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I started playing yesterday and got a couple more hours in tonight. The music and voices are remastered wonderfully, and the graphics are quite nice, even if the faces and Vaan's abs are still a little off (but much better than they were before). I cannot wait to sink back into this world again.
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Title: The Rising Mist
Fandom: Dragon Age and Final Fantasy XII
Rating: Teen (moderate DA-typical violence)
Wordcount: 26,903
Characters: Ashe, Balthier, Basch, Penelo, Fran, Elissa Cousland, Alistair, Nathaniel Howe, Alim Surana, Sigrun, Leliana, Zevran, many others.
Spoilers: Yes, for all three games and Dragon Age 2. Contains a couple of DA:I references but no spoilers.
Notes: So. I kept saying I was working on it, and here it is. Only five and a half years later. Many, many apologies for the wait, but I'm really happy to be able to share it now. A couple of comments. First, because huge chunks of this were plotted and written before DA:I came out, it's not entirely compliant with its canon. Second, huge thanks to everyone who ever talked story meta with me (names that come to mind are [personal profile] sarasa_cat, [personal profile] lassarina, and [personal profile] alias_sqbr, although I'm sure that's not everybody), and especially to [personal profile] justira for providing an amazing and detailed beta read, above and beyond the call of duty. Finally, my love to everyone who left a review on Part One asking for more, or who commented with enthusiasm whenever I added WoI to my monthly writing goals. Knowing that people were looking forward to this second installment kept me pushing forward, and I look forward to being able to say it's finally completely done whenever I get to writing Part Three (currently targeted to publish in 2018).

Posted on AO3.
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Hey everyone, hey hey hey, [community profile] megaflare_ff story claiming for artists is open until Sunday 10/3! We have 10 great-looking stories across several different FF canons, and so far only one is claimed. That's a lot of opportunity left for the right artist. Come check it out!

Other fannish things: making decent progress on my Mega Flare, but currently taking a break to work on my [community profile] newgameplus assignment, since that's due much sooner -- yes, I did decide to sign up, and it's going a little slowly, but not too bad; I like my prompt a lot -- and a sequel of sorts to my Anders + Cousland story, which is threatening to become yet another monster. What is it about Dragon Age that compels me to write mini epics? I've been playing around in prompt memes a little bit, too, with mixed results, but it's still fun to write up little ideas I'd never do anything with otherwise. On the gaming front, I'm closing in on endgame for my m!Surana replay (I could trigger the Landsmeet, but there are a few little things I want to clear out first); next I think I'll play Awakening again, with f!Cousland this time, and then use that as the backstory for my first DA2 replay (since that will get me Warden!Alistair).

Linkspam: in the name of sharing cool stuff and closing out some tabs, here are some links following up on things I've posted about recently:

1. Game of Thrones/Sady Doyle -- A Kind of Half-Hearted Defense of "A Game of Thrones" by braak (hat tip to [personal profile] lowkey for the link) which does an excellent job of pulling out the problems I had with both Doyle's review and the way she framed it:

I want her to be right, but I feel like her argument here is a little inaccurate. And worse: it’s framed in a way that makes me feel like not only can I not defend the series, but I can’t even ask for a more nuanced discussion of the subject without branding myself a raging misogynist fanboy. It’s like I’ve been set up in such a way that my choices are: agree, or else dismiss myself by the very virtue of my disagreement.

Go read the whole thing; it's very worth it.

2. Another thing worth reading in its entirety: [personal profile] cleolinda's overview of the Gay YA issue. If you haven't been following the story, it's a great way to catch up; if you have been following it, you've probably seen this already, but I link it for you just in case.

Life: Another quarter is about to end, thank god. This quarter has just been beyond difficult, for reasons I can't really talk about here; none of them are going away, really, but I hope with the new quarter we can reset and figure out a way to make it all more manageable. Only one week of break, and we're spending the first bit of it in San Diego, making our annual summer trip to visit T's mom. On the upside, he's finally going to install wireless at her house, so we'll be Internet-enabled for once. Should be a nice change.

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