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Title: The Rising Mist
Fandom: Dragon Age and Final Fantasy XII
Rating: Teen (moderate DA-typical violence)
Wordcount: 26,903
Characters: Ashe, Balthier, Basch, Penelo, Fran, Elissa Cousland, Alistair, Nathaniel Howe, Alim Surana, Sigrun, Leliana, Zevran, many others.
Spoilers: Yes, for all three games and Dragon Age 2. Contains a couple of DA:I references but no spoilers.
Notes: So. I kept saying I was working on it, and here it is. Only five and a half years later. Many, many apologies for the wait, but I'm really happy to be able to share it now. A couple of comments. First, because huge chunks of this were plotted and written before DA:I came out, it's not entirely compliant with its canon. Second, huge thanks to everyone who ever talked story meta with me (names that come to mind are [personal profile] sarasa_cat, [personal profile] lassarina, and [personal profile] alias_sqbr, although I'm sure that's not everybody), and especially to [personal profile] justira for providing an amazing and detailed beta read, above and beyond the call of duty. Finally, my love to everyone who left a review on Part One asking for more, or who commented with enthusiasm whenever I added WoI to my monthly writing goals. Knowing that people were looking forward to this second installment kept me pushing forward, and I look forward to being able to say it's finally completely done whenever I get to writing Part Three (currently targeted to publish in 2018).

Posted on AO3.
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Today, I flew to Memphis, TN, where I ate a BBQ pork sandwich at a restaurant within a mile of Graceland. I had no idea Graceland was just in town like that. It was closed, of course (we drove by at like 9:30pm), but all lit up for the holidays.

Tomorrow, I meet up with [personal profile] seventhe and [personal profile] justira to drive over to [personal profile] renay's place for a weekend of mayhem and shenanigans. At least, I hope there are shenanigans. I have been promised some, after all. And if the world ends from the sheer confluence of awesome that will commence, I guess the Mayans were just a few days off.
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Title: "Stages of Grief"
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Rating: MA
Wordcount: 1736
Characters: Female Rogue Hawke, Anders. Anders/Hawke.
Spoilers: Yes, major spoiler for the quest "All That Remains" in Act 2.
Notes: "KJ Does Things That Are Out of Character Theater" presents: a Dragon Age 2 story. Written, polished, and posted before I've even finished the game. Yes, you may all die of shock now. Please, please please, no post-Act 2 spoilers in comments, if you would. (I'm partway into Act 3, but just to be safe.) You will earn my undying gratitude. Update: I'm done now. Spoil at will.

Also, it's pretty shameless hurt/comfort porn, which. Yeah, I don't even know. So not my usual thing. But it felt like a missing scene, and boy did it ever want to be written. Oh game, what are you doing to me? First dubcon, now this? What is this world coming to, and why am I enjoying it so much?

Okay, enough of that. On with the story....

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