Royale is my favorite; haven't caught the first one yet), I decided that the withdrawal was too strong, so I started over at the beginning. The beginning, as in Episode 1, which I skipped in my eagerness to get current with the most recent episodes. I've now finished the first two, and although I enjoyed them, I feel like jumping ahead my first time through was the right choice -- both because it enables me to maybe get into the fandom community faster, and because the show does get stronger with time.

Some thoughts, with spoilers through Episode 65. )

I feel like I should have so much more to say about a media propery that's taking up so much of my time, but words are failing me a bit. So I throw the floor open to you, my other friends who have gotten sucked into this ridiculous and wonderful show. What do you love about it? What got you started? Why do you continue? Is there a prompt meme somewhere? I would love to exercise my creative muscles in this new world (and I did sign up for the upcoming mini-bang), but I'm not entirely sure where to start.
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I'm basically all packed, except for things that will be sitting on chargers until it's time to leave, but don't need to head for the airport for over two hours.

I signed up for a free trial of YouTube Red so that I could download Critical Role episodes to watch on the plane. What even is my life?

So excited to see people soon! So ready to escape into con world for a few days. I've needed this getaway from the real world for awhile now, and I'm so happy it's finally almost here.

I'll be around on and off, probably mostly on Twitter, but watch this space for updates, too.

If you're not at the con, have a glorious week and weekend! If you are, see you there!!
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Thanks to the recommendations and enthusiasms of MANY PEOPLE (you know who you are), I took the plunge and started watching Critical Role, a Twitch show in which a group of American voice actors play an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Chances are, the foregoing all you need to know. It's exactly what it says on the tin. If it's not your kind of thing, you'll know right away. If it is, you'll probably be like me and get sucked in, completely and immediately.

The downside: this is a deep, deep rabbit hole. It's an ongoing show, there are already over 60 episodes, and the episodes average three hours in length (a few are shorter, many are longer). There are skippable bits, outdated announcements at the beginning and non-game business at the end, but it's still a ton of content. Fortunately, thanks to a suggestion from [personal profile] seimaisin, I was able to skip a chunk of episodes at the beginning -- I started with episode 14, then jumped ahead to episode 18 and started watching from there. Normally, I have a hard time coming in on stories in the middle, but Ep.14 starts a breather period between the end of one arc and the start of another. The new arc starts in earnest with Ep.24, which I gather is the latest place you can really jump in. Although I normally hate coming in on the middle of a story, I've found it much less of a problem here. I think this is largely because the group had been playing these characters for a couple of years before the show started, so it's literally not possible to start at the beginning.

I'm about halfway in -- I most recently watched Ep.34, which I assume was the climatic battle of the Whitestone arc, although who knows what surprises are left in store -- and am thoroughly charmed by the cast, the characters, and especially the DM, and I can't wait to see where all this is going.

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