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Here is a list of all my currently active public accounts on the Internet. Will be kept updated as things change.

Journals and Micro-blogging

Dreamwidth: [personal profile] owlmoose
My journal and my primary home base on the Internet. Personal posts, political posts, fandom posts, cross-posting of fic and other announcements. If it's important, it will end up here sooner or later.

LiveJournal: [livejournal.com profile] owlmoose
A mirror of my Dreamwidth. As of this writing, and for the foreseeable future, I cross-post all DW entries to LJ and allow comments in both places. If that ever changes, I will make ample announcement. I also use my LJ to participate in a few communities.

Twitter: [twitter.com profile] iamkj
Brief daily life tidbits and interesting links. This is where I'm most likely to share the kind of links I used to share via Google Reader. June update: Basically inactive right now. I need a better iPhone client.

Tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] lifeofkj
Mostly reblogs (fandom, politics, cute animals), quick fandom thoughts, and daily life spam. Increasingly, I'm posting my fic here first, as well, although anything worth saving will end up cross-posted to AO3. As of June, where I am most active on the Internet.


AO3: [archiveofourown.org profile] owlmoose
Fanfiction. This is my fanfic archive, complete starting in November 2009, and some older works are there as well. Some things will be posted to DW or Tumblr first, but AO3 will always be the place to find the definitive version.

FF.net: owlmoose
My older work, all Final Fantasy X/X-2. No longer updated with new stories as of December 2007.

Writings of an Owlmoose
My WordPress-based fanfiction archive, complete through December 2010.


GoodReads: owlmoose
Updated sporadically. I intend to use it more regularly in 2012.

Pinboard: owlmoose
Links to cool and useful things. Mostly for my own saving purposes rather than sharing, but I'm always happy to add people to my network!

This list is current as of June 3, 2012. Subject to change as communities and my online participation shifts. Feel free to add or follow any of these accounts! I have a fairly free add-back policy. :)
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Title: You Have 76 New Messages
Fandom: MCU (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
Rating: PG (for language)
Wordcount: 574
Characters: Clint Barton, shades of Clint/Natasha
Spoilers: Major spoilers for CA:TWS.
Notes: Inspired by a conversation with [personal profile] renay, so if you're looking for someone to blame, I point you in her direction. ;) I mentioned this story offhand in my post about Cap 2; this is the final, AO3-posted version.

Clint Barton is out on assignment, bored to tears, and trying to get in touch with Natasha. First he gets annoyed. Then he gets worried.

On AO3
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I have been waiting two years for this movie, and it did not disappoint. Some rambling spoilery thoughts behind the cut, cross-posted from Tumblr:

Spoilers yes these are spoilers )

Also, [personal profile] renay fed me a plot bunny and I wrote a quick fic, entitled "You Have 76 New Messages." Major, major spoilers.
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Days written: 17/31
Words written: 13,164
Words of fic written: 10,440
Percentage of fic words written in a single day: 34%
Stories worked on: One, and two ficbits
Stories posted: The ficbits

This might be the winner for oddest-looking chart ever )

Specific Goals:

1. Write six days per week, except while on vacation. Missed this. Just too much other stuff going on.

2. Finish rough draft of DABB by Friday, March 14th. I managed it, but ye gods was it rough. I feel bad for my artist.

3. Make another run at the [community profile] trope_bingo card. Totally failed. I am just not inspired by this card at all. Maybe it's time to take a break from the bingo thing.

First quarterly check on 2014 goals:

1. Keep to personal monthly goals and check in with [livejournal.com profile] ushobwri at least three times a month. Although I haven't specifically kept track, I think I succeeded in doing regular check-ins in January and February, but only did two in March. Travel, DABB, and Doink modding stuff took priority. As for the monthly goals, I think I'm doing about as well with those as I ever do.

2. Substantially post or crosspost to DW/LJ at least three times a week. (Consider whether some sort of schedule or long-term project might help toward this end.) Yes in January, more like one or two times a week in February and March. And, not surprisingly, January is the month I did a blogging meme.

3. Write and post at least one non-Dragon Age fic per month. I've succeeded in this, although in March it was just two ficbits (FFX and FFXII). Then again, those were the only things I published this month.

4. Finish An Unlikely Partnership and make substantial progress on Wardens of Ivalice, with an eye to finishing that as well. Not so much. Not so much at all. I really need to find some better way of motivating myself to work on long term WIP like these.

Going forward into April, between DABB, Doink!, and Remix 11, my dance card is pretty full for the next couple of months. (Overcommitment? What overcommitment?) Goals:

1. Write six days per week.

2. Finish my DABB (due date: April 24th).

3. Write my Doink! assignment (not due until May 19th but I want to finish early so I'm available for modly duies).

4. Finish first draft of Remix assignment (due May 4th).
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Television Without Pity is shutting down on April 4th (the forums will remain open until May 31st). Re/Code broke the story today, and also check out this Atlantic Wire article by former recapper Joe.

Although I haven't been active on TWoP in many years, I was a regular on the forums for a long time -- starting back in the Mighty Big TV days -- and a lurker for even longer (my handle was "moose"). I was most active on the 24 boards, and I consider that my first fandom, but I posted on other boards (mainly The West Wing, the baseball thread, and Off-Topic Blather), lurked on many more, and read recaps for shows I didn't even watch (Survivor, Smallville, and Angel come to mind). I helped design an ad for the banner wars, bought mouse pads and mugs and Outrageously Overpriced Donation Stickers, and survived the great forum purge of 2002 or 2003. It was the best of sites and it was the worst of sites, the heavy-handed moderation being both a blessing and a curse. The strict rules helped weed out the trolls and promoted on-topic discussion, but it was too easy to get banned for minor infractions, like disagreeing with a touchy moderator (Gustav, the 24 recapper/mod, was particular notorious for it, so I spent more time than I would have liked tip-toeing around him).

I drifted away from the site for a number of reasons: technical changes to the boards that made it harder to keep up on multiple forums, the banning of a few of my closer friends, the death of Off-Topic Blather, and finally my decision to stop watching 24 after the third season. Then the site was sold to Bravo and the founders left, and it quickly became a shell of its former self. I haven't visited the boards in ages, but I did still check in for recaps from time to time, especially for older shows I was catching up on. There's nothing else quite like it anywhere else on the Internet. I'm particularly sad to learn that they're removing the entire archive -- all the recaps, all the posts on the forums. The content will be saved offline, but not available anywhere. So much history lost! A damn shame -- I wonder if anything can be done to save it. (Hey, unemployed librarian here, willing to offer my time to help. Call me!)

Whatever else, it represents the end of an era, for both me and the Internet, and so I raise a glass in tribute. RIP, TWoP. May your legacy of snark never be forgotten.

It's time!

Mar. 26th, 2014 04:58 pm
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DOINK! Time:

Come on over and sign up! DOINK (formerly FFEX) remains my favorite fandom exchange -- and I'm not just saying that because I'm a mod now. ;)
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I've actually been back from Dubai since Sunday afternoon, but I was so out of it yesterday that I didn't communicate much -- I had about enough brain power to veg out on Leverage (about which more in another entry), and that was about it. I'm still pretty zoned today, but I figure I ought to at least check in while the trip is still fairly fresh in my mind.

So, the trip was fun, and really interesting. I think Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are probably more culturally different from here than any other country I've visited. On the surface, I suppose it's not so different: Dubai is still a big city, with a very international population (something like 15% of the population of the UAE is Emirati; there are some Arabs from other nations, but the vast majority are immigrants), but I kept being startled by things -- I don't say surprised, because it makes sense when I think about it. Like how most mosques are closed to non-Muslims (unlike churches in European countries, and temples in Japan, which in my experience are usually open to the public, if sometimes with limited hours). Or how no restaurants sell pork products (you don't realize how much you'll miss bacon until it's gone), and water is only available for sale in bottles -- no glass of tap water on the table. Or the way that public displays of affection between couples are frowned upon, including married couples (T and I aren't super snuggly in public, but we are in the habit of touching each other on the arm or the back, and we kept forgetting ourselves). Or -- on the plus side -- the plentiful clean public restrooms (I have never been so content to use a toilet in a train station). Little things, for the most part, but they often struck me.

But we saw lots of cool stuff. I posted many pictures to my Tumblr along the way, and once T has his photos up, I'll share those as well. Some highlights were our two trips to the Burj Khalifa, which is not only the tallest building but the tallest human-made structure in the world, the beautiful Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the aquarium at Atlantis, Jumeirah Mosque -- that was less about seeing the mosque, which is unremarkable from a design perspective, and more about the Islam 101 lecture from the tour guide, which was quite interesting -- and going out to the desert for dinner and a show, complete with a dervish and sword fights on horseback.

I'm glad we finally got it together to make this trip. Unlike some of the places I've been (Paris, Italy, Japan), I don't feel a strong tug to return any time soon (if nothing else because the trip is so long -- 15 hours on a plane each way! If it were half the distance, it might be a different story). But I can definitely say it was good to go at least this once.
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If you liked Veronica Mars, the TV show, you must see Veronica Mars, the movie. See this movie. See it now. (It's available via digital download tomorrow so you really have no excuse.)

That is all.
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I would like to say that I haven't updated in a few days because I've been too busy with writing and trip planning, and this is sort of true, but not really, because a lot of the time I've been meant to be doing that, I've been playing games, reading short stories, and reloading Tumblr instead. Too much to do, not enough time to do it sometimes motivates me and sometimes paralyzes me, and this time it's been the latter.

Well, one way or the other, it's all done on Saturday. Meanwhile, tomorrow is Veronica Mars day (I have a ticket to the advance showing in SF!!!!!), so I have that to distract me look forward to. :D
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Not much to say about today. I went to two panels -- the Guest of Honor "reading" with Seanan McGuire and Tim Powers, which ended up being a fairly loose and fun Q&A because neither of them like to do readings, and another panel on secret worlds in fiction, which despite covering a lot of the same ground as Friday's panel ended up feeling quite different. Then I decided I needed a real lunch, so I skipped out on the wrap-up session and headed home, where I have been alternately relaxing and trip planning. Soooo much to do in the upcoming not-quite-a week, yikes.

I do plan to write up and share my to-read list, per [personal profile] renay's request on Tumblr, but since some of my notes are a little vague, I have to do a little research first. Hopefully in the next few days.
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Another day of good panels and good chats. Also, they announced not just the theme for next year's con ("The Traveler"), but the guests of honor: Kim Stanley Robinson and Cat Valente. Color me officially excited!

Some thoughts )

One day more.
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First day down. A really strong set of panels today. As usual, my to-read list is exploding. :) And I didn't even go to the "lesser known writers that need more attention" panel. The highlights:

  • A panel on secret worlds in fiction: portal worlds like Narnia and Oz, and worlds hidden in the shadows of our own like the wizarding world in Harry Potter. This is where I got most of my best book recommendations.

  • Another panel on the related but separate topic of secret histories in fiction. ("Secrets" is the theme of the con this year.) More discussion of what makes a good secret history, and more book recommendations of course.

  • Dinner with people -- I went up to say hi to a friend, and she was gathering people together for a pre-planned meal, and she invited me to tag along, which was nice. The conversation was mostly about con planning, which was quite interesting even if I have little to no practical experience with the subject. :)

  • ConTention: an annual event in which folks get together for a good old fashioned hour of arguing about things. This is one of my favorite things at the con, because everyone attends it with an open mind and without taking it too seriously -- people often end up switching sides on a topic, sometimes more than once. I did more listening than talking this time, although I did get pretty involved in the question of whether the Game of Thrones tv series is superior to the books. (I argued on the side of the books, and my main issue with the show -- that it plays straight many of the fantasy tropes that GRRM is subverting in the books -- was well received by the crowd.)

  • A very well-done panel about rape in fiction. One of the guests of honor is Seanan McGuire; she was on the panel, and the jumping-off point was an infamous question she received from a fan about when one of her female characters was going to be raped. Not if; when. As if rape is an inevitable fact of being a female protagonist in a fantasy setting. The discussion centered around the problems with using rape as a plot and character development subject. It was an excellent panel, well-moderated, thoughtfully handled, and so many times I wished I was live-tweeting because Seanan is so very quotable. (If you are a fan and get the chance to see her in person, take it. So much fun.)

  • And then a stop by the con suite and a room party, and then back to my room to take my notes and decompress. A good day, but I am ready for some rest. Especially since I'm doing a panel tomorrow morning!
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In contract to last years multi-week extravaganza, I had a nice low-key birthday today: vet appointment in the morning, quiet afternoon at home, dinner out with a few friends. The vet trip was Tori's regular check-up, which now happens every couple of months or so. The news was extremely good -- all of her blood tests came back in the normal range for the first time ever, so we can keep tapering down her meds. Best birthday present I could have gotten.

I did get another gift, for myself: an iPad Mini, dark gray with a bright red cover. Finally, a multi-purpose tablet that's exactly the right size for me to use as an eReader! Is this the moment that I being to shift away from paper books? Perhaps, although I don't expect I'll ever ditch them entirely.

Tomorrow will be another quiet day, and then Friday is the first day of FogCon. Yay, FogCon! If you'll be there, let me know and we can find a time to meet up.
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Days written: 22/28
Words written: 9,050
Words of fic written: 7,382
Stories worked on: Six kiss battle fics and two others
Stories posted: Seven

Chart-tastic behind the cut )

Specific goals:

1. Write an average of five days per week. A little better than.

2. Run the Dragon Age Kiss Battle and participate in the Final Fantasy Kiss Battle. Wrote three stories for each, and helped shepherd each through the month. I'll have more to say about those in a separate entry.

3. Write at least one [community profile] trope_bingo fic. No luck. After the first one, I am finding myself supremely uninspired by the rest of the row. I wrote a Porn Battle prompt for Femslash February instead (which reminds me that I still need to crosspost that here).

4. Make substantial progress on DABB, including that pesky "coming up with a plot" thing. I do have a plot now, but it would be charitable to call my progress "substantial". And I'm worried, especially given that the rough draft is due while I'm in Dubai, which means I need to finish the draft before I leave, and the only weekend remaining between now and then is FogCon. Fortunately (for the sake of this project at least), my last day at the law firm is Monday, so that gives me a little breathing room, but only a little.

I think everyone can guess what my main goal for March will be.

1. Write six days per week, except while on vacation.

2. Finish rough draft of DABB by Friday, March 14th.

3. Make another run at the [community profile] trope_bingo card.

With a week out of the country, and many other things else going on, I think three goals is plenty, don't you? ;)
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I’ve watched the first season and the first disc of the second, and enjoying it so far. Even if Jeff Winger is a pretty terrible person. Getting better, in fits and starts, in a reasonably believable progression, but still. I can’t always decide whether the show thinks he’s as terrible as I do. And yet he makes me laugh, every single time. So does almost everyone else. I love, love, love Abed and Troy. Their episode tags are often the best part of the show. I also really love the friendship that’s developing among Annie, Shirley, and Britta. All the friendships, really, but those in particular.

Some spoilers, and more critical thoughts, behind the cut. )


Feb. 24th, 2014 10:36 am
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T and I are going to Dubai in the third week of March! To visit my friend M, who's been teaching there for a couple of years, and also to see the mega-architecture and experience a very different kind of place. We've been trying to get this together for awhile, so to suddenly have it happening at almost the last minute is a bit daunting, but I'm more excited than not.

Any suggestions for surviving a sixteen hour plane flight, possibly in sub-optimal seats, are very welcome.
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Not leaving out the option that I might write more, of course, but here's my output for now. :) 2 Dragon Age, 1 FFXII, 2 FFX (one a crossover with Frozen, of all things). Hey, by the way, both kiss battles? Definitely still open. :)

Dragon Age

Title: Bolder
Characters: Bethany/Merrill
Prompt: Reunion

Kiss Battle Comment / On AO3

Title: Last Call
Characters: Carver Hawke, Marissa Hawke
Prompt: Warden!Carver/Hawke, the Calling

Kiss Battle Comment / On AO3

Final Fantasy

Title: Wreathed in Glory
Characters: Rikku(/Yuna)
Prompt: Flowers
Notes: AU. I'm sure a tragedy is exactly what [personal profile] seventhe had in mind for this prompt.

Kiss Battle Comment / On AO3

Title: Imperfect Solutions
Characters: Vayne/Ashe
Prompt: Perfectly arranged marriage
Notes: I can't quite remember whether this slots into canon or not. Borderline dubcon.

Kiss Battle Comment / On AO3

Title: Summoned
Characters: Elsa/Shiva (FFX)
Prompt: Like attracts like
Notes: A new character for me, of course. Spoilers for the first 20 minutes or so of Frozen.

Kiss Battle Comment / On AO3

Looking over these, I've been hitting the tragic/angstful/bittersweet stuff really hard this year. Time to pull out some fluff, stat!
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Someone hacked my Twitter account and followed, literally, almost 400 users I had never seen before in my life. That's a new one. I changed my password and unfollowed them all, but ugh.

Also Safari won't update any of my extensions and nothing I do really seems to help.

Yes this is exactly how I wanted to spend my Wednesday afternoon. :P
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If you are all on the fence about "The Lego Movie", if you saw the 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and thought "for a 90-minute toy commercial? nah, couldn't be", get off the fence and go see it!

It's not perfect by any means, there's plenty I could talk about both good and bad, but if you're looking for something fun and funny and just a touch subversive, you really can't do much better.
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The Dragon Age Kiss Battle is still going! Many prompts and excellent stories for your perusal.

And don't forget the Final Fantasy Kiss Battle -- it got off to a bang and then suddenly slowed waaaay down, but there are still a ton of open prompts. Especially for you, Team Ifrit. Yes, you! We're in a solid second place right now, but it would be easy to catch up with just a few more fills. :D

I've written multiple fics for both battles, with ideas for more, and I also wrote a Porn Battle story which I will crosspost here eventually, and then yesterday I made actual progress on my [livejournal.com profile] dragonagebb story, so that was exciting. I might actually get that one done after all!

I was browsing the "finish your stories" community [community profile] onedeadplotbunny, and came across this post about Premise Bunnies: story ideas that are a good premise for a story, but don't really come built in with a plot. And boy did that ever resonate. Wardens of Ivalice, for one major example: it got its start as a premise bunny (Grey Wardens come to Ivalice and fight darkspawn), and the plot has been slow in coming along the way. The Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man crossover, that's stalled at a single chapter, even more so. Most of my crossover ideas and AU ideas are premise bunnies, really, and most especially the occasional flash thoughts I get around original fiction are *always* premise bunnies. And that's even worse, because at least with fanfic premise bunnies I have existing characters and situations to work with, to eventually inspire plots. To take an origfic premise and turn it into a plot seems so daunting that I never even start. Maybe someday I'll figure it out, and maybe I won't, but at least I'm getting a better idea of what's holding me back.

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